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Hope for the World

There are so many things happening in the world today that are not according to the will of God.  How do we know God’s will?  God’s will is always Good, for that is the nature of God.  God’s will is shown by the model given in the beginning, when all was created as good.

Sometimes it seems our society values power over freedom, sex but not love, money while human lives are cast to the side.  There is blaming and violence and hatred.  There is slavery, injustice and inequality, all the way down into our homes.  This monster called greed and his brothers, sloth, gluttony and pride.  But it is a false pride.  False pride means being proud of things not deserved.  That is always the case when accompanied by sloth, glutton and greed.

All the world needs is love, and it has to start with each of us now.  Look deep into every thought, every word and every action you do, all the way down to what you purchase at the grocery store.  Is there love at every level?  From the brand of coffee to the car going for your space in the parking lot.  Just notice love for one entire day.  Somehow your food was produced.  Was it produced with love or with slavery and pain?  The person driving the other car…maybe their feet and back really hurt bad.  So do yours?  Take a deep breath and Love.

I used shopping as an example because so much of the world’s problems are tied to money.  The choices we make at the store provide the incentive for the market to remain the same or to change.  Many foods are produced using chemicals that are not the best for the farmers or for our families.  For that matter, they are not good for the earth.  Many foods are produced at the very painful expense of our animal friends.  Many foods are produced using children and also adults as slaves.  Many foods are produced using resources that rightfully should belong to the community from which they come.  Some communities are actually displaced.  Many foods are produced depleting resources and endangering wildlife.  The answer to many problems facing the world are right there in our local grocery mart.  What choices do you make for the world?  Choose with love.

Choose also with love when selecting products for your own family, rather than price, convenience or taste.  If you would be see the connection between these three and the brothers greed, sloth and gluttony perhaps you’d see where these three may lead.  It may be helpful to reframe the way you look at these things.  The price is your health.  The convenience is only a matter of perceived convenience, for food which may have been found in the Garden of Eden really isn’t that hard to eat!  As for taste, once the addiction to the chemicals added to food has been displaced by good healthy pure tastes, you’ll see what you’ve been missing all along by not enjoying food straight from the garden.

Buy local.  Know who’s growing your food.  Know their procedures.  Do they use poisonous sprays?  Do they use genetically altered seeds?  Do they use synthetic fertilizers?  From these I would suggest you depart if you want to eat food as it was intended in the beginning to be.

If you eat meat, know who produces that, too.  Take the time to see how the animals were raised, and have the courage to see how they are killed.  Would it be in alignment with your idea of the perfect demonstration of Love?  The same thing holds true of other animal products.  When another creature’s life is invested into the production of what we eat, if we wish to live within the standards of love, our food must also be produced in this way.  Know how your food is produced and then decide these issues yourself according to what you truly believe is the right and best thing to do.  Please do not make these kinds of choices based solely on price, convenience or taste.  Most animal products or by-products in the grocery store come from concentrated animal feeding operations, or factory farms.  It would take quite a stretch of the imagination to think these are in any way based o love.  They are harming animals, they are harming the environment, and they are ultimately harming the compassionate spirit of man.  Love does no harm.

Coffee, chocolate…I highly suggest buying organic and looking for the Fair Trade label.  Become informed if you want to make an impact on the things going on in the world.  Bananas, bottled water, pineapples…their sources matter.  It’s a lot to learn, yes, but isn’t it a better way to spend time than watching the evening news full of propaganda and stories of crime and war?  Food is something we eat every day and we impact the world with our choices.  We also impact our own health.  Health is not the objective in a world with synthetic food.  It’s not even real, we’ve been sold.

Let Love be the guiding force in all that we do.  Not only in shopping, that is just one but very important example.  Let Love be our guide in what we say to others, how we think of others, what we repeat about others.  Let Love be the guiding force in how we treat ourselves.

Let Love heal us.  Let Love heal the world.  The only thing that can possibly help is if we start valuing Life more than things.  We have to be willing to live at a lesser level of comfort in order to take care of our parents sometimes.  We have to do all sorts of things we don’t want to do based on Love.  That’s what Love is.  It’s easy to do things we want to do.  It takes real Love to do that which is tough for someone we love!  We are healed through those times in our lives.

We are called to love our enemies, too, in this same spirit.  It’s easy to love people we like, but to love our enemies requires a higher Love.  This kind of Love has Real Power.

So, if we Love our perceived enemies…those we see as being at fault in the worlds problems…the owners of the big corporations, the politicians, an unenlightened society…then we can help heal the world.  Shower them with the Light of Love!  It will illumine their hearts and open their eyes to the Truth, that God is Love, and Love is more important than anything there is in the world!  That’s how the world can be healed!  Sending hate never helps, nor does sitting in fear.  Send Love if you want to help!

Actions based in Love, are needed, too, so take action in your purchases, take action by volunteering somewhere that does good work based in Truth and Love, and do your part in your own world, with your own friends and family and love yourself!  And love God.  God is Good, God is Love, God is Life!  Love these things with all your heart, mind and soul and that is how you will love God.

Lift the world up with your smile!  We can all lift the world up through prayer and through raising awareness!  We can lift the world up by reminding people of the Power of God in them, so long as they have good in their heart!  The age of darkness is coming to an end.  It’s easier to light up the dark night than it is to darken the light of day.  Be that candle today.

Let your Light Shine!

“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.



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