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Thumps, Bumps and Down in the Dumps

This is a story about me, but it is also a story about everyone else. We all get thumps, bumps and down in the dumps at this or that point in our lives. Sometimes one leads to the other, and the circle goes ’round and ’round. The thing is, we can pull ourselves up out of the dumps or take someone’s hand who can help.

I have a long history of brain injuries. I won’t go into all of that now, but many thumps on the head leaves many symptoms. Considering all, I have done remarkably well, although I have lived most of my life in pain. Well, to make a long story short, I went to update my records, because I don’t really have much in the way of medical records. I don’t go to doctors much. I am healthy and do things at home to stay healthy, and when I’m sick, I take care of that, too.

But brain injury needs records, I think, so I set off to establish some since my past neurologists have all long since retired. Well, much to my surprise, an MRI showed a brain tumor I didn’t know that I had. I’m really not quite sure what to make of it all, but all of my systems match. Of course all of my symptoms also match repetitive concussion syndrome, which I already knew that I had. So, more than any other emotion, I feel very puzzled by all of this!

So how is this a story about everyone else? Because we all get puzzled when our “stuff” runs unexpectedly into new “junk” and we can’t tell one thing from the other and we get frustrated wondering what it is we should do! (Isn’t “stuff” and “junk” what you find in the dump?)

To start straightening this out, a good place to begin is to take stock of what you do know for sure. I know I have a history of brain injury and I know I have a tumor. Okay. It doesn’t matter what caused the tumor, how long it’s been there or any of the rest of all that speculation (can’t we humans think the heck out of things?!), all that matters is what to do. So, this is an example of one of those times in life when emotions must be put to the side. That’s not to say that deeply held feelings must be ignored, it simply means that this is a time to think rationally and remember that feelings aren’t necessarily facts. But is it the mind that must take control? No, the mind can be tricky, too…overthinking…yep. It is Spirit that must be put in the lead, for in the stillness, we already know.

Spirit…to lead us to the right answers. Just like I got led to get an MRI even though there was no “reason” why. I simply knew I needed to get one. That’s all. They didn’t want to make an appointment for me, but I insisted. Now I guess we know what Spirit knew all along. I have been having increased symptoms…terrible pain in the head, eyes and face, along with dizziness and falling down way too often. The doctor said dementia was knocking on my front door. That’s something I want very much to prevent! Spirit showed me what I needed to know to take proper action in that regard.

My friend who came with me…a lifelong friend…has a doctor friend who is working on finding just the right specialist to assess the situation from a medical viewpoint. I’ve looked things up, as has my husband, and so now we’re just waiting to see what the doctor will say. I feel confident that if I need surgery for this, that I will be protected from danger. Of course, there is the possibility I won’t need surgery. We’ll just have to see.

But what does this have to do with us all? This has to do with letting the mind rest, doing what you can and not worrying about what to do until the time comes to think and act. Don’t stress out waiting for the information you need, but take time to be productive and doing what you are able to do to produce good results. I’ve ordered the natural substances I have chosen to help in reducing the size of the tumor, to remove it altogether if that’s what’s to be. I am trained as a naturopathic doctor, so I have studied and practiced these things. I am also studying and using the tuning forks which just so happened to come in the mail on the day of this news because Spirit had already ordered, I guess. I don’t know. But if I were to wish for something faced with a brain tumor, these tuning forks would be very high on the list! Coincidence? I think not. That’s why we are a church! Spirit has miraculous and mysterious ways!

Using the time productively means to continue learning as much as possible about natural processes and working towards building the body up in case the need for surgery comes. Worrying serves no purpose at all.

So into God’s hands I place the results. If I need a surgery, so be it. Wow. Coming from me, a doctor of naturopathy, that is real trust! But I also believe that the zeolites, herbs, essential oils, sound healing, Reiki, PRAYER, etc., is plenty more than enough. The point is, I am willing to do my part, and I am willing to allow a Power Greater than myself be in charge. I have to be willing to let go of the results. Some things I can’t do, but with God, all things can be done. This is what I believe. I also believe that we are all created in the image of God, the image of Goodness, Love and Life, and that through this we are self-healing in our design and we are also designed to help others to heal. I believe the earth has the physical elements we need to heal our physical bodies. I believe that through the power of mind we can also overcome all. Mostly I believe that if I turn my life and well being over to the Power of God, I will live a much more satisfactory life, one day at a time. My part in it all is to do that, and not be resistant to my own healing good.

So that’s what this story has to do with us all! We all have the power to heal if we allow Spirit to lead. Our minds, for some reason, often tell us we are not worthy, it cannot be done, we can’t afford it or some other kind of erroneous thing, which we in turn allow to prevent us from getting well. We were made to be well! We can heal in so many ways! It’s what’s natural to us. It is our nature. We just need to allow Spirit to lead the way, quiet the mind and focus on solutions rather than problems, and then take the body through the steps it needs to go through in the most natural way possible given the circumstances. In medical situations, take the time to do your own research, find the right doctor and then also to do what you can on your own in the meantime. Gather information, take action, don’t panic. In stillness you will find what you need. This goes for any situation in life. The little things, and the big. Spirit will lead the way if you listen and follow. The answers to all lie within.

“Vibraceous, ND”
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans


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