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New Year’s Day is celebrated as the mark of a new beginning and fresh opportunities for change. Many see it simply as a hope for good luck. But it can be much more than a hope, and it involves a lot more than luck! A new beginning, yes, and a fresh opportunity for change, but there is a precurser to all of this. This is where New Year’s Eve comes well into play.

New Year;s Eve, by many, is a tine to have a party, drink a little too much, and be happy the last awful year has gone by. Hmmm…Not my idea of a meaninful celebration, but that’s what it is to many folks. Of course a lot of people do celebrate with family and friends, and that’s nice. Auld Lang Syne, and all that! But still, there’s more meaning to be found and a better way to commemorate the passing of one year to the nextl, if you want to really see change in the year to come.

The time before New Year’s Day is a great time to give thanks for the year that’s gone by. Give thanks for all the wonderful things, and really think of them, don’t just skim over the top. I’m sure you’ll find many things that were indeed very good!

Then there’s the not so wonderful things in your life that may have occurred over the previous year. Sickness, debt, deaths of loved ones…sometimes terrible things do occur. So in this instance it’s a good time to give thanks for surviving these things, and give thanks for any blessings received, and for the strength to endure. Give thanks for all that remains.

Prior to the change of year it is also a very good time to think to those things we do not wish to carry into the future so that we may release them and let them go. Again, bless them, not curse them, but nonetheless release them into the past. What kinds of things? All kinds of things that are burdensome and which slow you down on your spiritual journey towards realizing your purpose for good in this life. Sickness, worries, guilt, jealousy, hardship, resentment, bad habits, addictions, poor choices or associations we may have made. Martyrdom, sloth, gluttony, deceit, arrogance, false pride, judgement, self-pity, hate. Anything which has a negative impact on us which outweighs its good, let it go!

Sometimes engaging in a release ritual of sorts of helpful in making it seem more real to us. I like to write everything down on a piece of paper that I wish to release and then I burn it, not only destroying it, but symbolically sending it up to the heavens to be resolved. I do this either in a firepit, sometimes in the middle of our prayer labyrinth, or else I use flash paper (the kind used by magicians) and when I set it on fire, POOF! It disappears! Burdens of the past gone, just like that!

It’s a great feeling to release and let go of that which has been weighing us down. It creates a sense of lightness and joy! But the empty space left behind needs to be filled with positive things, or negativity will likely return. It’s not enough to wish to be free of negative forces. Positive forces must be put into place. This is where the tradition of resolution comes into play, but all too often it lacks the elements needed for continued success.

I like to write a letter to God. It can be to the God of your own understanding, in fact it needs to be in order for this to work. Write a letter to whatever you believe fervently in as the Source of all Goodness and Strength. Appeal to this Higher Power for help. This Power lives in us all.

So I write a letter of gratitude displayed in advance, for the Truth is that the answers to all my problems already exist. For that I am grateful. Then I ask for insight in understanding these anwers and also the strength to carry out that which I must do in order to bring changes about. I set down on paper, sacred by virtue of its intent, that which I wish to welcome into my life, and I accept my responsibility in making it so and agree to pursue the channels presented to me through serendipitous means. Then I seal the envelope, address it to myself, and place it in a place which symbolizes continual prayer. Come Thanksgiving time, I mail it back to myself (or simply open it) and again, I give thanks for all that has been realized thus far. A month or so left to wrap it up before going through the whole process again!

I find that by celebrating New Year’s in this way I bring God into the picture, making a covenant, with me agreeing to keep up my end of the deal. The rest I remind myself not to worry about. Letting go and letting God is such a wonderful formula for better results and less stress! Give this little tradition a try this year and see how well it can work for you!

Happy New Year and Many Wonderful Blessings to You!

“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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