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Resurrection of the Spirit Each Day!

Resurrection of the Spirit Each Day!  Rise up again and again and again!  That’s what forgiveness is all about.  We were created in the image and likeness of God…Perfect and whole in every way.  It is only due to the misuse of the gift of free will that we are not demonstrating that perfection in every aspect of this life we have co-created with God.  God gives us LIFE! (God IS Perfect Life!) We give ourselves the quality of life we desire and deep down believe we deserve, but never quite up to perfection, it seems.

We need to realize our birthright and forgive ourselves for the human aspect of life.  We have the sins of our earthly fathers to bear, and many, many years of history made and written by those before us who had their own agendas in mind, and their own lack of remembering who they truly were, either.  We seem to be an entire race with amnesia, because people sure have forgotten how to live well, as we were created to live.  The limits we put on ourselves are so strict and so limiting, it’s a wonder we’re able to tie our own shoes!  We are created in the image and likeness of God, and we have the Power within us to do ANYTHING…so long as we remain fully centered in Love.  (God is Love.)

Okay, so back to the idea of rising up…again and again and again.  It has to do with forgiving ourselves for not always living up to our full potential, but rising up again each time we fall and trying to glorify the God in our soul.  It is forgiving 70×7 and more.  It’s not letting anything get us so far down that we forget even more who we are!

Sometimes life can be very painful.  We all have our hardships and challenges to face.  We live in a world full of very frightened and confused people who hurt each other and make big mistakes than ultimately do hurt us all.  But we all have to remember…each of us…me and you…that all of these people…some doing terrible things…are all children of God…created in the image and likeness of God…and the best thing we can do to help in these situations is to forgive and forgive and forgive…not to get them off the hook, but to help raise their consciousness up by inwardly acknowledging and calling forth their Power for Good.  (God is Good.)  This applies to people who hurt us directly and also to those who may rule the world.  We need to remember that the Ultimate Power is ALWAYS for Good, and we need to align our minds with that rather than lamenting the limitations and thereby giving power to the negative side.  Pray for those whom you resent, dislike and especially those whom you loathe.  Rise up and don’t stay in the gutter of hatred and pain.

Yes, life can be difficult, and often is.  We may have sickness and pain that we have to live with.  How can we rise up over things which we seem to have no control?  It takes an open mind and constant prayers of reminding yourself that you are created in the image and likeness of God!  It also takes a willingness to do what it takes and then following up with the action that you need to take.  It takes a lot of guts and hard work!  But to rise up means to apply the principles you learn along the way which seem applicable and to do the best that you can, knowing that tomorrow you will learn to do better and then you will move along the path one more step.  You keep walking along the path that you have determined to be your best path, always praying when you come to a fork in the road and following your inner guidance as to which way to proceed.  Don’t simply follow the crowd!  Rising up means to allow your inner voice to rise up and be heard!

In my own life there have been many, many things I’ve had to rise up against.  I could have stayed stuck in self-pity, and at times I still indulge, but it’s foolish!  Self-pity will just keep us down!  So what to do when awful things happen?  Rise up!  Turn it over to God and move your feet in the direction of the Solution real quick!  Make changes in your life that need to be made to protect yourself from undesired things happening again, instead of just crying because it wasn’t your fault!  Whatever the problem is!  I’ve been beaten, disabled, robbed, raped, hospitalized, forcefully drugged, impoverished, addicted, sick, injured, traumatized, abandoned, lied to, cheated on, fired, abused, arrested, mistreated and misunderstood.  My degree of responsibility in these things can be debated, I guess.  Sometimes I was completely the victim, other times it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and sometimes it was asking for trouble or making the wrong choices in life.  But it really doesn’t matter the apparent cause, the truth is that we all bear the responsibility for our own life, because we are the ones who have to live with the way we “respond.”  (And isn’t that what “response-ability” implies?)

We can make excuses or we can forgive ourselves and others and God (aka Life) and rise up to do better next time, vowing not let anything in the world keep us down!  We are created in the image and likeness of God!  Let’s learn to live how God would have us to live!  Then we will manifest our true nature, in body, mind and spirit.  Anything less than perfect is incomplete, and so there is room to learn more.

Humility is very important to healing, for as long as we think we know it all we are doomed.  Our mind shuts, and nothing else can get in due to the arrogance of this type of thought.  Humility is realizing there is always more we can learn, because the truth is that as long as we aren’t living perfect lives of wisdom, grace, health, prosperity and most of all love, then there is still more we can learn!  We are created to be perfect!  Part of that perfection is being willing to learn. It’s kind of a safety catch for free-will.  We can always turn around and go the other way when we realize we’re on the wrong path.  Then grace kicks in and we’re fine, back on the path of becoming who we’re intended to be.  (I imagine we would be quite funny to watch!)

To think that we’re in better control of our life than to make the mistakes that anyone else seems to be making is folly, for we all have our mistakes that we make, or else no one would ever die and not rise from the tomb!  It’s within our Power, so the one with no mistakes can cast the first stone, but everyone misses the mark, be it taking a prescription drug with side effects, smoking cigarettes, coveting our neighbor’s job, car or wife, or whether it’s eating junk food, participating in animal cruelty, speaking harshly to someone having a very bad day, gossipping or telling wee little lies that we think won’t hurt.  We all have our imperfections, so just be aware of your own and work really hard to rise above them each day!!  Forgive yourself and forgive others, too.  It’s a new day every day.

So rise up…as many times as it takes.  Pull yourself up with your faith and don’t give up on believing.  It’s when a person stops trying that they die to the spirit, and the mind and body will follow, as well.  Rise up against that which would mask your Divinity and shake your fist at all doubt!  Rise up in faith, love, strength, wisdom, integrity and TRUTH!  You are created in the image and likeness of GOD!!!

Spirit…Love…to ALL

+Mind…Goodness…Pure Motive…Positive Thought


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Have a really great week!

Vibraceous, ND

Actually this is two weeks worth of Easter messages…I thought I lost the first one I wrote and so I wrote this one.  Then I found the first one so here they both are!  There’s no point in saving it until next week, because by then Easter will be over and done.  Or will it?  Perhaps we really should live Easter each day of our life!  Here is the first Easter message I wrote for Easter week.  I think I’ll take next week off!  We’re getting ready for the Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center Dedication Celebration & Barn Party Weekend on April 26-28.  If you’re anywhere near Hartville, Ohio, please RSVP and join us for this special time!  And now for the other message for Easter week:

Holistic Easter Message for All

When contemplating the meaning of Easter, I realize there are many meanings, depending upon one’s point of view.  Historically it is the recounting of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Others say it is the celebration of the coming of spring, and still others think it’s simply another day in the calendar year.  Well, considering all the differing points of view, and there are many more I have not mentioned here, then I would say Easter is all of this things, for whatever it is in the minds of others, it is.

Just another day?  Yes!  Easter happens every day, as does Spring!  Easter is a state of mind, no matter what else it is.  Even looking at the story of Jesus, we have to realize that it’s happening now.  We are connected to the story through our thoughts and our feelings, though none of us were actually there.  The only moment in time any of us has is right now.

Easter happens every day in our heart, if we rise above difficulties or states of mind that are killing our spirit and holding us back from the good that is life, receiving back in kind, that which we give to the world.  What is ours to give?  Only love.   Everything else is given to us, whether we choose to use it wisely or not.  Love is the one thing we came into this world prepared to give back.  We are made of pure Love.  Have you ever seen a baby that’s not?  We are all created in the image and likeness of God, and God is Love.

So when we give love, we share in the meaning of Easter, because we are sharing the essence of God, as demonstrated by Jesus.   Jesus was able to rise above death due to his ability to love to the greatest extent.  That is the example we’re taught.  Jesus loved those who were shunned by society, i.e., the poor, the outcast, the sick.  He also forgave those who persecuted and killed him.  At Easter we are reminded to live our life in this same kind of Love, nurturing and forgiving equally, not judging but just being an expression of Love…of God.

How does this relate to the coming of Spring?  New life out of that which was apparently dead is one obvious message, of course.  Year after year after year the story of Spring is retold in the flowers that pop up from the snow!  New life springs up throughout all of nature at this time of year, with so many new baby bunnies, chickies and lambs.  The egg is the symbol of new life, and beautiful colors appear throughout the natural and celebratory world.

Do the two stories relate?  I think they do!  For just as Jesus rose up against death, so does spring.  New life after seemingly all hope was gone.  Again, Easter can occur every day that we rise above that which is killing us in spirit, body and mind.

What does that mean?  We know that we can feel as if we are dying in spirit.  This is when we lose our luster, lose our connection with others, lose our natural sense of compassion, when we no longer feel like smiling or laughing or even getting up half the time.  We lose our spirit when we walk through life like zombies, not really knowing who we are or what we have come here to do.  We lose our spirit when we hate each other and kill.  We lose our spirit when we forget we are living expressions of God, as is all of life.  We lose our spirit when we can’t forgive, and we lose our spirit when we no longer believe there is hope.  It’s a horrible, terrible, frightening, mind-torturing/numbing state to be in.  What can save us from all of that?  One simple word…and it’s Love.  Love for ourselves, for each other, and for God…for Love itself…for Life.  God is Good.  God is Love.  God is Life.

And on a physical level, we also need to rise above that which is killing us.  God provided us with a planet to live on, perfectly capable of supporting our life here on Earth.  We need to live in gratitude and wisdom here on this physical plane, respecting the laws of nature as being designed by an Intelligence and Power much greater than us.  If we are to believe God is Love, then we must know it is true that all of nature is created as Good.  Rise above our temptation to contradict nature’s laws, but rather live in accordance and rise above death, for the wages of sin is death.  What is sin?  Sin is anything which comes in our mind (and particularly when translated into action) that separates us from our Source, which is Love, and which on the physical plane includes nature’s laws.

Mentally, we are called to rise above the prevailing ideas of the time and remember that Love is the ruler of all, and that the laws of nature also are to be obeyed.  Honor thy Mother and Father, so to speak.  Mentally we are called to know only Good (God) and not partake of the knowledge of evil, or ways contrary to the goodness of God.  So when we fall into thinking patterns of lack, envy, greed, doubt, or arrogance and the idea that we can do one better than God and the natural order of things regarding the laws of nature and life, then we have problems which bring about death in one way or another.  All was created as Good.  To realize this and live accordingly is the proper use of free will, thereby expressing love for ourselves, each other and God expressed as all of Life.  Rise above the temptation to fall in with lesser ideas and inferior ways and Life will prevail.

You see, we are three beings created as one…spiritual, mental, physical.  Spiritually speaking, all we need is Love.  Physically we need to sustain and nurture our bodies through the natural world.  Mentally is where free-will occurs.  To align our will with the will of God is the true secret to overcoming the adversity of death.  We are three beings in one, being spirit, body and mind, and what is expressed in one realm of being is likewise present in the other realms.  Spirit is ruler as Love is the strongest Power there is.  Jesus overcame physical death through the Power of Love.  Physical is also very important, as even Jesus did as for something to quench is own thirst, but it was through Love that he was saved in the end.  The mind comes into play with holding fast to our intent and directing our actions according to which way we want to go.  Go in the direction of Life and Love!

Happy Easter to all, no matter your outlook on the traditional stories.  The thing to remember is Love, as Love is ultimately all that there is!

Vibraceous, ND



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