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Possibilities, Probabilities, Proclamations

What makes the difference in whether or not your dreams can come true?  Is it how much you wish for it to be so?  Is it in believing the can?  Is it all in the statistics, perhaps?  A little hard work and a little luck?

Well, I suppose, but not really.  Hard work, oftentimes, yes – but it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with plain luck.  Good opportunities come in good time, so timing, perhaps, but not luck.  I believe in a Universe where all things work together for Good to those who Love the Goodness of Life.  (God is Good, God is Love, God is Life.)

What it really has to do with is realizing that if something has ever been thought of, it’s possible.  If anything has ever been done by anyone in the whole world, that proves right there that it can be done.  We think a lot more is impossible, I think, than really is.  ANYTHING is possible, my friend!

But is it probable?  Not if you don’t believe that it is!  How do you show your belief?  Do you invest your time and energy?  Your money?  If so, to what degree?  Are you betting on the probability that it will succeed?  What kind of investment are you willing to put into your dreams?  These are good questions to ask yourself, and they are very good indicators of how probable you believe the outcome you desire to actually be.  But here’s the thing…If you don’t fully believe in it, how can it really come true?

So, first believe something is possible, that’s good, but not enough.  Then, believe something is probable.  That’s better, but is it enough?  No. Even at 99% your level of believe is still holding you back.  There is still that bit of disbelief in reserve just in case.  That’s smart, though, right?  Well, I suppose it’s good to be prepared, but to really achieve your dreams, you’ve got to invest your whole self!  Unless you want watered down results, then that’s okay.  But if you want to achieve your goals, truly, you’ve got to invest your entire being into what you desire!

PROCLAIM that it is happening now!  KNOW you’re going to reach your goals!  And you can do that, because you, and me, and all of us have the power to do this, having been created in the image of God!

What’s the catch?  Nothing.  Except that we have to behave as though we are created in the image of God.  That means we must be loving, good-hearted, and respectful of life…mine, yours and ours.

Oh.  Yeah.  That’s the “catch.”

But even though we make mistakes, so long as this is what is truly in our heart, we will be rewarded with good measure in all that we do!  Love must be our guiding force as we pursue every one of our dreams.

So believe it!  Proclaim the Power of God…the Power of Love…The Power of Goodness and LIFE working in and through you right now, propelling you in the direction you dream!

When you believe in something with all your mind, body and soul, it is real, whether other people can see it or not.  Build it and they will come!  What I’m saying is sometimes people only believe something when they see it, but there’s really not much to see until someone believes.  Believing is seeing!  So if one person believes enough, that’s enough, and then the others will see.  Build it (see it) and they will come (to see it, as well!)

To set forth a proclamation is to shout something out to the world!  It is proclaiming that something is true.  It is an official statement of fact, rather than some watered down hope of a possibility possibly probably hopefully to God maybe true.

This is what affirmative prayer is all about.  Perhaps you’ve heard of using affirmations before, but weren’t quite sure what that meant.  This is it.  Affirmations are affirmative statements, in present and positive tense, that something is True with a Capital “T,” to designate that it is True through the Absolute Power of God, or in other terms, the Absolute Power of Good.

God is Good!  That’s not stating an attribute of God, that’s saying that the Force in the Universe acting as Ultimate Good, is in fact the essence of God.  God IS Good.  And God is everywhere; the essence of all that is Real.

So, you can say with authority that God is working for Good in your life!  You can also assuredly say that God is in every cell of your being, acting as perfect health, wisdom, intelligence, love.  You can affirm the Truth that everything is in Divine Order, happening in the perfect time and in the perfect way.  You can say this because so long as Love is your guiding Force, all things work together for Good.  God is also Love.  Not loving, but actually the Power of Love.  This is what makes the world go around!

Our constant message here on and throughout all of Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center of which we’re a part, is that God is Good, God is Love, God is Life.  We teach that in the beginning it was all good, and that the Power of Good is throughout all of Life through the Power of Love.  We also believe that we were created in the image and likeness of this mighty Power that can accomplish all things.

When we act in accordance with our Original Design, that is to say when we ground ourselves in nature and in our spiritual strength which is Love, that we can do anything that is in the best interest of all.  We can do a lot of things that aren’t in the best interest of all through deceit, but in the end these things are destined to fail due to instability of unnatural design.  Truth will always prevail over that which is not real.  To deceive is to lie.  To lie is not true.  Truth is what is Real.  Reality always wins out.

We are designed to be good and loving, and eventually all of us will.  Practice, by dreaming wonderful dreams to help make this world better for others, and know that you’re dreams already are coming true!  PROCLAIM that it is done, and then invest your entire being into bringing it forth!  It will come to pass, you will see.  It is the natural thing.

Our dreams are given to us.  I’m talking about those deep down visions and dreams.  Big dreams that are meant to help others.  Dreams that make life more how it should be in a kind, loving and natural world.  These dreams are given to us because we can achieve them.  Why do some people dream of some things and other people dream of other things?  Because it’s their true heart’s desire.  Desire means “of the father.”  These dreams are given to us by the Power of Goodness and Love.  They are our gift to give back to Life.

That’s what I believe, anyway!  🙂

I will tell you a story about the founding of Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center.  I had the dream for many, many years before others began to see what it was I was carrying around like a precious child in my mind.  It was more than 40 years in conscious and subconscious reality in everything that I did!  Even before I knew it existed, it did.  I became aware at the age of 12, but looking back prior to that in my early childhood, I can see the same vision was active in me.  I believe I was born with the purpose I’m working towards fulfilling now.

All through the years, the good times and bad, things were preparing me to take the message of healing body, mind and spirit out into the world.  I didn’t choose the courses of study I took.  Oh, sure, I filled out the forms and scheduled the classes, but it was never much of a choice to me.  It’s who I am and always have been.  I studied spirituality in many ways and many forms, practicing making it the core of my life.  I studied social work, counseling, ministry work, youth work, chemical dependency studies, family development and many things in formal schooling, including naturopathic medicine in many forms.  God has been busy giving me what I needed to do this work!  Even the hard times…brutal victimization, poverty, rape, repeated trauma to body and brain…many harsh things in life have taught many lessons to me beyond the classroom, all of which I’m grateful for.  How can I say such a thing?  Because I want to be fully prepared to do what I’ve been entrusted to do in this life.  My job is to hold the vision for Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center, which will go on long after me to serve as a vehicle for the healing of the whole world.  It is Pure, it is Good, it is Love and it honors all Life.  That’s how I KNOW it is Real!  Other people see it now also, too.  It’s developing to the physical eye in its own perfect time, but it has existed since long ago.  It’s already so beautiful and has helped so many people, and it hasn’t anywhere near finished unfolding yet!  There are many more changes underway now!  This is a vision for all.  Come volunteer if you want to jump in!

Your dreams have existed since long ago, too.  You just have to proclaim it is true and invest yourself fully, giving way for it to unfold in its own perfect time and perfect way.  Look around.  Look for evidence of it happening now!  Ask your inner space of Knowing (God) what is the next step which needs to be taken by you.  Then relax, do your part, give thanks and PROCLAIM it as so!  You’re way beyond possibility and probability now!

Vibraceously Yours,

20140423_195733Vibraceous, ND

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center



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