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March On!

March is here, and it is a cold, slushy month in this region.  The temperatures are still dropping low, the snow is still coming down, and when it’s not snowing, it’s raining, creating ice on the roads.  The beautiful white scenery is now looking slushy and not very pretty at all.  The skies are so grey, and everyone seems so depressed.  Is it spring yet?  Almost.  But until then we have to march on, even though we’re weary and the sun seems like it will never come out.  Isn’t that the same way sometimes with life?

Sometimes life seems dreary and cold.  No one seems happy and nothing comes easy sometimes.  Sometimes it seems like it’s one thing after another, and conditions don’t seem to let up.  What are we to do in those times?  Same thing.  We’re to march on!  That’s really all we can do when things are not in our control!

But it’s enough, because the sun will eventually shine, and things will look brighter again.  Nothing lasts forever, and if we can just remember that no matter the condition, this, too, shall pass, then it’s so much easier to make it through the hard times in our life.

And guess what?  When spring finally comes, it will be such a beautiful thing!  Much more wonderful because of what we went through waiting for it to arrive!

We tend to think life should always be easy, but that’s not the way it’s set up.  Even a tree has to bear the cold of the winter.  Even a speck of dirt gets stepped on.  Even a bird has to fly south if it does not want to freeze. Enduring the hard times is something all life must do.  We are no different from that.

Spiritual people sometimes think that if we pray enough life will be easy.  It might be easier in some ways, but remember, even Jesus had to suffer.  Not just at the crucifixion, but all through his ministry he had trials and tribulations.  He grew weary.  He became angry.  He wept.  Everyone does, and those on a spiritual path don’t necessarily do any less suffering.  In fact, sometimes they do a bit more.

What we don’t have to do is keep ourselves stuck in a lifestyle of suffering.  We also need to learn how to enjoy the times of spring in our lives!  Some people complain so much about winter, that when spring comes, they forget to give thanks.  They forget to smell the flowers and lie in the grass looking up at the pretty blue sky, and listening to all the birds sing.  Perhaps they’re upset with the rain of the spring, or wishing summer vacation would come.  Then summer comes and it’s too hot or too short or too something not right, and then when the beautiful leaves of autumn start showing their colors, these same people complain because winter is almost here.  Don’t get stuck in that trap!

So, today, even if it’s icy and cold, slushy and grey, depressing and icky outside or inside your heart, give thanks for today.  Today is one day of your life that you’ll never get back!  Today is the perfect gift from God to help us get to a better tomorrow.  Make the best use of it that you possibly can!

Are the bills getting you down?  Do what you can and give thanks for all the good you received in racking up all those bills.  Make a plan how to save.  Do something to bring extra income in for yourself or to reduce your expenses, but don’t let it ruin your day!

Is your health an issue?  Same thing.  Do what you can and give thanks for being alive all these precious days up to this point in your life.  Is there something you can do to improve your condition?  Eat better?  Exercise more?  Use herbs?  Reduce your exposure to toxic conditions?  Do whatever you can to encourage the natural condition of health and then work on your state of mind.  Gratitude for life must be fostered, as must humility and an open mind to healing solutions from Spirit.  You have all the Power of the Universe inside your body to heal you.  Live according to natural laws and you’ll have a much better chance of seeing the spring.  Just like in our winter here, if we try and ram our way through to the spring with fast cars we will surely slide on the ice.

March on, as soldiers against negative thoughts, destructive behaviors, temptations that will ultimately make things much worse.  March on in the knowledge that you will reach your goal.  Just put one foot in front of the other and march!

It is easy to tire, and it’s important that we all rest.  But resting and giving up are not at all the same thing, any more than are taking a nap and giving up our body to death.  Resting during the hard times is one of the best things a person can do to get through.  Rest in meditation.  Rest in peaceful and happy thoughts.  Rest and then rise back up refreshed and ready to continue the march.  Remember to feed yourself, too.  Healthy and wholesome foods, and healthy and wholesome thoughts.

Today is precious.  Give thanks!  Even hard days are better than no days at all!  March on.  You’re not alone.  Even though we think our problems are worse than everyone else’s, they’re not.  Find support in the friendship of others who are living a positive life, not giving up and staying stuck in a pattern of not appreciating the ups and downs of this life.  Everything has a reason.  Everything has its own time.  March on with others and help each other endure!  Choose your friends wisely.  You don’t want to march over a cliff!  Choose friends who direct their thoughts and actions towards Good.  That’s where you will end up if you keep marching on in that direction.

Cursing the snow doesn’t make flowers grow any faster.  A much better idea is to go get some seeding pots and start sprouting some seeds for the spring!  It will be here before you know it!  March on!


Vibraceous, ND

20150207_135504Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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