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Realizing Abundance

We don’t need to pray for abundance, we need to pray to still our minds to see the abundance that’s already present, and to quicken our faith so we see it when it’s not evident to the human eye.  God IS Good, and God is everywhere present.  In the beginning all was created as GOOD.  God is Life.  Life everlasting and everywhere present.  God is Love.  Look through the eyes of Love and know that Good is everywhere throughout Life!  Unlimited Good.  Do we believe it to be True?  Do we want to believe but occassionally falter?  All of us falter in faith.  If we didn’t, we’d be able to transcend all the problems of the physical world.  It’s the human condition to falter in faith, but we have tools that can help strengthen our faith up to at least mustard-grain size!  It doesn’t take very much faith to bring miracles about.  All the Power of the Universe is ours, we just need to give it a wee little chance and believe.  Believe what?  That the Power of God works in and through us always.  Our job is to recognize and activate our Inner Power with Love, living in Goodness and honoring Life. When we use wisely our Power in such a way we are living in accordance with God’s will for us.  God’s will for us is always Good.

Look around.  There is evidence of Life everywhere.  Look at the elements of nature.  Look at the elements of your physical form.  Rest your mind on your breathing.  Relax.  Take your thoughts throughout your body and realize there is Life present in every cell.  God is Life.  God is in your every cell.  God IS your every cell!  God is ALL of Life.  In this way, we are One with God, and we are One with all of Life.  When we honor Life, we honor God.  When we honor our fellow beings and nature, we honor God.  When we honor the Life inside us, we are honoring God.

We are One with the Universe, and all that it contains is at our disposal.  Yes, there are human laws, but God’s laws always transcend, and somehow we always have what we need.  Man can take away our basic necessities of life, but we still have our spirit, and we can learn to transcend.  Otherwise, so long as we are not unnecessarily hindered, we do have what we need every day.  Life is to be lived one day at a time.  Give us this day our daily bread, and it is so.

So do we have food enough for today?  Do we have the means to get more if we don’t?  Do we have anything at all to eat?  Is there not even a lawn from which to pick greens?  How about a community food cupboard?  No one to give you a ride?  Call for rides on the phone.  Call the food pantry and see if they know how to help.  No phone?  Go knock on a neighbor’s door, please.  Or go to a church and ask to use their phone.  You might ask for a minister to talk to, as well.  I’ve personally had to do all these things myself, so please know that I do understand.  I’ve had times in my life with no food, no phone, no car and raising children alone with all the symptoms of brain injury, which include chronic pain.  I understand life can be hard.  But that’s how I know that even in times such as these, abundance is there, because God got me through those horrible times.

I have been through several periods in my life which were excruciatingly hard, but I held onto the belief that somehow there was Good in all.  So I reached out.  And I made wonderful connections with people I’d never thought possible.  There were also times when no one was there to respond to my cries, and at those times I really had to dig deep for my faith.  But I keep digging, kept believing that somehow all I was going through would come to some good, and it has.  I use everything I went through in my ministry work.  I have a formal and informal education in all areas of holistic healing, and that enriches what I have to offer so much.  This was always my biggest prayer, to be able to help others through the awareness granted to me for Good.  And so now, through my experiences, I can.

I’ve gone to college and practiced counseling, social work, addictions services work, ministry work, family health education, nursing aide work, youth education and leadership, drug prevention, and so many wonderful, wonderful opportunities to learn and to serve over the years.  Hard times hit me before, during and after being involved in this work.  Things I learned helped me through, as well as what I’ve learned in holistic and natural healing study and practice, and I feel very blessed to know that there are ALWAYS answers in nature to help us, and there are ALWAYS answers available to us through prayer.

Hard times can hit anyone at any point in their life.  I believe it is very important to be as prepared as you can be.  Yes, it’s good to have a savings account, but what if you don’t?  I was not in a position to have one because I was financially wiped out.  We have to have a savings account built up in faith.

We have to start now to reinfoce the belief that God is everywhere present, and that God is Good.  We have to look for evidence of that if we wish to save up, and store it in our memory bank.  The more the better!  Look around.  Look for the Good in your Life.  Look at the smiles on people’s faces with whom you’ve been blessed to kow.  ARe they frowning?  Then look at the Power for Good inside you when Love reaches out to them at that time.  God is everywhere you are, because God lives in your heart.  God’s not a man in the sky, I don’t think.  Of course, then again, maybe so.  But either way, I do know, Love is all Powerful, and to lift someone’s spirits is to increase flow of Good in your Life!  God is Love and Love lives in you.

There is always, always a way to make things better in your life or in the life of someone else.  This is God.  Live one day at a time and be grateful for all that you have, paying much less attention to that which you do not have.  You don’t know what tomorrow may bring, be grateful for what you have today.

Do you have somewhere to sleep?  Do you have a roof over your head?  Be grateful for the “little” things!

What about health?  We all want an abundance of health.  What is hampering that?  Usually it’s not what you don’t have that’s hamper;ing health, but something you’re adding in that is not conducing to natural health.  Good health is a natural thing.  God is Good, God is Life, God is all Power and everywhere present in every cell of your being, so what could possibly go wrong?  Pay attention to the Good in your cells.  Feed your body food that will actually nourish the cells as God provided in nature in the beginning.  Eat foods that are in accordance with Principles of Life.  Don’t gunk up your cells with extra sludge that needs removed.  Think about what you eat and eat wisely and you’re liable to find you actually do have an abundance of health.  Drink lots of pure water, as well.  Water is so important to health, and with a good distiller, you can get clean water relatively easily still in this world.  If you cannot, you are probably not reading this, in which case those who are should feel quite grateful for that.  We have access to so many things and so much knowledge!  Give a few thoughts to that!

Some say that knowledge is power, and in many ways this is true!  Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is working to Teach People to Teach People to Teach in an effort to give Folk Medicine Back to the Folks!  Common sense doesn’t seem to be so common these days!  The Truth is, we ALWAYS have what we need in nature to cure whatever ails us.  God is Life, and Life is active throughout all of nature to provide what we need in the way of medicine and food.

Touch healing offers so many wonderful ways of healing using only our own hands, not even needing an herb or a flower essence, not even the need for a juicing machine!  Energy healing, too.  There are so many forms!  Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and so many forms of massage.  There are hundreds and hundreds of forms of healing using nothing but your own body and/or your own mind.  Acupressure, reflexology…I just keep thinking of more!

Even the sound of your own voice has incredible healing power in the vibrations it carries with it!

Aromatherapy…amazing the power in that!  But of course you need something to smell, and if you’re locked up in prison, you may not have very many good healing aromas available to you.  But you still have your own hands and your own voice and your own mind!  These situations sound extreme, but it happens to people each day all over the world.  The only way out of some situations is through the Power of God through Mind.  It’s wise to learn ways of using yours now.  But the other point to this line of thought is that in all likelihood your situation is not so extreme, and so certainly there are many ways you could use, if there is indeed hope for a person in the worst of times.  Look up inspiring stories of survival to read, and this will strengthen your faith in the idea that what you need is always available to you!

In nature you will find a plant for every ailment that plagues us, and
it grows right in our back yard.  Realize our abundance and let’s stop
killing the dandelions and start eating them, this is the best thing for

God gave us food that grows with seeds.  If you want to get involved in a world-wide issue facing our world, take a look at what’s happening with seeds and protect what God gave us for free.  God gave us perfect seeds which will bring forth food after it’s kind again and again throughout the time-span of the planet we’re on.  This is being threatened by greed.  We need to take a stand now for the good of the future of our planet earth.  God is embedded in every natural seed!

The Good news is that Good always wins.  The hard part is living
peacefully and joyfully until then.  That is where Love and faith come
into play.  Believing is seeing.  Our experience of Life begins in the

Relax.  Breathe.  Life is Good, is it not?  Go in Love and have faith.  Just get through this one day and give thanks for the abundance available to you every step of the way!  It’s only fear and doubt that is blocking it up.  There are absolute riches awaiting us all if we only believe and learn to recognize Good when it stares us in the face.  It doesn’t always have dollar $igns!

Enjoy an Abundance of Love and Goodness in your Life!

Vibraceous, ND

Rev. Dr. Mary Jo Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founding Minister and Director

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center


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