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It’s Never Not Now

“It’s never not now,” is an expression I heard at a talk by musician, Joe Walsh.  Wow!  So such a simple way of explaining something so obvious in a way that makes it understandable!  What?  Yes!  For it is the OBVIOUS things we oftentimes miss!

It’s never not now is a great example of this.  When yesterday was happening, it was today, and when tomorrow comes it will also be known as today.  We can’t be in two moments at once, so we’re always in the moment we’re in.  It is never not now!  So why not live in the moment?  Makes sense!

Yet, we rebel.   We worry about tomorrow, next month, next year.  As to the past, we lament over our mistakes and long for yesterday’s joys.  The only moment we can live in is now, and so if we miss it, we’re actually missing our life!

Another example of obvious truths profoundly wrapped up into a simple saying is, “Wherever you go, there you are!”  Pretty obvious, right?  But yet people try to run from themselves all the time by attempting to fix a problem with a new job, a new house, a new set of friends, a new town.  In and of themselves there’s nothing wrong with these changes, but in and of themselves they won’t fix our problem, because WE are the problem.  Ta~da!  That’s the truth we often don’t wish to face.

Here’s a good one.  “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”  Well, duh!  Yet how often do people keep doing the same thing over and over and keep wishing for different results?  That’s a common definition of insanity, my friends!  If we stay the same, we don’t change.

I think all the great wisdom is really pretty obvious stuff.  Life is obvious.  What to eat?  Eat what grows!  How to be happy?  Make up your mind to be happy and smile!  I don’t mean to sound overly simplistic, but food grows in the right place and is ready to eat at the right time to give our bodies what they need for that time of year in that location.  Much the same way that breastmilk changes as the baby’s needs change.  It’s simple to feed your infant right!  At the most basic level, life’s pretty simple!  It’s set up for us to survive!

As to happiness, well, did you know that the brain chemistry actually changes every time that we smile?  Neuropeptides that fight off stress are released.  Neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are released.  Our body becomes more relaxed.  Changes in blood pressure and heart rate occur.  And we don’t have to think about any of that in order for it to happen!  All we have to do is just smile.  So instead of smiling because we are happy, we become happy because we smile!

What to drink?  Drink water.  It falls from the sky.  Check that off the list of things to have to work to hard at figuring out.  Yep, God made life pretty obvious.  Feeling tired?  Rest!  Lonely?  Reach out to somebody.  Lots of others are lonely, too.

Sometimes what seems to make life so hard is the choices someone else makes for us or things that our outside our control.  But hey, we can still choose how to react, and we can still change the things that we can.  As to things being outside our control, we should rethink that, I think, for often we can do more than we ever imagined we could.  Usually the answer to any problem is much simpler than we may suppose.

We do have to accept things, this is for sure.  There are some things we can’t change, and no simple “saying” on earth will make it so. But sometimes things change on their own….through a power greater than us.  Let go and let God.  There’s a simple saying that works!

What is the point of these words I am writing today?  Simply this…don’t worry, be happy!  This, too, shall pass, whatever situation you’re in.  The answers you seek are already there.  Every problem has it’s own solution within.

Peace.  Truth.  Love.  Non-resistance.  Harmony throughout all of nature.  We are all one.  We are one with each other, each tree and each bug.

Take each day, each moment, as it comes.  It’s never not now.  Live peacefully in the NOW now, and you will live peacefully in the NOW in the future!  As to the past?  Let it go and be at peace now.  Appreciate what it was, but there’s only NOW; that’s all that exists.  The past and the future exist only in your mind.  They are but a fantasy.  Now is all that is real.  So put one foot in front of the other, and do what’s in front of you now to do.  Eat what grows now, love who is in your life now, make what changes you need to make now if you are unhappy now.  Do what you need to do now to take care of your responsibilities.  Procrastination is not part of now.  But neither are worry, regret, fear, anxiety and depression.  Is the sun shining today?  Go bask in it now!  Is it raining?  Take of your shoes and go dance!

Happy Now to You All!

“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, Founder

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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