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Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center...Spirit led Research Services, Support, Resources, Training, Education.

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center…A Place to Come Together and GROW!

EOLHEC is formed as an interspiritual church.  We work from the Spirit of Oneness to help bring you closer to the Goodness of Life.  We view religion as man’s attempt to explain what is not understood, and that’s fine, we all yearn to know what is True.  But we deeply believe it is everyone’s right to come to their own conclusion about what the answers may be to the questions which have persisted throughout the entire history of the human race.  We simply present evidence and testimony to that which we know to be true based on what we have experienced ourselves or have seen, along with examining the history of such.

We all long for love, first and foremost, from family, from friends, and from self.  We all crave to succeed and prosper in life.  We all desperately want to be healthy.  We all are looking for peace.  Everyone wants to know the meaning of life and what happens after we die.  Everyone wishes to not feel any pain and we don’t want our loved ones to hurt.  So, in these ways, we are all the same.  We are all on this journey in human form asking the same questions and wanting the very same things.  These are the Essentials of Life!

We all need food, we all need water, we all need air.  We all need LOVE.  We all need to give, first of all Love, even if we have nothing else that is ours.  That is the channel for Goodness to come into our Life! 

These are the things in which we do proclaim to believe, that there is Ultimate Power in Goodness, in Love and in Life and that this Power is ever-present and ready to be called into action by us.  This is the power of prayer and works combined, no matter what words you use.  Some people don’t like the word prayer, so call it intention or affirmation or simply belief.  No matter the name that is used, the Principle works!  And yes the works, there is always a certain amount of work that has to be done to make changes in one’s life, it is true.

Now, the model pictured above of the symbol for Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center shows the channels through which Spirit flows through what we offer the world as our church.  The symbol itself was revealed in mind to me in different stages;, a story for another time.  It is still revealing itself.  Imagine it in 3 dimensional form, with the colors and inner words moving around the circle.  See the lines connecting one to another in the picture that’s drawn above.  Everything is connected and all flow through Spirit and Spirit flows through it all.  Everything we do is based in Love.  Everything supports everything else.  Notice the lines of service to out, like the sweet rays of the sunshine of Love.  That is our love extended to you through these channels. 

Research…We are working to put together research solutions to you.  We want to make it easier for you to do your own research.  We are working to provide you the tools.  We have a lot of great things in the works!  Stay tuned!  I’m not talking about something you pay for.  We are not a business, we are a church!  We are non-profit.  We simply wish to provide assistance in your quest for healing of spirit, mind and body.  That’s all.  Just know that in presenting information to you that we make every effort to research (search and search…research) for accurate and truthful answers to the subject at hand.

Services…Sometimes people need help.  They need assistance by someone trained in specific areas of life enrichment.  We gladly offer numerous services and have plans for offering more!  Please know that the services we offer are given in Love.  We are not a business, we are a church.  There may be fees attached, but there are alternate ways of affording our services, always, available to you.  Fees are simply attached to cover expenses and time, but they are flexible, so please, don’t hesitate there, which leads us to our next channel…Support.

Support…We’re here for you, as we all need to be for each other.  We will pray with you and help you find ways to pull yourself up.  We all need help pulling up in one way or another.  Again, that’s why we’re formed as a church.  We support each other in finding, developing, and using our strengths to better our lives and the lives of others.  Giving it away is key to keeping it for ourselves, so they say!  The more we give, the more we receive, and so we love giving to you.  We gladly give to the world!  Giving is actually part of the recovery process.  The channels must be open in order for us to receive.  Giving is how we accomplish that goal.  Confused?  You needn’t be.  Just know we’re here for you!

God’s Gifts of Healing:  The Essentials of Life, by Dr. Jody Evans, available on Amazon.

Resources…What good is it to find the answers if we don’t have what we need to put those solutions into everyday action?  We like to help by rounding up some of the best of these resources (with the help of Research, above) and providing them to you at the best possible cost, while holding a bit for the church to keep the wheels turning and accomplish our goals.  People sometimes mistakenly think we are a business, but no, we are a church.  We simply offer to you an assembly of items we’ve specifially gathered together to help you in reaching your goals of improving your life using the gifts given by God, and again, by whatever name…God, Nature, Universal Spirit…We have all been given gifts which are truly divine.

Education…We offer educational programs and events for adults and children, most on a love-offering basis.  Some activities require a fee due to expenses involved, but there are always provisions available to those who need help.  Our educational programs include, “Heaven’s Bounty,” “The Learning Garden,” “The We Can Make It Group,” “Indigo Children’s Program,” “Evans Heaven,” “Creative Impact,” and “All Natural HealthWorks!”

Training...One of our mottoes is, “Teaching People to Teach People to Teach about God’s Gifts of Healing!”  We offer programs to those wishing to deepen their level of understanding and practice in holistic healing and to utilize what they are learning in ways which are helpful to others and the planet at large.  We have apprenticeships available in all areas of holistic living and internships through numerous universities, as well. 

Spirit…Everything we do is based upon Spiritual Principles of Goodness, Love and respect for the Life that runs through us all and throughout all of nature.  God is Good, God is Love, God is Life!

Please visit our website at to understand more of what we are offering. It is our purpose and pleasure to serve!

In Truth,

“Vibraceous, ND”

God's Gifts of Healing: The Essentials of Life

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans


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