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Dark Winter Nights of Cold Bliss

Winter and it’s blustery cold winds has such beauty in every flake of glistening white snow.  All of life’s shimmering colors, contained in lacy and delicate form, yet combined with one another, have the ability of an avalanche to crush strong sturdy houses, or of seaming whim to make the roads slippery upon which to drive.  Such a beauty, but she can be so wicked and harsh.

What is the purpose of winter?  Why do we even have it?  It seems to sometimes go on and on, making bones and joints stiff and heating bills rise.  Winter causes so many problems, from school closings to the need for more rescue squads.  Why does winter even exist?  I thought everything was supposed to be good!  She’s a trickster, looking so pretty and being so harsh!  The worst kind of season there is.  Animals and people dying from freezing to death, and yet she comes all wrapped up like a Christmas gift.

Hmmm…Well, that’s a hard question to answer, I guess!  But there IS a good reason for winter, as there is a good reason for all the seasons of life.

Winter is a time of rest.  It’s not winter’s fault that we choose to attempt a lifestyle which isn’t congruent with that.  If we lived in a society where quality of life was valued more than it is in our current age of fast paced electronics, we would understand the value of teaching our children at home and staying in during the winter months, instead of out racing around on freeways and wondering why we wreck on slick roads.  We would store food up for the winter, like root vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, beans and grains, and we’d ake sure our families and animals were warm because there’d be plenty of logs for the fire.  Winter is winter, and it’s wise to just know it gets cold and prepare.  So is winter really to blame?

Winter is here to give us the rest and time for contemplation we need.  It’s the natural rhythm of life.  The roots of the trees and the plants take a rest, and animal life proceeds at a much slower pace.  Except for us.  We’re the “smart” animal species, you know!  Sometimes I wonder how smart we truly are.

Winter is natural to us whether we live in the “snow belt” or not.  Winter is a state of mind as much as anything else.  The winters are the hard times.  The dark nights of winters are just a little bit harder.  But if we rest and slow down just a bit, we’ll see the flowers of spring once again.  Good times always return if we are patient and wait to see.

Winter puts the ground through a process which actually makes it stronger for the plants which grow from the earth.  Notice the difference between the types of vegetation which grow where winters exist and where they do not.  The winters cause sturdy and nourishing stock to grow plentifully from out of the earth.  So many things, from pine trees and mighty oaks all the way down to potatoes, grow well in regions where it gets cold.

It’s a wonderful time for reflection, and what a more beautiful image with which to still our mind than that of a snowflake.  They are so completely beautiful and so unique, just as each one of us is unique.  All of life is unique.  Every squirrel is different, every flower is different, every tiny little bug, though they all look the same.  Everything in life is slightly different from everything else.  That’s another story for another day, but there’s also good reason for that!  There is a good reason for everything in life we can think of.  Good really is all there is.  Anything else is just our perception, like winter and the cold snowy night of the soul.

It’s only our choices which throw us off of the track from realizing peace.

Look for the good in all you encounter, and stop to think about the natural cycles of life.  These can be a very good guide as to what’s natural and good for us.  Sleep at night and be active in day.  Our bodies are made of lots of water, so drink lots of water.  It all makes so much sense when you break down life’s principles of being into a much simpler logic than most would suspect.  If it hurts, don’t do it.  If you’re hungry, eat.  If you’re tired, rest.  If you love someone, take care of them.  Eat the food that grows from the earth.  Life’s pretty simple really when you stop to think about the goodness of God.

Why would life be tougher than we’re able to manage?  What about ancient times?  What supported life then, supports it still now.  Otherwise, we’d be extinct!  Life naturally goes on when making good use of that which has been here all along.  Winter will make us strong if we allow it.  Tempering the body is good.  Look at the people from colder regions…images of Vikings and lumberjacks are coming to mind!

Perhaps these are the rambling thoughts of someone thinking too much in the winter.  You can tell yourself that if you’d like.  But when you curse the snow for not pushing itself out of the way so you can get your car out of your drive, and then your hands get too cold from not wearing gloves, whose fault is it going to be?  I know it’s my fault when I forget mine.  We should all have emergency kits in our cars, for that matter.  Do we?  Do we carry a flashlight, a blanket, a torch and a first aid kit in the trunk of our car?  People can be so foolish sometimes, and I am certainly no exception to that.  Life would be simpler if we’d just stay home and think about things…and clean our house…and work from home…and teach our children to appreciate the changing seasons of life and how to make homemade bread from what’s in stock.

Soon it will be spring and then activity will naturally return throughout all of nature.  Just remember, though, that even in winter, the deer and the rabbits still eat.  Somehow nature always provides.  This is God expressing as Life.  God is Good, God is Love, God is Life.

If you find yourself complaining about how cold winter is, the best way I know to help you get through it is to donate or volunteer to help the homeless at this time of year.

Blessings of Warmth and of Love,

Vibraceous, ND

20141127_165322Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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