The Light from Within

We are beings of Light.  This statement can be considered from a spiritual, mental or physical viewpoint.  We could enter into a detailed scientific and theological discussion about everything from the sun to pineal glands to hormones, to skin…light fills the entire universe and this has to do with the magnetic forces that keep the

21 Dec 2014

The Holy Day Season of Love

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Winter Solstice…whatever your tradition, it is a holy time, and the whole world is in a celebratory state of mind, or trying to be. I say trying to be, because the truth is that everyone’s not.  In fact, the holidays are the hardest time of the year for some people,

14 Dec 2014

Love in Charity

Somehow it has come into question by some what the right and holy thing would be to do when it comes to caring for those in need.  A young woman in our church came to me the other day feeling very disheartened because someone had told her that Jesus would not feed the hungry today,

07 Dec 2014

Forgivenss, Grace, Mercy and Justice

We all have things we wish to be forgiven for.  Those times when we spoke out of turn and said something that hurt someones feelings, or that time when we told a lie or took something which wasn’t ours.  Everyone has had transgressions they’ve made in their life.  Everyone has made mistakes, and everyone has

30 Nov 2014

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom where you’re planted, start where you are, you’re in the perfect position to grow if you stand strong in both sun and rain.  Accept where you are and give thanks! The hardiest pla ts are those which can accept their location and the conditions they’re planted in.  They adapt.  Take for instance the dear

23 Nov 2014

Three Questions…

Question #1: Okay, the first thing we all want to know in this life when we’re born is how in the world are we going to survive?  The minute we feel any pain, we know there is danger possible to us.  That’s not a good feeling to have and we want assurance that we’ll be

16 Nov 2014

God’s Medicine Works and It’s Free!

God did not create this earth, through evolution, a big bang, seven days or whatever, without taking into consideration our health and well-being.  It is absurd to think that we could even exist from just the union of a sperm and an egg–and to have continued to exist throughout the history of life on this

09 Nov 2014

Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead!

I am often asked whether or not we, as a church, believe in Jesus.  Let me explain this to you in a couple of ways. First of all, we are an Interspiritual Church, meaning that we respect everyone’s views.  Being an Interspiritual Church means that we are here to share our spiritual journeys together, helping

02 Nov 2014

Friends for Life

Friendship is a privilege and a commitment.  It is a gift and a responsibility.  Friendship is something which will help bring us closer to understanding the meaning of unconditional love.  Friendship will help bring us closer in understanding ourselves. What is friendship?  There are many different types of friendships, but true friendship goes much deeper

26 Oct 2014

Meditation as the Foundation for Healing

Meditation has been in practice since the beginning of time.  That is something I can say for sure, because meditation is a natural state we intuitively seek.  It is actually a tool for survival, which is something innately we know.  We do not use it so much in today’s world, however, and we are dying

19 Oct 2014
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