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Herbs are Essentials of Life!

How do you currently view herbs?  Don’t give them much thought?  Think they are only spices?  Think they’re the same as dangerous drugs?  Don’t see the reason to use them if you’re not sick?  Think if you are sick they won’t help?

To most people, the topic is a little confusing.  There is a lot of misinformation out there, and a lot of non-information, as well.  If you want to know about herbs, you have to seek the knowledge out.  It’s not something talked about in common day settings, except by “alternative” folks.

First, herbs should not be “alternative” anything!  They should be our main food!  YES!  FOOD!  And our MAIN food, at that!

This used to be common knowledge.  Look at this verse from the very first page of the Bible.  Whether or not you “believe” in the Bible, it is still a very old book!  People were talking about and using herbs from the very beginning, as we are told:

“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”  (Genesis 1:29)

Herbs contain all of the nutrients, all of the proteins, carbs and even fats that we need.  They have all the vitamins, all the minerals, all the essential fatty acids and essential amino acids, all the antioxidants and all the enzymes we need.  Herbs work to balance the body systems and provide the body with all it needs to naturally cleanse toxins out.  With the nourishment provided in herbs, anything in our physical form can be warded off or be healed.

Not only have they been our food since the beginning, but they also fill the air with the aromas we need to breathe in.  Or at least they did.  Now the air is all too often filled with smog, cigarette smoke and synthetic perfumes.  These are not good for our health!  We’re meant to breathe in the fresh aroma of healing herbs.

In the beginning, as well, we used to walk in bare feet.  The medicine from the herbs entered into our system with every step that we took.  They worked as ongoing cleansers, nourishers and healers this way.

The animals also eat herbs.  This is the ultimate source of all food.  To eat the animal is bypassing the herb.  This is not according to original plan, but man chose to do this all on his own.  That’s another topic for another writing, but all food comes from plants.  Food that does not derive it’s nutrients from plants, in my opinion is not really food, but just something artificial designed to taste good, fill your belly…and rob your money and health.  Synthetic vitamins have no vital life-force and cannot impart the vitality for which they were named.  And as to minerals, well, if it doesn’t come from the plant then it comes from rocks and dirt.  We’re not supposed to eat rocks and dirt!  The plant is supposed to turn the rocks and dirt into something we can eat…real food.  Herbs contain all that we need.

So we can put herbs in our food for seasoning and they do much more than simply improve the taste.  They can also aid in digestion, supply needed nutrients and balance our body systems, as well.  IF they are served full strength.  Unfortunately most herbs on the market which are sold as dried spices have been radiated.  This destroys all the enzymes and many of the nutrients…most of them, in fact.  Buy organic to get what you’re looking for from the herbs!  Fresh herbs are wonderful, too, and should also be organic, so as to avoid pesticides and other problems with many conventionally grown foods.

Herbs are great served in teas.  Again, choose organic for potency.  You can buy prepackaged teas, or you can go into your yard and use what is there.  Did you know there are wonderful herbs which grow in your yard?  Most likely exactly the ones that you could benefit from most!  Unless, of course, your yard has been treated with “weed” killers, which will kill all the wonderful, wonderful herbs that were meant for your good.  Dandelions, clover, heal-all, chicory, plantain…so many wonderful healing herbs grow naturally and free on their own!

You can also plant a beautiful herb garden.  Some herbs will grow back every year, like chives, sage, oregano, fennel, peppermint and so many more!  Herbs are plentiful in nature for a very good reason!  They’re meant to be our primary food.  (Did you know even asparagus is considered an herb?)

So, ingesting herbs on a daily basis is what we need to do for our health.  We also need to take it in through our bodies, perhaps not always walking barefoot, although more of that would be nice, but we can use herbs in so many ways, such as in essential oil baths and other ways.

Herbs are our medicine.  FOOD is our medicine and herbs are our food.  We can take it daily for good health, and/or we can focus it’s power on health issues when we are sick.  Why do we get sick?  Not enough nature is one very big reason.  Sickness is against our true nature.  It is an indication that something is “off.”  Yes, people die.  It is the cycle of life.  But it should be in majesty,  not in becoming decrepit and ill.  We’ve been given all the provisions of life!  We have all the strength of all the trees of the forest.  It is the same strength that makes the dandelion grow through sidewalk cracks.  We have the force that propels life, in every cell of our being and we have been given the fruits of the trees and the leaves of the dandelions to eat.  You are what you eat, don’t forget!

Nature is wise.  When we use herbal medicine we tap into that wisdom.  The life force is a match to our bodies.  Herbs are not the same as drugs.  They do not force the body and therefore there are not the same side effects associated with the use of herbs.  (Please click the link above for an excellent chart which illustrates this.)

How do you know which ones to use?  I would first recommend that you find a reputable company from which to buy.  Get one that has quality herbs.  They are not all the same.  Some use herbs that are old, poorly grown, and lacking in strength.  Some herbs are not processed correctly, so that all the components are still active and alive and able to convey life energy to us.  There is a verrrrrrrrrrrry wide variance on this!

As a natural health professional, when I choose herbal products to recommend, I make sure that what I am using is of the highest standards.  Know what standards you’re looking for.  Many natural health professionals use different standards.  The ones I go by are to look for quality first…according to nature.  I don’t care much for products that have been overprocessed or changed.  Standardized herbs, for instance, are not my thing.  This is not the best way to ensure potency because nature makes things in varying amounts according to the individual plant.  This is so we don’t become immune to their good.  Drug batches are always the same, but true herbs are just a little bit different each time.  I also like products which are whole foods products rather than isolated substances such as isolate proteins.  I like nature the way it was originally intended to be.  Only nature can give natural health.

So, do your homework, or find someone you trust to help you.  If that is me, feel free to write to me and ask me at  But don’t give up on herbs just because they didn’t “poof” work.  Herbs work if they are potent, pure and properly used.  It’s hard to do harm to your body with herbs, but you want to get the most out of them and that’s not always as easy in today’s world where so many products are not the best.  Go for quality and you’ll be amazed.

Whether using herbs for medicinal or nutritional reasons is a matter of definition, I guess, because they always do both of these things.  Herbs cleanse, nourish and balance the body.  The healing is built into each dose.  It is good to use herbs on a daily basis, no matter how good of a diet we eat.  The way farming is done these days, it’s hard to get what we need.  Even with organic foods, often they’re shipped from far away or in some way less than adequate for meeting all of our needs.  Plus our needs are very great in this day and age, being exposed to so many toxins in every day life, draining our energy and poisoning us slowly.  Each of us has been exposed to so many unnatural things in our lives, and it continues each day to some extent, no matter how health conscious we are.  We need the added support in keeping our inner environment in its natural state.

We all will eventually die, this is true.  But don’t you think the quality of life could be improved if we took active measures to nourish ourselves at a cellular level?  That’s what herbs can accomplish for you.  Don’t you think we’d feel better if we took actions to clear poisonous residue out from our bodies?  Heavy metals, etc., can all be carried out of our system by herbs.

So, in the beginning herbs were seen as our food source, and we lived exclusively in nature for quite some time.  Now we seem to think we don’t need herbs any more, since we’ve become civilized and have access to other foods.  The truth actually is that we need them even more than we did then, to counteract the effects that civilization has had and continues to have on our bodies.  Give a thought, please, to herbs.  Give more than a thought.  Give them a place of prominence in your daily regime if you want to live a naturally healthy life like we are all meant to do.  Good health is God’s gift to us all.  This is for yourself, your children, your parents, your grandparents, too.

We are so very blessed!  May you realize more and more blessings each day!!!

Naturally Yours in Good Health,

20141230_141329Vibraceous, ND

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


















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