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Journeys in Consciousness

We all can travel to far away places when we allow ourselves to do that in our mind.  We can watch movies and videos of places and listen to music and read many books.  We can look at pictures and listen to others tell their vacation tales.  In our mind we can be there in this way, if not in physical form.

We can take these images and use them in meditation, as well, and gain much benefit from the beautiful, relaxing images we’ve embedded into our mind.  This is a wonderful gift!  I recommend mental vacations to everyone for great stress relief, and it’s free!

Relieving stress is one of the best things anyone can do for their health.  No matter how well you eat, if you’re under stress, the nutrients don’t get absorbed properly into the cells, and waste is not properly removed.  Take a break from it all and go on a trip in your mind!

Visual imagery is one way we can meditate.  It trains our mind to go deep into a relaxing and receptive state of mind, and happiness and relaxation are actually programmed into our mind in this way, so to speak.  This sense of relaxation can be carried throughout the whole body.  The brain waves change from beta, to alpha, then theta as we become more relaxed.  The heart rate slows down, the blood pressure slows down, the muscle tension leaves our whole entire body and we become completely relaxed.  The digestive system relaxes, the neck muscles relax, brain chemistry changes.  Everything feels so good you might not want to leave this vacation of yours!  This all occurs through suggestions of relaxation you’ve planted into your mind, with the visual images to assist this very natural response.

It is a natural healing response.  This type of vacation truly is a gift from God!  And it’s free!

In our society it seems we are taught to ignore our need to relax.  Alcohol is many people’s main relaxation agent, when really it should be our mind.

We took a chunk out of February this month to travel out west.  We really planned a jam-packed trip for ourselves!  Las Vegas, Nevada…Grand Canyon, Sedona, Kingsman and Oatman, Arizona…Los Angeles, Ventura Beach, San Jose and San Francisco, all in the span of nine days!  Fun?  YES!  Relaxing?  Moreso through the pictures I’ll look at again and again and the time I’ll spend visiting back there in my mind.

There’s so much to see and to notice when traveling.  I like to look at the variations in scenery, and think about the magnificence nature has to offer to us.  Forests, valleys, the GRAND CANYON and REDWOOD TREES!  Oh, my, there is so much beauty and wonder to see in this gorgeous world that was gifted to us!  Sedona’s red rocks…there’s nothing like that in Ohio!  But Ohio has it’s own beauty, or else I would leave.  Ohio has the changing leaves, and yes, I like the snow, too.  Spring is my favorite time of the year.  I love what I grew up with in so far as the seasons go.  But wow!  There sure are a lot of wonderful things you can see all over the world.

I think I know what England is like, although I’ve never been there.  I’ve been to Europe, but not the British Aisles, so why do I think I know?  It’s because of pictures in my mind, through loving the Beatles and also through watching so many movies from there.  If I went there, I might be surprised at how much I’m right in my imaginings, and I might also be surprised at some of the ways I’m probably wrong.  But that’s okay, because England lives in my mind and I can go there and lie on the green grass of the countryside!  I can imagine a little stone cottage with flowers, and sheep, cows, horses and a big dog.  I can imagine anything I would like!  I can see the cobblestone streets and the shops all close together in town, and I can hear the church bells on Sunday morning.  I can see the fog and feel the sweet rain.  So, I’ve been to England, you see?

Take a trip down the stream of your mind.  It can be anywhere, even somewhere that doesn’t exist.  Maybe on a boat, drifting down a river with beautiful, beautiful flowers and trees on the shore.  Maybe it’s in a beautiful mansion, sleeping on a big fluffy bed, or maybe it’s lying in the meadow with flowers and butterflies wafting through the fresh breeze.  Maybe it’s anywhere you want to be.  Take even three minutes a day.  Twenty minutes would be top notch.  Many health benefits can be gained from this…and much peace.

Have a nice trip!

Vibraceous, ND

20150117_062954Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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