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The Sacredness of Life

What is sacred to us?  What is it that we hold as holy?  Our idea of God?  Do we hold that sacred? Our family?  Our holy temple, the body?

Are our words sacred?  Our actions?  Do we realize that in all we do, we express our idea of God? 

Do we hold God’s will as sacred?  God’s will for us is only Good, only Love, only Life.  In aligning our will with the true nature of Goodness, of Love and of Life, we are granted all that there is.  But we don’t always hold these things as sacred, even though they are all that is real.  It is too often our own short-sighted and selfish outlook to life which is held as sacred instead, creating a distorted reality.

Cling to those things which are good, loving and naturally supportive of life, for these are what will keep us healthy in spirit, mind and body.  Hold as sacred the trust that was given to us to use free will for righteousness, not for selfish reasons and unmerited gain.

We are created in the holy image of God, the Good, the Loving, the Perfect Presence and Power throughout all of Life.  When we separate ourselves from Goodness, we separate ourselves from all that is Good.  When we separate ourselves from Love, we separate ourselves from all that is Loving.  When we separate ourselves from Nature, we separate ourselves from Life.  These things need to be held as sacred to us, for they are what everyone seeks, free to us as heirs to the throne.  We simply need to live in the house of God. The kingdom of heaven is within each of us and can be experienced right here and now.

Cling to Goodness as your motto for how to live.  You know deep down right from wrong.  Hold the right way as the sacred way, and do not deter.  This is the way to the kingdom.  This is the way back to our home.

The Road of Goodness is also the Road of Love.  Follow Love.  Love is the guiding light.  Love is Goodness (God) expressed through us. Honor Love and hold it sacred in all that you do, and you are on the road home. Love even when you are despised or treated badly, by others or by yourself. Love all creatures. Love your neighbor, love yourself, love God…love Goodness, love Love, love Life!

Cling to Life.  Life is sacred in all its forms.  Life is sacred in us.  We are connected with all of nature.  Nature is sacred.  Nature is God in the physical form.  The earth, the trees, the water, the food…all life giving, all sacred.  Our bodies are sacred.  Our bodies are the sacred temple of God.

Our words should be sacred, for what we speak, we send forth into the world of manifestation.  Our thoughts should be sacred, too, for they form our attitudes and beliefs.  What we believe is what we bring forth. Our thoughts are how we put forth to the Universe, God, what it is we truly desire. Thoughts are essentially prayers

Our food should be treated as sacred, for we are what we eat.  This is what nourishes our physical form; the temple of God.  This is what empowers us to carry forth our work on this earth. Food is not to be consumed in a gluttonous fashion, but rather adored for the wondrous healing power it has. Food grows from the earth, plentiful, with seeds to reproduce, carried by beautiful pollinators, watered by the rain, stretching forth from the bountiful earth to the sun, ready to become one with the bodies of all creatures. Every bite we put to our lips should be a means of building us up in order for us to be of service to our families, our communities and the world. Food that is manufactured at the expense of others is not going to lift us up, but rather weigh us down with the debt of their suffering and pain. Animals, slave labor and exposure to chemicals not only by us but also the workers. Food is holy and holiness does not exploit.

All of our fellow beings should be treated as sacred. Everything that walks on the earth, swims in the waters, or soars above in the skies, sharing this planet with us.  The Life of God flows through all.  Whatsoever we do unto the least we do unto all.

In our own lives it is important to take time out to think about that which is sacred.  Traditionally, churches bring people together in a consciousness of sacred honor.  We also are each our own church, and the voices in our heads are as the people, to be gathered together in sacred honor of every moment of life.

We take life lightly, and that’s great. The sparrows don’t worry. But do not take it so lightly that we forget the importance of the choices we make, the thoughts we think, the words we say, and the power we wield over our own circumstances.  What we put out into the world has an affect us all.  We have a responsibility to hold collective consciousness up, and to act in ways supportive of life.  We have a sacred duty to care for ourselves, each other, and the earth, for in so doing we fulfill the greatest commandment of all, to love God, self and others.  God is seen throughout all of life.  We are meant to live life with care.

The air that we breathe is sacred.  We breathe in, we breathe out, and each breathe carries with it our sacred life. Become more aware of the sacred nature of every breath! Do not pollute it with that which is poison, such as synthetic fragrance which is toxic to our endocrine, respiratory and nervous systems. Breath is life! Spend time in the forest sharing air with the trees if you need a good boost of energy! Wow! Likewise, the water we drink is sacred.  The water replenishes us and is within and without every cell of our body. Take care of our air and water and earth and food.  The food we eat is sacred.  Don’t just shove anything into your mouth because it serves to satisfy cravings.  Eating is sacred, for it sustains life.  Life is sacred and deserves respect.

Look into each other’s eyes and see the sacredness inside them. Look into the mirror and see it there, too! Look into the eyes of the next animal you see. It is there. Look to all of life and see the sacred spirit actively present to spring forth with goodness, activated by love. Practice seeing in this way and you shall be forever changed in a very blessed way!

The sacredness in me beholds the sacredness in you
“Vibraceous, ND”
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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