Are You Living in the Ice Age?

Sometimes we can get frozen in time, and it’s like living in the past, which is nothing but an imagined reality. The only true reality is happening now. So, to get stuck in the past, is like being frozen in time, for we cannot move forward with old points of view. Points of view change.

09 Sep 2018

The Sanctity of Marriage

Marriage is a sacred vow made before God in the presence of others, declaring that this union is formed in love and that it is of ultimate importance. It declares the commitment being made and announces to the world that violations made upon this union is an infringement upon something holy to you. The act

02 Sep 2018

Knowledge and Power

I have been taught to pray to be grateful, and beyond that, to pray only for the knowledge of God’s will for my life and the power to carry it out. What do I know of God’s will? I know God as Goodness, as Love and as Life, so I would imagine God’s will is

26 Aug 2018

The Sacredness of Life

What is sacred to us?  What is it that we hold as holy?  Our idea of God?  Do we hold that sacred? Our family?  Our holy temple, the body? Are our words sacred?  Our actions?  Do we realize that in all we do, we express our idea of God?  Do we hold God’s will as

19 Aug 2018

Practicing the Presence through Affirmation

God is the Life that flows through my body.  God is in every breath that I take.  God is the life in the trees and in the birds that nest in their branches.  God is in the bugs, the dirt and even in the decay.  God is Life, pure and simple.  To enhance my experience

12 Aug 2018

Are We a Vegan Church?

To answer this question, let’s start by examining the meaning of the word, “Veganism.” “Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” What is your internal reaction to that statement? 

05 Aug 2018

It’s Never Not Now

“It’s never not now,” is an expression I heard at a talk by musician, Joe Walsh.  Wow!  So such a simple way of explaining something so obvious in a way that makes it understandable!  What?  Yes!  For it is the OBVIOUS things we oftentimes miss! It’s never not now is a great example of this. 

29 Jul 2018

Fast Forward to Today!

Hello!  It’s been…wow!…a couple of years since writing in Genesis 1.  Let me catch you up on what’s new! First, and most importantly, we moved to a beautiful setting with 9.14 acres of land!  But wait….fast forward to today and we new have expanded to 32.64 acres!!  What are we going to do with all

19 Nov 2017

Hope for the World

There are so many things happening in the world today that are not according to the will of God.  How do we know God’s will?  God’s will is always Good, for that is the nature of God.  God’s will is shown by the model given in the beginning, when all was created as good. Sometimes

22 Mar 2015

Once Upon A Time…There Was You!

What do you want your story to say?  Write it now.  Start at the beginning and write it from the perspective you wish to see it all from.  Take it all the way up to the present day moment, but don’t let it stop there.  Go on.  Write the rest of your tale.  What do

15 Mar 2015
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