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Holistic Spirituality

Spirituality is, of course, different from religion.  This is in part why we changed our description to that of being an interspiritual church rather than an interfaith church, because interfaith hints at religion, meaning we are a church of all religions, which is true, but we are more.  We are a church of no religions, as well.  We are a church uniting all the spiritual Truths into one, including all beings, regardless of race, religion, species, sex or anything else.  We are a church which transcends religion, and strives to find spiritual answers which have existed before even the very first church.

Our spirituality is that part of us which understands the concept of love and years to give and receive it more than anything else.  That sums it up better than anything else.  It’s the part of us that knows there is more than the physical realm.  It’s the part that believes in the goodness of life regardless of how things appear.  It’s the unselfish part of us, the very wise and creative part of us, and the part of us which knows peace.  Becoming more spiritually developed means to embrace our true nature of being created in the image and likeness of God.

True spirituality IS holistic.  It takes that which is given to us in spirit and carries it to the mind, refusing to believe anything else, and then to the body, carrying out the spiritual concepts in physical form, on earth as it is in heaven.  To merely live on a cloud of righteous assumption is not true spirituality.  True spirituality lies in being able to live a spiritual life in the best and in the worst situations.  In the best situations our spirituality will often be tested by the temptations of ego and fortune, making it possible for the best situation to actually turn us to the worst.  In the worst situations, however, we are tested in the area of faith, and if we follow the path of righteous action based on strongly held spiritual beliefs, we will turn the worst situation into the best, for we will immeasurably grow.

Spirituality is something felt in the heart.  It is of Perfect Love.  But the body and mind need it’s benefits, too, for we are here on this earth to express our spiritual nature in physical form.

The mental realm is the command center, which directs our actions on the physical plane.  If we wish to live out in actuality the spiritual principles which we hold dear, such as love, peace, harmony, health, abundance, health and well-being for all, then we need to take control of our command center and order that which we desire.  We are the captain of our own ship!

Spirituality is expressed in the mental realm as thoughts of love, peace, beauty, gratitude, humility, willingness, prosperity, health.  We must guard ourselves against thoughts to the contrary, remembering that our mind, as the control center, is actually sending out orders to carry out in the physical world.  It doesn’t matter if we don’t mean it deep in our heart.  Deep in our heart is our spiritual nature…this is the mental realm.  Remember we are three beings in one, the trinity expressed in us as spirit, mind and body, all three.  We are speaking here of the mind.

The mind must be disciplined.  It can easily become lazy, ruled by ego, deficient in the use of wisdom and humility, along with other spiritual gifts with which we are blessed.  The mind, left on its own, is in fact pure ego itself.  Ego’s not bad, it just shouldn’t be left on its own.  Spirit MUST be involved if we are to be a completely whole functioning human created in the image and likeness of God.  God, or Spirit, is actually the essence of us.

But the mind must be disciplined, yes, along spiritual lines.  We have to be on our toes to weed out thoughts of anything less than love, anything less than that which is per;fect, anything other than health, harmony, beauty, peace, truth.  We cannot allow ourselves to be swayed by others who are wishing to drag us down so they will not have to deal with their own spiritual and mental laziness.  We have to remember that it is our thoughts which steer our ship.  If we want spiritual rewards, we must steer our ship, or our life, in a spiritual direction.  It’s simply the way that it works.

You can’t believe one thing and then constantly think a different way.  Do you believe that God heals?  Then you can’t be thinking about being sick all the time, or sickness is where you’re heading your ship.  Don’t blame God if you become ill!  Illness  comes from believing in illness more than believing in God.

Discipline your thoughts and you’ll change your world….IF….if you take it one step further and include the third part of the trinity, too.  The body.  We must engage ourselves in the practices which reflect our spirituality in physical form.

How?  By treating our bodies as temples of God, by respecting and following the laws of God as set down in the natural world, and by actually doing something to help others and help ourselves, rather than just want it or think about it.  On earth as in heaven.  That is a powerful line from a very powerful prayer.

If we don’t take action on what it is we believe, does it really matter what we believe?

We can pray, pray, pray, pray and see no results if we don’t take it to the next level.  We have to believe it, think it, live it.  LIVE IT!  It takes physical action for the spirit to express in the physical world.  It takes action on the physical plane for our beliefs to become manifest.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!  Many great spiritually minded people eat junk and then die from eating junk….or drinking too much….or smoking….or any number of things.  Spirituality alone will not keep the body alive.  We have to nourish and take good care of our bodies.  Our body is the temple of God…

So, just as we are wise to align our thoughts with our spiritual intention…with ideas of love, peace, wellness, abundance, perfection, kindness, beauty, etc…it is also wise to align our physical actions with these types of ideals.  Let’s take the example of food, since food is so basic for the upkeep of our physical form.

Eat with Love.  Feed your body as if you love it!  Eat food that you love.  Show love, too, to the source of your food.  Is it an animal?  Was it loving to kill it?  Might want to rethink what you eat.

Eat with Peace.  Again, think of how your food was produced.  Was it produced through violence?  How about slavery?  Learn more about peaceful ways your food can be procured.  In prayer, too, bless the producers of the food that you eat.  Bless them and also the methods they use.  And if there are animals involved, bless them as well and give thanks to them.  (Better yet, take animal products off of your plate!)

Another way to bring peace into the diet is to always eat with a clear conscience regarding all things and never when you are upset or angry in any way.  Angry emotions will poison your food.  It is better to fast than to eat when you are upset.  Wait until you are calm.  This is one reason it’s nice to say a prayer blessing our food.  Bless us and those with whom we are upset while we’re praying, too!

Eat with wellness, always, in mind.  Food is our physical nourishment.  Eat foods which will nourish!  The wrong foods or foods which have been processed in the wrong ways will not provide nourishment, but rather add to our toxic burden of waste the body will need to remove to be well.  Just because no acute symptoms appear does not mean a food is safe to ingest.  The side effects are always there if we eat an unnatural food.  The results are accumulative and may take years to show, and then most likely they’ll be blamed upon something else.  People can keep looking to things other than food for the answers, but food is basic to our health and it most certainly does have an effect.  Eat as closely to the earth as you can!  Food grows out of the earth, not out of a box or a can.  To respect the Design is to respect the Designer and also it is to respect yourself.  Back to love!  Eat with wellness in mind, not simply to please your tastebuds or fill your gut.

Eat with the thought of abundance in mind.  Don’t worry that there’s not enough.  If you’re not spending your money on junk, there will be enough.  Take the processed foods out of your budget and you’ll be amazed at how far your money will go.  Really.  The best in fresh, raw, organic produce, nuts and whole grains is nothing compared to the cost of food which will not feed your cells.  That’s what you’re doing when you eat…you’re attempting to feed your body on a cellular level.  Juicing is one of the best ways to do that, and a 1 pound bag of organic carrots is about a dollar for two great big 16 ounce glasses of nourishing juice.  That’s 25 cents for 8 ounces.  Is less nourishing really less expensive?  Not if it doesn’t do the same job.  Does what you’re drinking and eating actually nourish the cells?  How much is actually accumulating waste in the body instead or flat out robbing it of its nutrients?  That’s what drinking soda pop will surely do, and many other things people are known to consume.  So, don’t eat cheap food thinking you’re saving.  You’re not.  God provided an abundance of food for our good.  Take a closer look at your grocery slip and then compare it to what you get back.  Trust me, the best bargains are in the organic produce section or in your own yard.  Talk about abundance!  God gave us seeds!!!

Perfection, kindness, beauty and other wonderful spiritual principles should also all be displayed in all that you eat.  Spiritual Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Harmony, Perfection, etc. are true everywhere if they’re true at all.  This is a good yardstick to use when deciding what to do on the physical plane, whether we’re talking about eating, exercising, working, making love or anything else on the physical plane.  These things should be reflective of God.  That is how spirituality is practiced on the physical plane.

So, to hold thoughts which are congruent with our spiritual ideals and to act upon these thoughts is to have what I call holistic spirituality.  This, to me, is true spirituality.  This is the idea of the Trinity…all three in one…Spirit, Mind, Body….God.  Many people can’t understand why spirituality alone isn’t enough.  If it were enough, we wouldn’t need bodies.  In the end it’s enough, but for now, we are in physical form.

And also do not forget the proper use of the mind!  Thinking we’re spiritual and then thinking negative thoughts is not being spiritual at all, nor will it bring complete results regarding your health or any other success you wish to achieve.  It must be the union of all three to bring peace, balance and harmony.  This is what the Spirit wishes to express through our form.

On earth as it is in heaven.  In expression through us as in keeping with the perfection that we are capable of.  Manifestation of our own image of God.

And so it is.  Amen.

Vibraceous, ND

Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

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July 23rd, 2014 at 9:45 am

It’s great to find an expert who can explian things so well


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