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What do we say of ourselves?  Do we speak words reflective of our True Identity, which is a beloved child of God, a child of Perfection and Mercy, created in the absolute image of Perfection itself?  We are created in the image of Goodness and Love!  We are created in the image of LIFE!

What is God?  God is Love.  We are Love!

God is everywhere!  God is in every cell of our being.  Love is in every cell of our being!

God is absolute Goodness.  Goodness is everywhere!  Goodness is in every cell of our being!  We are Divinely designed, created perfect in the image and likeness of God!

God is Life!  Life is in every cell of our being!  We are filled with Perfect Life.

God is Infinite Wisdom.  Infinite Wisdom is at work in our Life.

I am alive!  I am healthy!  I am intelligent!  I am radiant!  I am filled with Love and Light!  I am filled with the Wisdom of God!

I am created to be Perfect and Whole.  Anything less is simply an erroneous image created by free-will.  I now choose to align my will with the will of God, which is to live according to Perfect Design.

Is it difficult to believe that we’re perfect?  In the eyes of Perfection, we are.  We are in the perfect place and in the perfect circumstance to start anew right now today, and we have the Perfect Design in our body, as well, to start over today, renewing each cell and returning our state of well-being to the manifestation of health it is programmed within to display.

Healing is natural to us.  Our bodies are programmed to know how to heal. We just have to reset the button and return ourselves to our awareness of who we are.  I AM CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.

What would God eat?  What was created in the beginning as food or the unhealthy highly processed foods of today?  Hmmm…

What fragrances would God prefer?  Sweet, beautiful healing fragrances from plants all around or synthetic neuro-toxic irritants to the endocrine system and brain?  Treat yourself as you would God!

What medicines would God use?  Love is enough to heal all!  Beyond that, back to food.  Herbs are food.  I think whatever medicines we may ever need have been here since the beginning of our time on this planet, or else by now we’d be extinct!  Don’t you think?

God is Love.  Act as Love.  What would Love do in your shoes?

Love is the single most important guidepost we could ever possibly need.  Love.  Act with Love, think with Love, BE Love, eat with Love, heal with Love, LIVE with Love!

God is GOOD.  I AM GOOD!!!  I am not all those things I’ve called myself in the past that were anything other than Good, nor anything that anyone else has ever judged me to be.  I am GOOD!  I make Good choices and act in accordance with the will of Good.  This is how I work towards manifesting my True Nature of GOODNESS and manifest GOOD in my LIFE!  Good attracts Good!  I keep my thoughts and my actions centered on that which I recognize as being Good.  This is God’s will for my life.

God IS Life!  God is Infinite Life!  Infinite Life is in ME!  I have instant access with every breath to the all healing life giving Power of God!  LIFE is my precious gift!  I live in accordance with the laws of Life to make it easier to express this precious gift.  It is mine!

It can be hard to say good things sometimes about ourselves, but that’s what we need to do if we are to realize our birthright as being a child of God.  If we deny our birthright, then how can we use it?  We have to claim it as being True!  We are created in the perfect image of God.  That’s a marvelous thing!  We are not boasting to say this, it’s True!  We ALL are created in the Perfect image of God!

You, me, the guy next door, the girl working at the grocery store, the person in prison…oh, yes…as equally as the person in church.  We are ALL created in the Perfect image and likeness of God the Good, Perfect in every way.  Even the cripple.  Even the ones we would never suppose.

Okay, you say, then how’s come some don’t seem so perfect and whole?  What about that “cripple?”  (By the way, that’s a horrible term!)  But yes, the “cripple” is perfect.  Not crippled at all in the heart! Or maybe so, but so may be you and I.  In Truth we are perfect.  Perhaps the way a person is shown to be on the outside is not the same as on the inside.  Perhaps on the inside this might be the strongest person you know.  The Design is Perfect.  It is the perfect vehicle to carry this soul through this lifetime, this is something I know.  And it will respond to Life the same as any other body will do.  Who knows how healthy a person can be?  If eating according to Design, pretty well.

Speak to the perfection within!  Speak with positive words, with foods matching design, with aromas which Nature designed!  Return to your Original Design as much as you possibly can, and you will begin to realize how absolutely Divine you actually are!  Breathe as if your lungs were meant to take in full breaths,  because they are!  Sing like you’re meant to sing, because you actually are!  Dance, move, smile, laugh, cry, express your heart’s desire!  Desire – de sire – of the sire – of the Father.  Desire is a natural thing!

As is good health.  Given balanced living, natural foods, natural environment, all will be well!  ALL IS WELL!  God IS, I am!!!   The more we stray from Design, the more we stray from the Perfection we were created to be.  I AM CREATED IN THE PERFECT IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD!!!  SO ARE YOU!!!  So is the whole entire WORLD!!!!!!!

God is; I am.

In the Light, in the Love, in the Glory!

Vibraceous, ND

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founding Minister and Director, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

July 22nd, 2014 at 7:27 pm

I rekcon you are quite dead on with that.


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