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There’s a Miracle Waiting for You

A few weeks ago I wrote of a diagnosis of a brain tumor. Since that time I have been to see a very highly regarded neurosurgeon to get his opinion. He said he’d like to wait for six months and test it again to see how much the tumor has grown. My thought is that I want to see how much it shrinks!

So, he is sending me for testing. That will also be good. I want to record the progress of the natural healing that is happening in me. How do I know it is happening? Because I believe! I believe in the power of nature to heal, the power of God, the power of Goodness and Love and of prayer. I believe in the natural healing techniques I am applying, such as herbs, sound healing, etc. I know I am being healed!

You see, I have had many miracles occur in my life before. And besides, if it happens for one, then it’s possible, right? And others have been healed of this. Plus, I have been healed of a serious breast tumor, of a precancerous condition in my uterus, had doctors tell me more than one time there is no reason I survived this or that thing in my life. I was predicted to be in a vegetative state once. My son was born with only being attached by a thread and should not have been able to receive any oxygen or nourishment during the entire pregnancy, yet he weighed 9.2 lbs. Once I even survived having the trigger pulled on a loaded gun to my head and no bullet came out. I am a big believer in miracles, oh yeah!

My whole life is a miracle. I am a recovering alcoholic with thirty-three and a half years of continuous sobriety. That in itself is a miracle! I am living a life now that I dreamed of as just a child. Prayers set into motion right at that time…through belief. Never be afraid to believe! My dreams seemed preposterous, yet they are becoming more and more real all the time.

So as to this brain condition, I am doing as I wrote before I would do. I am spending my days working still, because my work is my life. I am taking it easy, though, and doing the things I should do for my own well-being. I’m not always so good at that. A nice warm bath with essential oils, some tuning forks, taking my herbs, getting rest. I’m starting a cleanse very soon. Meditation is important in bringing miracles about of any kind, because meditation clears the mind of all the noise that gets in the way. In the stillness we know God is real.

God is all that is real. Your whole life is a miracle, too. Believe a miracle is a waiting for you!

Yours in Love and Peace,
“Vibraceous, ND”
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans


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