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Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness is what is natural to us.  It is wellness of all aspects of being.  It is being at peace in spirit, mind and body.  It is everything functioning properly according to perfect design.

Sometimes we’re not feeling so well.  Whenever that happens, it is  an attempt at returning wellness to us.  We have somehow been knocked off balance and diverted away from our design.  That does not always feel very good.

Spirit, mind and body work in conjunction.  We are three beings in one.  Whenever something knocks one aspect from its point of center, the other two become unbalanced, as well.  It could start in the body, the mind or our spiritual self, but ultimately it will show up in all three.  There is no way of separating the three, even though difficulty in one may be more apparent to us in whatever situation we’re in.

Similarly, working to restore balance in any area will have a positive effect on the other two.

All healing efforts should be focused on restoring balance.  Truly natural remedies are capable of positively affecting all three.  Take herbs, for instance.  Herbs, of course, are wonderful nourishing and balancing agents for our physical health, but did you also know they’re good for the mind and the spirit, as well?  Herbs are great for the brain, which houses the mind.  With proper brain function, clarity in thought  is more natural to us.  As to the spiritual aspect of herbs, natural always brings us closer to God.  God’s vibrancy flows through the herbs just as it flows through us.  Aromatherapy works the same way.  Meditation is good for body, mind and spirit, all three.  Walking in the woods, doing yoga, playing beautiful music…all have a positive effect on body, mind and spirit.  Even petting a dog can be healing in all areas for us.  How?  Well, in spirit and mind of course, because love is very healing to all, but the body?  Yes!  All those love chemicals send off hormones that are healing to us!  It all works together!  We are holistic in nature.  Natural remedies work in this way.

Drug therapy does not.  Drugs are not healing to body, mind and spirit.  Drugs force an action and create side effects in the doing.  There is no spiritual component to drugs, except of course the prayer you put in.  There is no life force in them, however, and they do not match our original design.  They do not feed us what we need to strengthen our body, for drugs are not food as are herbs.

Using the term “holistic” in medical centers is always baffling to me, because holistic wellness is a natural state, and drugs are not natural to us.

Even with herbs, there is a need to do more than just pop a capsule into your mouth to be well.  Herbs work to cleanse, balance and nourish the body, but other actions need to be taken, as well.  Plenty of water, exercise, sleep, expression of emotions, expression of creativity, fresh air, healthy interactions with others, reducing exposure to chemical exposure, eating plenty of fresh healthy whole foods…there are many components to a program of holistic wellness.  It’s a lot more than just one herb can do.  Wellness is a lifestyle which supports wellness of body, mind and spirit.  It’s kind of like going to church…you can’t just go one day a week and then raise hell for the rest of the week, or you’re probably just creating hell for yourself.  Same thing with your health.  You can create heaven or hell.  Heaven is according to God’s purpose for us.  That’s why the Garden of Eden was made.  Eat from the garden, drink of the fresh waters, use the herbs that were given as food and show love to all that exists!  If you live a good balanced life in accordance with nature, and live it in love, you will see how your needs have been abundantly met.

Holistic wellness is a natural state.  Holistic healing consists of restoring the natural balance.  Holistic healing happens at all stages of life, because we are constantly healing from the time we are born.  We get afraid and we scrunch up our faces and scream.  This saves our life, because it draws our mother to us.  The same thing happens throughout our life.  Our body’s screams, audible or inaudible, or meant to bring us closer to our Mother Nature and to our Spiritual Father.  These, of course, are figurative terms, but the essence of the meaning is there.

Even at the end of our physical life here on earth, holistic wellness occurs when we let go of our body and mind and become only spirit again.  In the spiritual world, our spirit is all that we need, and so we are balanced and well.  In the time before death, the body can be kept healthy through nature, free from pain until a very old age.  If infirmity has set in, however, the person can be kept comfortable through natural means, and the mind can certainly be positively impacted upon through the use of words, song, natural aroma, and so many things.  Massage is always good for body, mind and spirit, so even on someone’s death bed, this would be a very good thing.  It’s never too late in life to apply natural healing.  Healing is always good!

So holistic healing efforts are something which we should perpetually engage ourselves in to maintain a state of holistic wellness.  Do something good for yourself!  Something natural!  Observe the effects on body, mind and spirit!  Even massaging yourself is good, or turn on some music and dance!  Can’t get out of bed?  Do it in bed!  It will help you keep the fluids moving through your body.  Every little bit helps.

Holistic healing isn’t so mysterious, and it isn’t something that needs to cost very much money, if any at all.  Holistic healing is a way of life.  Holistic wellness is the natural result.  Incorporate little ways of healing into your everyday life.  Give thanks.  Ask for help.  Take time for meditation and prayer.  Take a walk.  Stretch.  Smile.  Breathe deep.  Be nice.  Drink water.  Straighten your posture.  Eat natural whole foods.  Get a massage.  Give a massage.  Sing a song.  Dance.   Give hugs.  Get out the crayons and color a picture!  Anything positive is good!  Don’t let yourself get bogged down with medical bills, scary prognoses, doctor’s appointments and drugs.  Remember…Good Health is a Natural Thing!  Start claiming your right to holistic wellness today!!!

Blessings to you in the New Year.  You were made in Perfect Design!  Be well.

“Vibraceous, ND”

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.


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