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A New Shining Star!

December 16th just so happens to be my birthday! This is my 63rd. I’m happy to still be alive after 63 years!! Some of those years were real hard!

I celebrate the fact I was born, as all of us should celebrate our own birth. Life is a wondrous, magical, mysterious and mystical experience and challenge. We can choose to mold it in so many ways! Some of it is out of our control, but the beauty of it all is astounding, especially when life brings gifts we never could have dreamed on our own.

Our birth into this world brought hope to the future. Think of all the lives each and every one of us has touched in a positive way. Every smile, every word of encouragement we’ve ever offered and every kind deed we’ve ever performed. The impact of each individual for good is astounding! Your birth was a blessing to all the world through the ripples of your shining light! And mine. I’m glad my birthday’s today!

Birthdays are a reminder of all the hope and the promise we held as a newborn, and a calling to get back on track towards fulfilling the potential that we had then and still have today. We are the same individual that we were on the very first day, and we still have every bit of what it takes to let our light shine. Let it shine! Blow out your candles on your cake, but let that inner light forever shine to the world through your eyes, your laughter, your smile, your words and your deeds. Happy Birthday to you and to me! Here’s to another trip around the sun with all of my wonderful people and animal friends! God bless us all.

Love and Light,

“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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