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Knowledge and Power

I have been taught to pray to be grateful, and beyond that, to pray only for the knowledge of God’s will for my life and the power to carry it out. What do I know of God’s will? I know God as Goodness, as Love and as Life, so I would imagine God’s will is to have these principles carried out in my life. So the first thing to ask myself when considering whether something is God’s will or not, is to consider whether it is good, loving and supportive of life.

When in a quandary, that’s when most people pray. “What should I do? Help me, please, help! Please get me out of this mess!” Well, first off, yes, asking what to do is a very good start. As to help me, yes, the power for us to be helped is there, but we need to help ourselves. We need to get ourselves out of whatever mess we are in ourselves. How? Back to the first question, “What should I do?” Here is the trick to getting that question answered. Be still and listen for the response!

We already know what to do deep in our heart, no matter the problem. We know, for we are created in the image of the all-knowing. We know, because we are one with the entire universe. We know, because God is in us. We just need to be quiet and tune into the knowing. It is at the center of our very core.

The answer will be good for all. It will not be selfish and no one will be hurt at our hand. The answer will be filled with love. The answer will be in accordance with nature and life. We can’t bend laws of nature and have the right outcome in any circumstance that there may be. We can accomplish things that may seem miraculous, but those things are accomplished through love and faith, not by distorting the truth.

If we are quiet and go to the place inside of us where stillness resides, and just sit without trying to think, the answer will come. Brush thoughts aside and listen to the sounds of nature as painted in a scene in your mind. Sit by a stream or the ocean or in the forest of your mind’s eye, or wherever you feel most at peace. Sit and just think the word peace, or the word love, or the word relax or om or bliss. The important thing is to simply relax. Ask yourself the question, and then listen to the first words that come into your mind. You will find your answer is there.

As to the power to carry it out, that comes with the strength of finding the answers within and knowing the answers are good, true and right. There is power in having proper motivation and there is power in faith. There is power in knowing for certain that we are on the right path. We are not given more than we’re able to bear.

The fears, the doubts…the selfish motives of greed or revenge…the vision of lack or the idea that life is not fair…these are the thoughts that make victims of us. These are the ideas that strip us of our power. If we know the truth and stand strong in the truth, then we have all the power we need. Doing the right thing builds strength. Living by a code of honest, unselfishness, purity and love turns us into spiritual masters who realize their power is the very power of God, for in doing God’s will, of course we have all that on our side!

I speak of God as if God were a person. I do not necessarily mean it that way. God, to me, is immutable principle, universal truth, ultimate goodness, unconditional love, perfect life. No matter your views of God are, surely this idea must fit into the picture. I couldn’t imagine it not.

Praying with gratitude reminds us that our prayers have already been answered. There is not a problem which does not already have its own solution. The answer is already there. We just need to realize it and do our part in bringing it forth into manifestation. For that, we need guidance. The guidance comes from the place of knowing, not from the place of doubt. All that panic, all that despondency, all that utter frustration is all very human, but it keeps us from hearing the perfect solutions being presented to us from within; solutions which are in the best interest of all, whether or not it makes sense to us at the time. As long as our motives are honest, pure, unselfish and loving, we simply cannot go wrong.

Lovingly yours,
“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, DD
Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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