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Act Your Way into Good Loving

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Love’s in the air! You don’t have a valentine? Get one!

It’s not necessary to have a romantic love interest in order to celebrate. That’s great if you do…then celebrate! If not, celebrate the love that you have for life! Not feeling it? Then celebrate the love that you long for. Celebrate your love of art, of beauty, of purpose, of people and things you admire.

Give love. Fake it till you make it! It’s easy, because love is a verb that denotes giving. So give! Give of your time, your attention, your effort. Give to those less fortunate than you. Give to animals. Give to a cause. Give to the homeless. Give to the person in line behind you at the grocery store. Every leave a little extra behind to help with somebody’s bill? It’s a great feeling! Then you’ll begin to understand the true meaning of love.

Love is an action as much as it is a feeling. To love a baby but not feed it is not an expression of love. It’s an expression of thinking that baby is cute, but not one of love. Love is an action even MORE than it is a feeling!

Give love to yourself. Look in the mirror and say, “I love you!” But something nice for yourself. Treat yourself well. Treat yourself as if you deserve it, and try to realize you do!

Give love to a friend or a relative. Perhaps someone you know is lonely. Playing a game of Rummy or putting a jigsaw puzzle together can be one of the greatest expressions of love on this earth!

Give something or do something for someone in secret. That is one way to know that it’s real and not just for the glory. Don’t tell anyone, especially the person you’re doing it for. This goes a long way in learning how to show love.

Love is something everyone needs in order to thrive. Look into the eyes of the forgotton ones and see how empty they are. Look into them deeply…and smile. Then watch them change! It’s amazing what one smile can do for a person!

Volunteering is great, and so many great places need volunteers. At the end of your experience…if it every does end, which it might not, considering how rewarding you’ll find it to be…but should it come to an end, notice how much it has changed you! How much it has changed your heart. People often start out volunteering thinking they’re doing a nice thing, and they are, but they have no idea how nice it is for themselves.

Love is something everyone is capable of giving. It costs nothing to smile, to spend time with someone, to give a hug.

How about preparing a meal for someone who’s feeling alone or who is not able to cook for themselves?

How about seeing if you can help with yardwork or something for a neighbor in need? Don’t just criticize how awful their weeds look…offer to pull them out!

Practice keeping loving thoughts in your mind. Instead of cursing someone, try silently blessing them instead. Think of how they may be feeling. Try to see yourself in their position. Everyone has their own battles to face. If they aren’t facing it well, perhaps you can help. But at the very least, you can try to be understanding an non-critical of them.

We tend to believe in love at first sight, and it happens, but what we need to believe more in is love that is nurtured and built upon with kind thoughts, words and deeds. Sometimes love that is harder to realize is the real gem. It makes us dig deeper to find it. It makes us dig deeper to find the presence of God.

If you find holding another person in your mind’s eye with love, try thinking of them as a child. We were all pure and innocent once. Pray for their safe return to their true self. Our true self is an expression of love, for our true self is an expression of God, and God IS Love.

Love is all anyone needs to get by in this world. It really is. If everyone expressed love there would be no war. There would be no hunger. There would be no hatred; no greed. There would be plenty enough of everything we need to go around. The only lack in this world is a lack of being willing to love.

Start with the person you most despise. See them with eyes of love. See them as a child. See them as needing help. See them as having strayed. Pray for their safe return to their roots. See them surrounded in love. Try being nice instead of nasty to them, even if just in your thoughts. If you start with the one you feel the least like you want to give love to, then the rest will be much easier for you!

Loving comes naturally to us. Somewhere along the line we became disillusioned, perhaps, but the natural inclination is still within. It is our nature. Love is who we are. We just have to awaken the process. Start with small steps and discover the love that once filled you with joy as a child! Love and joy go hand in hand! Happiness is within your control. Love doesn’t have to be returned in order for it to heal us. But once you start sending out the love vibe more often, the more it will attract love in return!

Don’t limit your idea of love by thinking it needs to look like a Hallmark card or a Harlequin romance novel. Love is beautiful in all of its forms. Loving nature is wonderful! Loving your favorite shoes can even teach us a lesson or two! You wouldn’t let anyone hurt them, right? We can learn about love in all that we do! Open yourself to the feeling. Take action and spread it around!

Happy Valentine’s Day

“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans


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