Celebrate Freedom!!!

This was a very special week for Essentials of Life, as we published our first book this week!  Last week’s message was a basic introduction to the book,  God’s Gifts of Healing, which was published on my mother’s birthday and dedicated to the memory of her.  (If you missed the video preview, you can watch

08 Jul 2012

God’s Gifts of Healing

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Essentials of Life’s first publication!  It is called, God’s Gifts of Healing, written by me, Dr. Jody Evans, ND. I wrote this book in the fall of 2010, while Dean and I were staying with my Mom for awhile in her little apartment. I

01 Jul 2012

NOBODY Can Take Your Good!

We worry.  That is our lack of faith.  We blame.  That’s not our job.  We try to get even.  “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”  So what is it that we’re expected to do when people threaten to take our good?  Well, yes, we do what we can to protect our earthly belongings, our family

24 Jun 2012

Thanks…for EVERYTHING!

Giving thanks increases the experience of good in our life!  It increases our experience of GOD.  Giving thanks helps us to become aware of really everything we do have to be thankful for…things which might normally escape our notice.  Things which possibly could save our life. Give thanks for the little things and suddenly they

18 Jun 2012

Honor Thy Father

Father’s Day.  So many things come to mind.  Honor thy mother and father…Our Father which art in heaven…The Father, Son and Holy Ghost…Father Sky/Mother Earth…My own father with all his sweet wisdom….My two sons, one a father and one about to become one quite soon…My  husband, who is a wonderful dad, step-dad, and grandfather of

16 Jun 2012

Let’s Go Crazy!

I was always considered a little bit strange as a child.  I preferred playing outdoors with the toads, field mice and honey bees than playing with Barbie Dolls.  I guess you could say I was a tree-hugging nature nut even back then.   But when I became a vegetarian in junior high school, the label was

10 Jun 2012

Sweet Dreams…

Spirit…(God)…can speak to us in many ways, and oftentimes messages come to us in a dream.  Not all dreams are messages, but many are.  Some are just emotions left over after the day being discharged from our consciousness, but many dreams do indeed carry a message for us. The message may or may not be

03 Jun 2012

BIG Problem? No Problem!

Do you think your problems are big?  How big?  Too big?  Are your problems bigger than average or just bigger than some?  Do you think there’s a solution for a problem so big?  Have you talked about it at length to all of your friends? Well, believing your problems are bigger than most, or more

27 May 2012

All You Need is Love!

Today is May 20th, the day before my one year wedding anniversary and also the day my son is getting married.  What a beautiful day! Marriage is a sacred commitment.  All relationships are sacred, but marriage is an agreement to be committed to each other as primary partners throughout the remainder of life. Let’s talk

20 May 2012

Honor Thy Mother

Mother’s Day.  How do we honor our mother? We all have mothers, whether they are living or not, whether we like them, love them or even know them, they’re ours.  And we are all mothers, too, even if we don’t have children.  We are mothers to the child within ourselves.  This is true even of

13 May 2012
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