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Once Upon A Time…There Was You!

What do you want your story to say?  Write it now.  Start at the beginning and write it from the perspective you wish to see it all from.  Take it all the way up to the present day moment, but don’t let it stop there.  Go on.  Write the rest of your tale.  What do you want people to understa d about you?

What is your heart like?  What are your serets and dreams.  What have you been through that has formed who you were to become?  What did you overcome?

Most importantly, what was your purpose here?

Who did you hurt and who did you love?  Who did you ignore in your life and who got all the attention from you?  When your story is over, what impact will you have left on the world?  These are things to think about now.

How did you maintain yourself in relationships?  Were you a person of your word?  Someone people could trust?

Are you proud of the life that you lived?  If not, take your eraser out now and rewrite the end of the book.  It’s not ever too late.

Use your imagination.  Write a story of you the way that you wish to be.  Kindness and mercy will change any problem you have into something to be used as a strength.

Actuyally going through the process of writing down your own story, in whateer form you would like, be it factual or straight from the world of dreams where everyone wishes to live, is a wonderful experience to take yourself on.  Write your own happy ending!  Write a story of strength, love and purpose, crowning a life that’s been very well lived!  Write out all the regrets.  Write out the anger and doubts.  Only write about the hero in you, and use it as a guide for the rest of your life.

Once upon a time there was YOU.  Once upon a time there was a person so special and loved.  You were kind-hearted and good natured.  Everyone loved you so much.  That’s because love shone forth all around whenever you entered the world!

Then take the story from there.  Maybe there were some wicked witches or evil trolls you had to face.  But you are a person of strength and you made it through with dignity each time, because of the power of love in your heart and of the integrity of your pure intent.

You have been blessed and you bless the world in return.  What kinds of blessings have been given to you?  What would you give in return?  How would you like to be remembered when you die?  What would you like others to know about you before then?

Write your own story, in any form you would like.  It’s your life.  No one can tell it like you!  Make it end the way you’d want it to be.

Why am I asking you to do this?  Not just for those left behind, although that’s a good reason right there.  More importantly, though, it’s for you.  Too often we don’t even know our own tale.  We don’t realize we are the author of our own book.  We just end up being a character in someone else’s pot.  That’s not enough.  We need to be a book of our own, not a chapter or simply a footnote in someone else’s account of it all.  Take the lead role in your life!  YOU decide what you want your life to convey!

Lots of Love,

lonely little fairy“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND CTN, CNHP D.D.

Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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