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The Only Sin

The only sin is a belief in separation from God.  Let’s look at this idea for a moment.

God is Good.  Do we believe we can be separate from Good?  Even if our good appears to be withheld from us by someone else, can we actually be separate from our Good?

Sometimes what’s good looks bad.  Sometimes what’s good doesn’t look good until we learn something we need to learn.  Sometimes good doesn’t look good because it is difficult to go through or even to understand.  But if we believe God is Good, and God is everywhere present, then surely Good must be in every situation we face. This is hardest to accept, of course, when death is part of the picture or some other horrible thing, but is death horrible? It is, but it happens to all of us. It is a returning to spirit. It is what some religions and cultures of people look forward to their whole entire life. I don’t know, but I do know, that within that situation, there is good, even if only as expressed through those expressing sympathy to us for our loss.

Believing our good can be taken from us can lead to all sorts of things we commonly associate with the word sin, such as envy, thievery, lying, cheating, revenge, greed, deceit.  The act is a reaction to the belief.  It is the belief itself which is the mistake, or the “sin,” as much as the action which follows; but action has it’s roots in belief, and erroneous actions come from erroneous beliefs.

God is Love.  Do we see ourselves as being separate from the rest of creation?  Do we hold ourselves separate and apart in our mind as if we are somehow better or more important than somebody else?  Do we judge others for their actions, thinking we could never behave in such a way?  Do we refuse to forgive?  Do we hate?  This is as destructive as hating ourselves, for we are one in Spirit…in Love…in God.  To hold judgements and resentments against anyone else, is to believe ourselves separate, and then harsh attitudes flourish in us, and we become less than we are created to be.  We are created in the image of God.  God is Love.

God is Life.  ALL of Life.  God is all there is.  Love is all there is.  It is Good.  All of it.  There is no separation, because God is all there is…Every rock, every tree, every person we meet.  Everyone around us is a reflection of us and we are a reflection of them.  It is when we start thinking we’re somehow different or that the laws of nature don’t apply to us, that we get in trouble.  We are one with all of life. We ARE life!

There is only one Power active as the Universe! That same power is in everything and every one of us all. It is this Power to which I refer to as God; Omnipotent, omniscient, Omnipresent GOOD. God is Good, God is Love, God is LIFE.

Sickness? Illusion created by erroneous thought manifested on the physical plane. Poverty? Same thing. It’s not that they aren’t real in the physical sense, it’s that they were created by a deep rooted belief in separation from God. We do not inherit disease. We have mass produced inherited disease through the belief and now it is real in our society, yes, but is it? Or is it dormant until ignited? What ignites it? Belief?

Okay, you say what about babies? We carry the sins of our fathers. What I mean is that we carry genes for quite a good number of generations, and somewhere in there someone believed it was so. Our design as human beings is perfect. It is our expression which has fallen away. And that’s what the whole human race is about…getting back to that from whence we came. Back to the garden. Back to perfection. Back to the spiritual world at the end of our life on this earth, oneness with all. But the thing is, we are already One!

So, to hold others apart in our mind as being awful, horrible people (or animals), or to steal or hurt someone else, or to lie, cheat, steal or covet and kill is to actually do these same things to ourselves. I include animals in these same exact situations because we are one with them, too. They are a part of life, so are we. We need to think beyond imagines boundaries of separation if we are to realize our Oneness with God, and separating humans from animals and basing the way in which we treat them on this imagined separation is going to eventually need to come to an end if we are to find true peace and love on this earth or in our own hearts. We need to treat EVERYONE the way we wish to be treated, for as we give, so we receive. That’s because we are One. To hurt another being is like cutting of your nose to spite your face. Literally. It is.

Will we still do it? We will, until we learn to love ourselves. On a deep level, I think, we know that through others it is ourselves we are truly trying subconsiously to hurt. Our own demons. Love is the healing balm that we need. Love for ourselves, our God and for others. Love for life. How do we cultivate it? Start by loving the very next breath that you take and as you breathe out imagine it being breathed in by the trees, then imagine the trees exhaling and someone else breathing it in. We are connected. We all look up at the same moon, the same sun, the same stars. We all go back into the same earth when we die, to grow into vegetation to be eaten and once more returned. We are one with the planet. All of us. Our spirits? Our spirits all live on as love. God is Love. Even in death we are shown to be One!

So how does all this mumbo jumbo help us in living life one day at a time here on this earth? How does this help me to overcome temptation and “sin?” Sin, a belief in separation, is what leads to the problems. Well, just remember it’s an illusion! When you are tempted to hurt someone, remember, what you do to them comes back to you, because there is no separation. When you are tempted to be jealous, remember that your good might not look the same as someone else’s, but trust that it’s there. Count your blessings! Sounds trite, but it’s true that time spent in gratitude increases your realization of good!

Hone your skills. You are One with all the Goodness that Life has to offer! You are One with God. God is Love. There is no separation from your good, ever. Only our experiences and perceptions are subject to change, and change they will, every day, but not God. Life is Life. God is Life. And God is Good…Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Good in your Life with every breath that you take from that tree that gives what was given by another. We are connected with every breath! We are one with each other, with life, and with God.

So the only “sin” is a belief in separation. Sin means, “missing the mark.” And we are punishing ourselves through our own needless suffering, for if we remembered the power that is vested in us, the power of the universe that runs through our veins, we would remember that we have the power to heal. We are created as self-healing instruments placed in an environment perfectly suited to our physical needs. We simply forget. We think somehow we are separate from that. When we truly remember, there will no longer be sickness, for sickness is a departure from wholeness…separation…something created by man’s diversion from .

Of course, as a race, we are not there in consciousness. Sickness is very real as we live on this plane. But theoretically it is possible to heal from anything, because somebody, somewhere, already has. It is possible because we are not separate from God.

Peace and Love Always,
“Vibraceous, ND”
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans


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