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Are You Living in the Ice Age?

Sometimes we can get frozen in time, and it’s like living in the past, which is nothing but an imagined reality. The only true reality is happening now. So, to get stuck in the past, is like being frozen in time, for we cannot move forward with old points of view.

Points of view change. People change. We change, others change and situations change. Every single moment is different. Every thought, every feeling, every mood. There may be similarities, but nothing is exactly the same. So to judge someone based on their mood, situation, understanding, maturity, outside influences in one particular moment in time is pointless. All we see is our own limited perception, which is also subject to change. Nothing in life is permanent, so why do we so often judge it as so?

I look back at different points in my life, and it is almost as if I am looking at somebody else. Things I thought I knew, but had no idea of. Things I did that I never would do today. Attitudes, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, level of maturity…all different now. Oh, it’s me that I see…still the same core values and such, but wow have I learned a lot since I already thought I knew so many things!

I sure would hate to be judged for the rest of my life for something I wish I’d never done. We all make mistakes. There’s nothing in particular I’m thinking of, but when I look back, yeah, there are sure things I wish the world would forget and things I hope nobody knows. You know, those moments when we get ugly, mean, spiteful or something less than exemplary, like everyone has fallen into at one time or another.

We’ve all been greedy, we’ve all been mean, we’ve all told little white lies. Does that mean we are greedy, mean liars? NO! It means we expressed our lower self, while perhaps at a very low moment in time. Maybe we’re even stuck in it now. Does it need to define us as who we are? I really don’t think it needs to at all. We just have to move out of that space!

So let go of past images of others. Maybe they’ve changed. That was then, this is now. You can be cautious, and in some cases you need be, but there’s no reason to condemn a person in your mind clear down to their soul. Their identity isn’t the things that they’ve done. Their identity is that of being a child of this universe, a child of God, a brother or sister to us, in fact, another face of ourselves. It’s fine to walk away from this person, but it’s best not to carry the judgement along in your heart.

The same holds true for ourselves. Don’t carry harsh feelings around about yourself! Don’t judge yourself based on past actions, and by past, I mean anything up to a minute ago. YOU CAN CHANGE! You are not frozen in time! What you’ve done is not who you are. Who you are is a being of pure love and light. You don’t need to change yourself, you need to change your actions and your perception of who you are!

Forever Yours in Service and Love,
Vibraceous, ND
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans


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