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Going on a Trip to Crazyland? Remember to Pack…

Everybody goes crazy. If you think you don’t, then take a look at Normalville. It’s nuts. In Normalville people think they are being “normal,” when inside they’re crying deeply to be released from the confines of “fitting in.”

Many people deep down are afraid of stepping outside of the boundaries of “acceptable,” due to the fact they’re afraid they will get out of control. Or the situation will. Something…but they’re quite sure it would be bad.

Do what Mama says. Do what the teacher says. Sit down and be quiet. Clean up your plate. Wash your hands. Get a job. Marry a nice girl or a man with money and have two and a half kids and a dog. Get a better job. Always wear clean underwear in case you get in a wreck. Life’s easy with those kinds of rules…and they’re good. Don’t get me wrong, all of those things are good things. But are they what you want? All of them? Because there are a lot more than that.

There’s pigtails and puppy dogs, and big girls don’t cry and boys will be boys. There’s a whole lot of things. There’s don’t speak your mind if it goes against opinion of present company. There’s don’t speak your opinion sometimes at all. There’s no talk of religion or politics, and the only time to talk about health is to complain and sing the praises to the medical field. There’s no commingling of the classes, not really, and there’s not really racial equality, either. And yes, woman are less, unless they are of power and wealth.

There’s talk of the kids and the husband and housework and gardening and hobbies. For for the husband there’s talk of sports, work and hobbies. And when alcohol enters the picture, the talk moves in wicked directions sometimes, but it’s all forgotten. Sort of. But it’s all okay. There’s never a problem of any sort to be found.

No real problems. If there are problems, it’s due to somebody else. Because in Normalville you have to be normal. If you’re not, you’re an outcast. So it’s much better to blame somebody else in that world. Of course there are those who cover for others, and sacrifice themselves and become branded as wacko by everyone else.

So yes, life in Normalville is nuts! In my opinion, at least, it is. People shoving feelings down into their stomachs. People carrying the weight of their hidden secrets and fear and shame all in their body and brain will make someone crazy, even if they do keep the house and the job and the car. People who look “normal” are very often found to be going quietly insane.

Not always. But those who aren’t actually going quietly berserk have their moment’s, too. We all do. I’m probably in this category myself. I live a pretty “normal” life, but my crazies still happen, and probably yours do, as well.

I’m nowhere near as crazy as I was when I was drinking. Let me say this right off the bat. When I drank, I was nuts. TOTALLY. Blackouts, horrible choices, wrong people and places, throwing up…not a good time for me. Many people have this experience, and many more have the experience of just living life in a haze of some type of substance use and or abuse. Many more than you might think. Medications which alter the mind and mood are included in this. Many, many folks are not “in” their right mind. They have introduced artificial inducers of mind and mood, which alters experience and thought.

But I still go a little nuts from time to time. I no longer panic to the point of running away through hospitalizations and suicide attempts. That was many, many, thankfully many years ago in my past. And I no longer hear constant screaming inside my head, which is such a miracle to me, because that alone was enough to drive someone mad. Screaming? True, a little extreme, but still part of common experience for someone post trauma. It stresses a person out for a very long time if not forever to go through certain things like I did. There are many others in this category, too. Like I said, you never know how a person is feeling inside or what they’ve been through.

But much of this for me has passed, but not all. But the constant nature of it has. It has been lifted from me to some extent and I’m grateful for that. But as to what’s left, I think much of it is what everyone goes through. And that’s what I call Crazyville.

We’ve all been there. In Crazyville, things are obviously screwy. You have different rules, like everything’s screwed, if it can go wrong it will, and what in the world is wrong with everyone else? But wait, around the corner, there’s more. There’s always more in this town.

Crazyville is a town of many streets. Some rock back and forth, some walk back and forth, and some just keep doing the same thing again and again and wonder what went wrong again. There are streets with people screaming and yelling. Streets of anger and rage and then there are streets of fear. Some people live on these streets their whole lives!

In Normalville the mirrors are all warped, but they’re all warped to perfection. In Crazyville everyone looks way worse than they are. Well, some do look pretty bad…haha! It’s hard to stay crazy for long and maintain! I don’t mean that in a mean way, but alcohol? Dries out your skin and distorts your body in time. Depression? Forget it. Taking care of yourself takes to much effort. About the only ones in Crazyville who look good are the narcissists, but pretty is as pretty does. The point is, though, that people in Crazyville look bad because they are the scapegoats! So no matter what, they don’t quite stack up.

But remember…we ALL go there! So maybe we better not judge!

We all get afraid. Right? And we all get angry, too. We all forget we are all part of life on this planet, and we all forget our neighbor is, too. Admit it. Sometimes every one of us does. We all think we’re better than somebody else, which is kind of crazy right there, because we’re not. We maybe made better choices, but no one makes bad choices on purpose. Not really. They’re usually just filled with deep down fear. Or anger. Those two forms of insanity are bad.

Why do I call them insane? Because anger and fear are not in alignment with Truth. The Truth is that we are One. We are all an equal part of this Abundant Universe, and we’re all doing the best that we can. The Truth is that we and we alone can determine our destiny, because we determine our responses to life. The Truth is that life is beautiful and so are we. Anger and fear are destructive. Love is all that is Real. Love is the Constructive Force.

So what to keep in your suitcase in case you take a trip to Crazyville? Which might be a good place to go if you’re in Normalville now! Just be sure to pack a few things. First and foremost, a map to Happyville. That’s where you want to end up.

Besides that, pack water…drink plenty to calm the fire brewing within. Pack a pillow and get lots of rest. Pack some headphones and allow yourself time for some quiet peace. Music. Relaxing and soothing music. Birds. Nature. Sing. Essential oils plus, yes, do get out into nature. You’ll need something to breathe besides poison. A lot of people in Crazyville use artificial scents. Why? Because they don’t like to smell the real world of flowers, fruits, pine trees and such. They’re crazy enough to think they can make something better. Haha! The result? It effects (get this…) the brain! And not in a positive way. Pack a book on what to do with herbs and stay out of the medical system if you ever want to get out with any sanity at all. Pack a joke book, a prayer book, a book about how to build a nice bunker. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you! Seriously. You do not want to stay long in this Crazyville place. The people here are just as crazy as you, and some even more. The abnormal becomes normal real quick, and we’ve already covered how crazy Normalville is! Mixing the two is insane!

So, Happyville. Where’s that? That’s the place where you find peace with yourself and others. That’s the place deep down inside where you know life is good, even though times might be hard. Happyville is a place where eating healthy and natural foods and sleeping at night and getting up during the day is a good thing to do. We love feeling healthy and the effort has its own reward! And in Happyville, taking care of responsibilities is an honor to do. Having responsibilities means you’ve been blessed with something to be responsible for. Happyville is a place where you can cry when you’re sad, smile when you’re happy, laugh for no reason and love who you want to love. You can get angry there, but you take responsibility for that and work to make it all right. Happyville is a place where you love yourself and others. It’s a peaceful domain.

How to get there? Just follow the road! Act as if you are already there and you will be! Go deep inside to the place inside you that knows where it is and spend time alone there, just feeling the vibes. Those vibes will lead you back home.

Everyone visits those other places, but we all have the same home. Heaven is right here on earth. The kingdom of heaven is within.

I wrote this with tongue in cheek, but really, don’t we all just want to feel at home in our world? Not blaming ourselves and/or everyone else for not being happy in life? Let’s just be happy. Don’t let fears get in the way. Be happy. It’s within your control. Happiness is natural to us. Look at children. It’s very easy to see. Happyville is our birthplace and we can always, always go home.


“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans


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