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Reality Check

In the modern “civilized” society, we live in an environment which is artificially based, and we’ve spread this trend all over the world.  Sometimes we call it progress, sometimes we call it charitable, sometimes we call it pleasing to the senses. Sometimes we call it so many wonderful things, but what is a more accurate way to look at this would be to recognize it as our ultimate demise.

The air we breathe in is filled with poisons, from the factory smog all the way down to that little air freshener so  many people tend to hang in their cars.  Homes with synthetic odors in almost all household cleaning products, candles with artificial fragrance and chemical air fresheners in every room, and dangerous chemicals in our hair care products, soaps, aftershaves and perfumes.  Synthetic fragrances are so prevalent in our society but they are harmful to health. Minimize your exposure by taking them out of your home. There are so many natural alternatives. Feel free to ask us more about this. Synthetic fragrances are neuro-toxic and they are also disruptive to the endocrine system. Birth defects have been associated, as well as increased cancer risk. Educate yourself. Don’t just assume something is safe because it’s widely used. Fragrances used to be natural, but in the chemical age it seems we have to seek natural out in all areas of life. This is one area not often enough being addressed.

Then there is the issue of artificial food.  We have colors that make children hyper, pesticides used previously in war, and scientists actually altering the design at the level of the DNA.  Most foods in the grocery stores didn’t exist 100 years ago.  Heck, grocery stores didn’t even exist 100 years ago!   The bulk of foods now are mass produced, and the ingredients are mostly synthetic.  Even the vitamins used to “fortify” foods are synthetic.  The reason they fortify them in the first place is because the refinement process takes most if not all of the nutrients out.  Artificial preservatives, flavoring agents, colors, fillers, dough conditioners, stabilizers, and so many chemical additives are in the majority of foods today, not to mention that they are presented in devitalized form.  Taste buds have been trained to prefer the taste of artificial above that which is real.  Even real is rarely real, as in real sugar.  Is that to mean the nutrient stripped refined white sugar which is actually a drug to the body?  Speaking of drugs, many foods are addicting due to the fact they’ve been altered from their original form, not to mention the question of what’s in all those added ingredients.  Food is supposed to be medicine for us, but instead it’s turned into something making a nation of obese addicted people paying hospitals to make them well from illnesses such as diabetes and other illnesses which could be helped immensely from changing the way that one eats.

God created food in the beginning and it was good.  I think we’d all be better off if we went back to that plan.

Artificial sound is another issue.  The sound waves are there regardless of whether or not we hear them.  There are so many frequency waves being emitted into the air which carry sound.  Sound is so basic to healing, and yet instead of being surrounded by sounds of nature, we are surrounded with loud, obnoxious, disruptive sounds, both audible and inaudible to our awareness.  Just stop and listen to the sounds around you, clear down to the refrigerator hum.  These do not have the same effect as the sounds of nature.  We NEED to get away from it all more often and spend time out in the woods if we are to give our senses a chance to reset.  Peace and healing are in nature’s sounds.  The sounds we expose ourselves to in modern society are often disruptive to this.  It may not bother you on a conscious level, but frequency waves affect us much more than we perhaps know.  Sounds in nature are in harmony, the same as celestial sounds.  Birds, the sound of leaves rustling, the purr of a cat, the sound of a babbling brook…these are all very healing to us.  The sound of traffic is not.

Artificial light has its effects on us, too.  Get out in the sun during the day and go to bed early at night.  The sun and the darkness both have their purpose for health.  This is laughed at today, but it’s true.

Take time to look up the negative effects of artificial sound, light, fragrance, foods…you’ll find that I am correct in my claims, however, these are not my claims, but God’s.  In the beginning everything was created as good.  What went wrong?  Several things, all related to thinking we can do one better than God.  Worshiping the false gods of money and power, believing we are smarter with all our modern technology, using our power for greed, serving our laziness, allowing ourselves to be slaves to our senses, these are the kinds of things that have done us in.  We need to take action in our own lives and stop putting it off on the doctors to make us well.  We need to realize wellness is a natural gift, with natural being the operative word!

Even our values have seemingly become artificial.  What is more important to us ion our life, the real blessings of family and friendship or the artificial satisfaction of looking the best, earning the most, worshiping the world of entertainment and sports, or driving a new fancy car?  We really do need to GET REAL!

Real emotions rather than covering them up with polite phrases or alcohol or the latest drug to modulate the way that we feel.

Real caring for others, instead of spreading bad talk or looking down, or even writing a check and then walking away, in an attempt to say we did our part.  None of us has done our part as long as the problem’s still there!  It is up to us all to change the world, and we can’t wait for the next guy to do it…we need to respond as if the whole thing’s on us.  If it were our own children, we would.  We need to each do the most that we can in the best interest of all.  ALL.  That’s the reality of love.  We need to listen when someone comes to us with a problem.  We need to look at how our actions affect others.  We need to have true compassion and respond in such a way as we would like to have others respond to us and our problems, not imposing our will over theirs but showing respect and reaching out; treating others as if they matter just because they’re alive.

We have beautiful girls disfiguring themselves, thinking they have to look like retouched photos of super-models.  Why should super-models even be forced to look as they do?  Most of what you see in the photographs are not natural to how they really look.  So many people now dying their hair, getting liposuction, botox injections, going for artificial tans, putting bleach on their teeth and starving themselves to be think.

Lawns can no longer be natural in most housing developments.  The beautiful herbs that grow for our good is killed for monotone grass and a yard that’s not safe to really play in and certainly not safe to eat.

We need to really take a look at what’s real in our lives.  Is our medicine real?  Today’s medicine consists mostly of synthetic drugs.  Is this going to have the full natural effect of healing us?  No.  The best we can expect from synthetic drugs is to keep us alive and out of pain while we hurry up and find something that really will work.  And I do mean hurry, before the side effects complicate things.  Artificial medication always has side effects.  That’s because they are not natural to us.  It’s the result of applying an outside force.  Nature supports the forces that are within us to heal.

Our lifestyles are artificial in so many ways.  How often do we even walk barefoot or eat anything we just pulled fresh from the ground?  When is the last time we slept overnight in the forest?  Have we ever done that at all?

God meant for us to be well.  That’s why a perfect world was created for us.  Now we have to emulate that as much as we can.  We need to go outside…barefoot sometimes…and breathe in the fresh air.  Not the city air, but the air in a natural environment, such as the forest or a nice meadow on a beautiful day.  Soak up the sunshine, go to bed when it’s dark, give real love, eat real food, listen to natural sounds, use essential oils and dump the synthetic perfumes.  Recognize artificial as phony, as fake, as not good enough!  Artificial is not what God intended for you.  If you want real health, you’re going to have to get closer to what was intended for you!  Use herbs as your medicine, and food.  Herbs actually are food, in fact.  Use nature and love as your medicine.  Real methods, real health.  Water alone can do much.  Get as close to God as you can get by using what God gave to you.  This is the answer to so many prayers.

Some people don’t like the word, “God.”  I use it to symbolize the Life Force working in and through the entire Universe.  It doesn’t have to mean a hands and feet God.  It can simply mean the Power of Love.  It indicates a belief in the Goodness of Life.  God is Good, God is Love, God is Life.  You can personalize God any way you see fit, but this is a good working definition for me in these writings.  I hope you are blessed by what you read here.

In the name of Real Love,

Vibraceous, ND

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.



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