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A Good Man Was Shot and Killed

Yesterday marked 38 years since a good man was shot and killed. A good man was gunned down in front of his own place of residence; a place anyone should be able to feel at ease – Home. A good man was shot and killed.

His name was John Lennon, and thousands and thousands of people deeply mourned when he was killed and still do. He was a very good man.

How do I know he was a good man? Was it because of his fame? His talent? His point of view? In part, it was all of these things, but only in part, for the whole story of any of us in not in any of those.

His fame was incredible. He is truly a legend in our own time and surely will remain one for as long as people on earth hum a tune. His talent drove his fame, although he was famous in his own write as well as a personality figure, and for the causes for which he later stood. A very good man was shot and killed.

But aren’t we all good men? Yes we are. And anytime anyone is shot and killed, it is a terrible, terrible thing. For every man shot and killed, a good man surely did die. We are all created as good; in the very image of God.

“Working Man’s Hero,” reminds me of how much the same we all are. I remember the suffering of the common man who works hard to get by when I hear this song. Do people notice just as much when these people die as much? Probably not, but when I remember John Lennon, I think of the people in the songs he wrote about, too. I think of, “So Tired,” and of those who move through life just feeling drained, and of “Nowhere Man,” wondering what it’s all for. Reflective and beautiful songs like, “In My Life,” “Julia,” and “If I Fell,” as well as songs speaking to the vulnerability within us all such as, “I’m a Loser,” a “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away,” “Mother,” and “Help!” He also wrote songs like, “Crippled Inside,” and “Instant Karma,” which remind me to be the good person I am. He was. We are.

Yes, he was a good man and I’m very sad he was shot dead. He was just as good as any of us. Not any better, and not any worse. There are and always will be rumors regarding the character of anyone famous, and John Lennon was no angel, for sure. How he treated his first family was questionable, at best, and there are many other stories involving alcohol and other drugs and poor judgement on his part, but none of these facts makes a person good or not good. Nothing does except the fact that they exist, and their very existence is a reflection of every single person on earth. That’s why John’s songs were so good, because they spoke to everyone’s heart. He was just like us, with different circumstances in his life, of course, but all in all, we’re the same. Everyone is. We are one.

Songs reminding us to act together as one, such as, “Power to the People.” Songs of peace and love, like “All You Need is Love,” “Imagine,” “Give Peace a Chance.”

A good man. Died. Or did he? We all know the music. We all still sing it. The music will ring out forever! Do any of us really die as long as our words, music, creations and the memory of us still lives on? What about the effect that we’ve had on others? The long lasting effects, the effects that alter the future forever. Do we ever really die as long as those things are in effect? We are still influencing and affecting the world!

John Lennon did NOT die on that day! None of us needs to die, ever. Leave a legacy for good, and your life will not have been spent in vain. It might sound trite, but it’s true. You might not think you are as influential as John Lennon was, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll influence someone who is, with a kind word or a smile!

I’m not going to cry anymore because my childhood idol has died. Yes, he was a very good man, but I’m going to be glad that he lived on this earth in my lifetime and that he lives on in my heart. AND, now that I’ve thought of all these things today, he will serve as a reminder to me that life is in the love that we feel, and the memories created, and the smiles that we’ve shared along the way with one another. A good man still lives on this day!

We are one with each other. We are one with God. We are one with eternal life. Love never dies. Pass it on! YOU are a very good woman or man.

Love you, John.

Strawberry Fields Forever,

“Vibraceous, ND”

I have no idea why this picture is sideways!

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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