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We all have them. We believe them to be justified. Maybe they are, and maybe they aren’t, but the results are the same. Things get left undone that ought to be done, and things are done that ought not.

So then there are regrets. That’s the results. Then there’s a choice…make excuses to ourselves and avoid the uncomfortable feeling that comes with regrets or take responsibility. Hmmm…

That’s the thing about life — there always are choices of one sort or another. Responsibility is what everyon’e trying so hard to avoid. That’s what excuses are for.

“I didn’t have enough time.” Choice. Everyone on the planet gets the same number of hours a day. It’s up to us to decide how to spend them. A truer statement would be, “I didn’t choose to spend my time in that way,” or “I had other things that I thought were more important to do with my time.” Those are reasons. Reasons are true. Excuses, actually, are lies.

Furthermore, what we tell others, we tell ourselves. As soon as we start believing our own excuses, then we believe we truly do not have enough time. There are many ramifications to that, such as hurry, worry and stress. Breathe…we ALL have all the time that we need! The same goes for other excuses, as well. If we believe them, the lie becomes true. We manifest what it is we believe.

Another excuse that’s often used is, “I couldn’t afford it.” While that may be technically be true, but again, it’s a choice. It means, “I choose to spend my money on other things.” Maybe those things were all bills, but usually there are some expendables, too, such as coffee, junk food, etc. And some people make poor choices in how they spend, such as spending the rent money for a new pair of shoes! ┬áSo, choices are involved with money, too. It is fine to CHOOSE to use your money for something else. You don’t have to choose to spend your money according to how anyone else thinks you should, so just drop the excuse and say you’re saying up for something, using it on something else, you feel like it or whatever. When you tell someone else you can’t afford something, your subconscious mind hears that you are “poor.” It carries that into your life when it hears it enough. It’s not good to feed excuses to your subconscious mind. Choice is such a more freeing concept to program into your mind!

“I didn’t feel good,” or “I was sick.” These are the most common excuses of all. And people believe them, because, they are true. But why is everyone so sick? Maybe we’re just a world who’s gotten tired, and no one wants to own up to that. There’s a kind of shame attached to being tired. It’s perceived as a sign of weakness or laziness, when in fact, it’s a sign that a person’s body and mind need to rest. But we’re taught to be productive, slaves to our own and others’ demands. We learn to suppress the natural need to slow down and find balance. Comforting with food or depriving ourselves or just eating what’s in the box isn’t good for us, either. We are indeed a society of people who don’t feel very good, running away from ourselves and making excuses.

Rest, eat the right foods, drink water, slow down…don’t make excuses, just do it…or don’t, but for true reasons. Don’t lie to you. And YES, excercise, too! Balance. Wellness. Peace.

Do we want to feel good or do want want an excuse? We need to stop telling ourselves, “we can’t.” If it’s something we want, then “we can!” It just depends on how badly we want it. Want a trip to Paris? Sell all the furniture in your whole house and the appliances, too. Get more later. There’s always a way! It just might not be what we choose. Perhaps we’d rather choose to just wait. Or perhaps we’ll decide we can go now!

“I need a cigarette,” “I need a coffee,” “I need a drink.” No. These are choices. Addiction? Make a choice to recover or else admit it’s your choice to continue untreated.

“I couldn’t help it.” Really? “I didn’t mean it.” Sometimes you have to mean not to. “I didn’t know.” And whose responsibility is it to keep you informed?

Reasons are one thing. Reasons are not the same as excuses. A reason might be that it rained and so you couldn’t paint. An excuse would be it rained so you didn’t even go to work to see what else you could do.

So ask yourself, do you want change in your life? If so, drop the excuses and find a way! There are choices that can take you where you need to be. Believe there is a way. The word, “desire,” means “of the father.” God will not give you a desire and then no way to fulfill it. I just don’t believe that’s how it works. I believe there is always a way, with belief and very hard work, if it is of pure intent and good purpose.

These things I say might sound harsh. Well sometimes we all need a swift…Well, you know. It’s all said in love! If we wish to achieve the life we desire, we have to say what we mean and mean what we say. Excuses are counter-productive to change. Set a foundation for happiness, prosperity and health for your life! There’s no room for excuses if that’s what you want. Integrity determines the strength of the foundation. Every excuse forms a crack.

Gratefully yours in the service of Love,

“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND


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