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Healing Prayer

There are as many ways to pray as there are people to pray times all the different ways that each individual one of them prays.  We all pray in many ways, some of which we recognize, some of which we don’t.  We pray with every thought that we think.

If we are to believe God is everywhere present (Omnipresent) and all-knowing (Omniscient) then do we not think that which is in our hearts and our minds is apparent to God, or the Universe, however you choose to perceive the all-powerful (Omnipotent) Creator of all?  Therefore, if prayers are communication with God, then we pray with every thought.  What we commonly refer to as prayer is actually conscious prayer, to be more precise.  We also perform unconscious prayer.

So, if we believe God answers prayers, then we better watch what we think!

What we think, what we say, what we do…these all reflect what we believe.  It is what we believe in our hearts which actually comes true in our world.  Do we think we’re unworthy?  Do we speak poorly of ourselves with words about perceived shortcomings we think we have or about what we are lacking in life? Do we step out on faith in a positive direction, or do we continue to act out the role of limitation and lack?  There are many ways of thinking, talking and behaving which certainly can keep us down.  The good news is that by the same token, the way we think, talk and act can have a positive effect as prayers become actualized!

Prayer is three-fold..spirit, mind and body  What we believe in our heart, what we tell ourselves, and how we act it out.  Holistic healing is always appropriate because spirit, mind and body are always involved in what is actualized throughout our lives.

Try an exercise for the next several days.  Watch your thoughts.  No judgement, just watch.  Take note in the back of your mind, or you can write down your observations for increased awareness.  That’s what this exercise is designed to build–an increased awareness of your thought patterns and therefore your unconscious prayers.

How are your thoughts towards yourself?  How you define yourself is exactly that, for you create the kind of person you are.  Do you think thoughts of respect towards yourself?  Do you hold yourself in high esteem?  Do you see yourself as a powerful co-creator with God?  Or do we think of ourselves in terms of perceived weakness, short-comings, helplessness, sickness and lack?  Just observe your thought patterns, don’t judge.

Also notice how you think about others.  Are you harsh towards them?  Judgmental?  Resentful?  Jealous?  Do we lack patience and tolerance?  How we look at others reveals more about how we truly feel about ourselves than it really does how we feel towards them.  Even that which truly is directed at them hurts us as well, considering we are all one.  Notice your general thought patterns towards others.  Perhaps part of the reason your prayers don’t seem to be getting answered in the way that you wish is due to the fact that you’re holding back love in your heart.  Remember, God is Love, and if God is to heal, then Love must be allowed into your heart…towards yourself, towards others…towards life.

Yes, towards life.  ALL of it.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  ALL of it is GOOD, for God is Good, and all of it is Love.  God is Love.  God is also Life, and it is very important to pracetice Love in every aspect of Life, so that Life may be free to bestow blessing of Love, Goodness and Life upon you.

What goes around comes around.  Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive others.  As we sow, so we reap.  The love you take is equal to the love you make.  No matter how you word it, it’s true.

So after a few days of noticing thoughts, and whether or not they are loving and positive, then perhaps it’s time to talk about the other form of prayer…Conscious Prayer.

In Conscious Prayer you direct your thoughts to a Higher Power, or God, however your choose to view God.  The point is that you practice thinking more kind, loving and positive thoughts, reflective of gratitude and faith.  Even if you have to pretend at first, teach yourself to think positive thoughts.  You will have to retrain your mind.

But it goes beyond that.  You also have to look into your heart when learning to forgive, because most often the fact is that it is the damaged hearts in the most need of healing who are the ones which need their minds retrained the most.  Being hurt and feeling afraid and hopeless can often lead to thought patterns which defend against those we don’t trust, which can come to mean the whole world, God and ourselves if we’re hurt badly enough.  This will need to be healed.  Yes, fake it till you make it on saying affirmations and training your mind to think in a positive direction, but don’t deny the hurt feelings or that just underscores that you don’t matter.  That’s contrary to what we’re trying to achieve.

So FEEL the feelings, but redirect them with love.  Forgive yourself.  Consciously.  Forgive others consciously, too.  Make a list of those who have hurt you.  Those are the people who need your prayers most.  Practice sending them love.  Not going near them again if they are out of your life.  Not making contact.  Just sending love.  That is all.  Make sure your own name is on that list.

But yes, feel the feelings.  It is okay.  Send love, and if you want to cry, then there is nothing more healing than that.  Let it out.  You deserve it.  You deserve to be healed.  So do they.  Releasing them from unforgiveness is just as healing for you as for them, but it is also healing for them.  And isn’t that what you’d want?  For them to be healed and not hurt anyone that way again?  Only when a person is out of harmony do they behave in hurtful ways.  When someone is out of harmony they need to be healed.  For us to be healed we have to allow for their healing, too.  No true healing happens outside of Love.  God is Love.  If someone hurt you, it’s okay to cry.  Cry for you, cry for them, but keep Love in your heart and you’ll be healed of the pain.

Take a day or two, too, to listen to your words?  How do you speak to others about your own life?  Do you report your problems to them?  Do you wear your misery as if it’s a badge?  This is also drawing negative energy to you, and reflecting your intention to God.  Sometimes people hang onto sickness because it gives them something interesting to talk about.  Sometimes people hold onto sickness because they’re looking for love.  Sometimes people hold onto sickness because they’re looking for an excuse to not do something they don’t want to do, or are afraid they will not succeed at, and want a reason to say that they can’t.  It sounds absurd, but sometimes it’s something like this.  Not always, but sometimes.  Do you see any of this in what you see about how you act?

Also notice whether or not your behaviour is that of someone to whom health is important?  Are you taking care of yourself?  Drinking lots of water?  Eating fresh fruits and veggies, not junkfood out of a bag or something you pick up when you drive past a window?  Does your food nourish your body with natural goodness or does it weaken it with artificial chemicals and synthetic vitamins which attempt to replace what’s been stripped away?  Do we exercise?  Do we get enough sleep?  Do we spend any time learning new ways to take care of our own health?  Or do we take a more passive role and just hope things will be okay and if they’re not we just expect the doctor can fix it, and then if that doesn’t work we simply say that it can’t be done….?  I hope that does not sound like you!

So let’s talk more about conscious prayer.   Conscious prayer is prayer directed towards acknowledging the Good (God) in our life and giving thanks.  This will increase our awareness of God, and our experience of Good will increase!

Conscious Prayer is prayer backed with intent.  We are directing our positive thoughts and beliefs and wishes towards raising the vibrational pattern of a situation and bringing for the desired result of something good…in other words, calling forth God.  This is very possible to do, and it is why people have practiced prayer all over the world for so long.  The best way to do it, however, is in a spirit of thanksgiving, again, as above, for if we truly believe then we surely know that the answers to prayers have already all be provided to us.  So our part is to discover the answers, and to learn to recognize the presence of God in our lives all the time, and to make use of what has been given as solutions to us.

So how do we consciously pray?  By giving thanks, as mentioned above, and by working to increase our awareness, asking for the willingness to carry out God’s will in our lives, and stilling our mind to gain the awareness and then following through with the action required.  That’s how prayers are answered.  God has no hands but ours.

So for healing prayers, we already know God’s will for us is to be healthy and well.  This is true for others we pray for, as well.  In order to effectively pray for a healing we need to give thanks that the spirit of God is within you or the other person, and recognize this Healing Power at work.  We need to remember this, too, in our thoughts. This is where faith comes into play.  Sometimes it has to be blind faith, in times when health seems so far from fact.  We must remember the Truth that God is healing us now.  And we must act like it, talk like it, and work together with God!  You can’t ask to lose weight and keep popping Twinkies into your mouth!  We are CO-creators with God!  (Created in the image and likeness of the Creator of all.)

When we pray for others, see them as well.  Don’t see them in the way we see with only our limited human eyes, but with our complete vision which includes the Perfect Vision of God.  See them as whole, healthy and well, and know for them that God is in every cell of their being bringing wellness about, renewing, regenerating and restoring to them the vitality which is their natural right.  Oftentimes when people pray, while their intentions are good, and that alone helps, but they all too often see the person in their weakend state, and this holds them to this vibrational level.  Prayer is intended to help raise someone up in consciousness, bringing them closer to their natural state of well-being.  To hold them in negative image is holding them down with lower vibrational rates.  Thoughts (prayers) carry vibrational patterns.  To effectively heal we have to think harmonious, uplifting thoughts and send these to them as if they had angel’s wings to actually lift them and help them to fly!

So healing prayer is not begging, it is believing that health already exists within the person…or animal…or situation…or relationship…whatever it is you are trying to heal.  Rule one.  Stop trying.  It is already done. Just ask for awareness and willingness to act in accordance with the good of all, and then all that’s left to do is give thanks!  This is the most healing prayer, for yourself, for others and for the world.  Stop seeing the sickness and start living as if wellness exists!  Sounds simple, but give it a good honest try.  Start with just observing, and then move on to change.  Imagine how you, the other person, the animal, the relationship or the situation would look in its Perfect Form.  This is the Truth.  Anything less than the Truth is an illusion.  The Perfect Presence of God is Everywhere, Active and Alive at All Times.  (Capital letters because all is holy, because All is God!)  The Truth shall set us free.  We need to stop living a lie.  The lie is that we need sickness, war, poverty, injustice and greed.  The Truth is that all of our needs are provided for and the only thing we need is Love.

Blessings of Healing Love,
Vibraceous, ND
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

July 23rd, 2014 at 7:45 am

My Grandmother had a worry box…she would open this pretty ltlite tin every night and caress the velvet lining. Then she would explain to any inquisitive child standing nearby that it was where she placed her worries of the day so that God could handle it. This brought back a memory so vivid that I had to share it with you…thanks for the memory!hugsSandi


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