As an interfaith ministry, we at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center do not put forth an opinion as to matters of theology.  We do refer to scripture, but which scripture is up to the individual, as is how to interpret the meaning of it.  The main focus of the Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment

08 Apr 2012

The Choice is Yours to be Well

We all have choices, but curious thing is that so often this is denied.  People often get caught in the trap of thinking that they are trapped!  To have choice is to have freedom, but freedom always comes with a price.  Is it that people really don’t realize the choices they have, or is it

26 Mar 2012

Color Your World!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, how often we forget about color in the quest for healing, and how easy it is to apply!  God gave us so many beautiful colors, and each one carries its own special vibrational pattern.  Nature is all full of color…green, blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, orange and every variation of color between.  The sky,

18 Mar 2012

You’ve Got to MOVE!

Movement is a natural part of life.  Everything moves that’s alive!  The earth moves around the sun, the animals move around on the earth, the vegetation moves towards the sky as it grows, the ocean tides move towards the shore and back to the sea, and fluids move around in our body.  To stay in

13 Mar 2012

Garden of Hope

Last week we talked about the Field of Dreams; this week it’s the Garden of Hope!  What are we hoping for?  I think we all can agree that we hope to live life to its fullest, in a state of vitality and health! It seems that we treat this “hope” as something dim…something that chance

11 Mar 2012

Field of Dreams…

I don’t remember much about the details of the movie, but there is a Field of Dreams is about to sprout in the backyard right here! There will be corn and sunflowers and tomatoes and strawberries all over the place!  There will be thyme underfoot and the sweet smell of lavender all through the air. 

04 Mar 2012

Yes, We Ordain!

Here at Essentials of Life we believe it is an individual calling between a person and God when that person decides to enter into ministry work.  We are here to help that process along in any way that we can, because we believe that anyone acting in the name of God in the interest of

26 Feb 2012

Food for Thought

Food is a topic that is often ignored in spiritual circles, except perhaps for the charitable practice of feeding the poor.  I’ve heard it said that God doesn’t care what we eat, placing the emphasis on the idea that God doesn’t care how we look, i.e., too fat or too thin.  Well there’s a lot

19 Feb 2012

The Importance of Vacations…(For everyday!!!)

My husband and I just got back from another wonderful segment of our honeymoon…ahhh!  We went to Miami and to Key West, and had a wonderful time! We’ve been taking our honeymoon in spurts because we were taking care of my mother when we got married, and there was no time to take a more

12 Feb 2012

The Big Question

Essentials of Life is an inter-denominational church.  We are formed in the tradition of the Universal Life Church, which recognizes all peaceful and loving beliefs.  We are here to help each other find the Truth which is in each of our hearts.  This week our message was submitted by Rev. James A. Gattuso, Jr., a

05 Feb 2012
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