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Into thy Hands

Last week we talked about the necessity of gaining control of our emotions if we wish to find our true center of peace.  Greed, envy, hatred, lust, fear, gossip and other forms of negativity hold us down.  It is only in turning ourselves over to Perfect Spirit that we are saved.  This is what Jesus did.

Jesus had hardships, as do any of us.  Many people think once a person understands the Truth of God in their lives that they won’t have to deal with negativity any longer, now that they have become more aware.  Well, it takes quite a bit to get to that point!  Actually, the more aware we become, sometimes the more it hurts, because we are better able to see the injustice and unnecessary suffering and pain in the world.  We hold ourselves to higher standards, which is also more difficult than had we remained in the blissful ignorance that so many do.  Jesus hurt quite a bit, and had many difficulties in life to face, even before the time of his crucifixion.  Jesus worked very hard and often grew weary and tired.  He saw much suffering and he worked to help others to learn how to turn to God during these times.  In the end he gave his life to this cause.

But Jesus faced temptation, became angry and even cried.  Emotions are normal.  It’s when they get out of control that they are a problem.  What did he do?  He stayed connected to the Source of his strength through prayer, and he often went off alone for periods of time for the purpose of meditation and fasting.  Jesus also made use of the precious aromatic healing anointment, starting at the time of his birth.

So, Jesus practiced what today we call “alternative” medicine.  Holistic healing is not a new way.  He prayed, took time apart, meditated, used essential oils, and practiced energy healing and touch healing through laying on of the hands.  He engaged in other healing practices, as well, such as healing baths and internal cleansing, as described in ancient writings of the Essenes, one of the three major sects of Judaism at Jesus’ time.

Jesus was indeed a healer, and taught healing to his disciples.  We are all called to be disciples of Christ, and heal ourselves and others, as well.  The Christ is the Spirit of God within each of us, and that spirit is surely Love.  As we turn to love, we are healed.  As we turn to the Giver of Life, we are healed.  As we turn to that which God saw as Good, we surely can also be healed.  We are called to do this and we are called to heal others, too.  God is Good, God is Love, God is Life.

Jesus came to teach us that the kingdom of God is within.  God is within us.  This is the Christ within.  All the Power of Goodness, of Love and of Life are within each of US.  Peace is in US.  God is the Source of our Power, the Source of our Being.  Turn to this Power and we are saved.  Jesus told us to follow him and he told  us that we are capable of all the same things as he demonstrated to us how to do and much more.  When will we really believe?  It’s not enough to believe that Jesus did all these things.  We need to believe that so can we!  Then we will truly be saved.

Jesus was a healer, and a teacher of healers.  Jesus attended to the needs of the sick, the dying, the poor and the outcast.  He did not charge, nor did he worry about his own needs.  He knew that God would provide.  (Goodness, Love and Life would provide.)  Jesus was on a mission.  He wanted to teach others how to rise above misery, being no longer slaves to the system of religious control and to the ways of the world.  Jesus came to set us free.  He was a freedom fighter!  Jesus was an activist and a victims right advocate, too.  Jesus was many things that still are unpopular amongst those in control of our society today.

Things have not really changed all that much in the world.  It is within each of us that things must change if we are to rise above the suffering and pain that is caused by the greed and low-minded thinking of many in control on the earthly plane.  We need to learn how to rise above all of that and operate from the spiritual plane.  How?  First it must begin in the mind.  That is where free will resides.

Thy will, not mine.  We are taught to pray in this way.  The last words recorded in the Bible as spoken by Jesus were, “Into thy hands I commend my Spirit.”  Even up to the very last breath Jesus was turning his will and life over to the will of God.

Jesus was scorned, persecuted, and in the end tortured and killed for leading people to freedom.  He was teaching them healing, and teaching them how to gain spiritual mastery, something reserved for the priests and the government, the “Church” at the time.  Religious freedom is still very important today, and something we still have to fight for.  We still have to fight for the right to take care of our health as we see fit, and to believe and to worship as we see fit, as well.  Many are persecuted for going against the grain.  Not only those in authority, but multitudes of people mocked and scorned Jesus.  Do you ever feel mocked when you try to do what is right or to think outside of the box?  Do you ever feel sabotaged, or less than free to say or do that which you think is right?  Jesus faced this a lot and showed us the way to rise above.

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  This is how Jesus always handled the situation of being hurt.  He taught us to “turn the other cheek.”  If we are to rise above our difficulties, we can’t give them power to upset us so much.  We need not argue with those who would argue and condemn us, but rather just let them spin their wheels around and go unaffected by it as much as we can.  This is rising above.

When we are in a position of doing that which is right but facing opposition for this, what do we do?  Do we stop doing that which is right and join the crowd?  Or do we argue and fight that we are right, and try to force others to see things our way?  Neither of these approaches are the approach we are instructed to take.  We are given the example of just letting it roll off, and standing strong in our peace.

Do you think Jesus would have ascended had his last thoughts been centered on anger and hate?  Can you even imagine that he would have told his people to seek revenge?  No.  This is not what he taught, and this is not what brought him into the full realization of his Oneness with God.  Love and forgiveness can only do that.

Same thing with condemning the situation we’re in.  If we focus on all that is wrong, and if we are angry about our lot in life, vowing to get even with someone or to attain that which we have not earned, then we are missing out on the peace that comes with knowing all that we need is already ours.  Everything happens in it’s right time and in the right way when we put our lives into the hands of a loving and benevolent God.

Again, what is God?  God is Good, God is Love, God is Life.  Turn your will over to this and stop struggling and fighting so much!  Turn the other cheek and forgive.  Peace will come sooner this way.  Focus on Love and do that which is right and good for all who are involved, good for the earth, good for all beings, good for yourself and all life.  Do your part and God will take care of the rest.

Will it be easy?  Probably not.  Doing the right thing is not always easy.  It’s not always popular.  It’s not always welcomed by others.  Sticking up for the little guy means you have to stand u to the big guy.  Is that easy?  No!  Jesus lost his life doing this.  He could have gotten out of it, though, but he didn’t.  He stood in his Truth of what’s Right.  And they killed him.  Or did they?  Seems his message became even more powerful then, and he rose up from the grave.

Even in death, God is there.  We are much more than our bodies.  Our body is merely the vehicle we’re in.  Jesus demonstrated that there is more.  Everyone dies.  Even Jesus.  But we all can go on after that.  We can go on in glory, or we can go on in hell, which to my way of thinking, starts right here on earth the same way as heaven does.  Hell is also a state of mind.  Dwell in negativity and you are there.  Hurt others or yourself, you are there.  But love God, yourself and others and you will know what heaven is.  Truly love.  That’s all we’re called to do.

Jesus’ message was for us all.  It doesn’t matter what religion anyone is, as long as it is love that is being worshiped and practiced.  Jesus didn’t ask to be honored, he simply asked that we love.

We can make our life new.  We can start again just like the flowers start again every year after the long, hard, cold winter months.  Turn your life over to the Goodness of Life.  Turn your life over to Love!

Happy Easter to All,

Vibraceous, ND

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founder and Director of Healing Ministries

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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