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God Bless! God Bless!! God Bless!!!

God bless you!  What does that mean?  That is to declare the Goodness of God, the Love of God, and to connect with the Power behind all of Life!  God bless you, God bless me, God bless the whole entire world!  This is not only to wish for good things, but rather it is to say it is so!

Recognizing the Goodness of God in all situations and to always act according to Love and the laws of Life are the keys to heaven.  Seek ye first these things and all else will be added to you.

God is blessing each of us now.  It is up to us to use those blessings for good.  It is up to us to recognize the blessings in all.  In this way we call them forth.  Ask and ye shall receive.  It is our father’s good pleasure to give the kingdom to us.

We may be used to blessing someone when they sneeze, or sending our blessings to another when they are sick.  We may be familiar with saying the blessing at the dinner table.  But do we know why it is helpful to do these things?  It is because it grants access to the will of God through the barrier of our own free will.

We may not consciously be wishing a person ill, but if we consistently see them as ill, this is our vision and it is our prayer, in a sense.  The blessing is an acknowledgement of the Presence of God.  It allows for the miracle of seeing a person as being healed.  Sickness is a distortion of the Truth that we are created in the image and likeness of God.  This is not to say that sickness is all in our mind, but it does reside in the mind as much as it does in the body.  It’s very hard, no matter the medicine, to get someone well who does not believe they can be so blessed.  Oftentimes it is the well meaning family and friends that keep a person believing in the power of sickness.  See your friends and family as being blessed, so they can receive these blessings themselves!  Be sure to encourage not discourage wellness in them.

Sometimes blessings come in very strange packages, too, don’t forget.  Just because a person looks sick, or poor, or down on ptheir luck, doesn’t mean they aren’t being blessed.  Be sure and always remember this in your own life.  Sometimes the problem is just the cure that we need to restore balance back in our life.  Just as a fever kills a virus, sometimes a round of humility in other areas of our life may help.  For instance, it was when I was without money for food that I remembered it grows from the earth.  Same realization came to me about medicine, too.  This was after years of studying these things, yet until I had no other way to get by, these were just words.  Suddenly they became very real.  Now I realize how blessed we all are in this regard and I am more able to pass the awareness of these blessings along.

Another example.  Failed relationships mean that the right one has not come along.  If I had married any of the previous men that I cried over, I never would have married the wonderful husband I’m married to now.  I didn’t know that then, but now I see how awesomely blessed that I was even in those lonely times of crying myself to sleep.  Sometimes there is something better for us!

When we give blessings, it is to raise the vibration of a situation.  If someone is ill, this is helpful.  If someone needs strength, this is helpful.  In fact, this is helpful in all situations.  I have even heard that there have been studies done showing that the vibration of food on a plate will increase if touching the plate during prayer.  This is especially good, for food is meant to transfer vital life force to us, and most food is devitalized by the time it hits the plate.  So, we bless our food to do its intended good.

When we bless anything or anybody it increases the vibration of Good.  It is very empowering.  It gives recognition to the Power of Love.

Giving blessings even is helpful in situations of anger!  Yes!  Bless those that curse you and hurt you and do you wrong!  It will increase their vibration and yours!

Seriously, do we want to hold our enemies down, or would it be better to empower them for Good?  For GOOD!  Blessings call forth the Power of Good!  Do we not wish those who are blind to open their eyes and see the Truth?  Do we not want the cruel at heart to find Love?  Blessings help bring about positive changes for all!

So, bless them!  Bless them over and over again!  In fact, every time I think an angry,  mean, hurtful, vengeful, jealous or any other kind of negative thought about someone else, I try and immediately change my line of thought to words of blessing them.  Sometimes I might have to do it through gritted teeth, but if I am consistent in my practice of this, over time a healing takes place in my heart, and hopefully it helps them, as well.  I believe that it does.

I do this for situations that I am not happy with, too.  Instead of cursing an already bad situation…because that’s what cursing is, in fact, it’s a curse….I strive to bless it instead.  This is invoking the Power of God.  The line in the Lord’s Prayer about not being led into temptation refers to the temptation of using the Power for anything other than Good.  Cursing is a destructive use of the Power.  Use it only for Good and bless the situation, instead of just making it worse with negative energy and words.

It’s okay to fake it until you make it!  It’s okay to not mean it at first!  Your attitude will change with the more blessings you give, and your situations will also change.  The more we bless, the more we realize our blessings.  That’s when true gratitude and humility step into the picture. That’s when our lives truly change for the better!  Be blessed!

Blessings to the whole entire world!

Vibraceous, ND

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founder, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center



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