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So Many Ways to Pray

There are no right and wrong ways to pray so long as your intention is to connect with a higher place in consciousness; to create a conscious connection with God; to return to the source of all wisdom and love; to ask for help; to give thanks…there are no right or wrong reasons to pray!

To whom do you pray? That’s up to you, too. You can pray to whatever Higher Power you believe in. Or simply pray to the heavens above and the powers that be. You don’t have to define it. Prayer works anyway.

Prayer is thought. To be a productive prayer, you need to have positive thoughts. You can pray in reverse, though, if your mind is filled with belief in negative forces at work against you. You can focus on everything wrong and sure enough things will go wrong. Like attracts like and negative thoughts bring negative results. But just think what you can do if you turn it to good! (God.) Turning your thoughts to good brings about good in your life!

You can pray for help. This brings about a state of mind which is humble and open to answers. But then you have to listen for answers to come and follow through with the action you have to take. You will find renewed strength through your prayers.

You can pray a prayer of thanksgiving. Gratitude focuses your thoughts on the good and so more good will come to you.

You can pray on your knees, in your car, as you walk down the street, at the dining table, in your bed…you can pray anywhere!

You can pray a prayer that’s been prayed many times, such as the Lord’s Prayer, the Serenity Prayer, the Prayer for Protection or another prayer that you’ve learned. Or you can make one up of your own.

What you believe is what you will attract, because in reality, we do pray all the time. We can’t say a formal prayer of thanksgiving and then expect it to bear fruit when we curse our life the rest of the day! We can’t say a prayer for healing and expect to be healed when we constantly talk about being sick. We can’t overcome our money troubles if we are always saying how broke we are and how there are no solutions. We have to believe that miracles are happening now. We may not believe at first, but we have to keep telling ourselves it is true and we must convince ourselves every day by looking for evidence of such. We have to start talking positive talk to ourselves in order to discipline our minds for positive prayer.

When we pray for others, don’t focus on what the problem is that they are having. See that person as being whole and complete, and as having a wonderful life! Have faith that prayers will be answered! In fact, know that they’re being answered right now. Say thank you and let it go.

Sometimes we have it fake it until we make it. We have to say thank you before we see the results, and we have to bless people sometimes with whom we are angry. We will see results even if we don’t mean it at first, because we are willing, and we are showing we have faith it will work. And it does! Why? Because thoughts produce after their kind. The subconscious mind accepts what we say as the truth, and it takes over from there. It doesn’t matter if we mean it at first or not.

And God knows that at the deepest level, we mean it, or else we wouldn’t be praying at all. Look for the results. They are there. The more you see the more you’ll believe!


“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans


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