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Energy Medicine

ALL healing is energy healing!  If it is not, then there wasn’t a complete healing, because energy is what transports the life force, on all levels, as always.  Energy transports the life force in our physical body, enabling us to move and perform tasks.   On a mental level, it takes energy to even think.  (Ever try to think well when you’re really tired?)  On a spiritual level, energy is the link between us and God, for God IS the Life Force, leaving much to be said on ALL levels.  Energy is what connects us to LIFE.

Let’s start with the physical.  We derive most of our energy from food.  Food (meaning plants) derives its energy primarily through the sun.  We, too, derive energy direct from the sun.  (Maybe this is why ancient cultures worshiped the sun?  I don’t know…)

So, energy from food.  So, then, shouldn’t our food contain energy?  In order to contain energy, it must still be active and living, wouldn’t you think?  I think it should, and in that case, I believe that food should be eaten raw.  Cooking food destroys enzymes, which are the catalyst for all metabolic reactions necessary in sustaining life–ours or the plant’s.  Vitamins are also destroyed in the cooking process, which carry the life force, or vital energy (thus the name vit-a-min, with the min standing for minerals).

To make this more simple, just remember that Life begets Life.  You can’t get something alive out of that which is dead.  If there is no life in our food, how do we expect it to give life to us?  Oh, sure, we can pick up some minerals from it, and fiber, and possibly a few other things, but we’re not going to receive the vital energy that the food originally was designed to provide!  It will actually cause us to become more sluggish, due to the burden of digesting that which is inactive in the digestive process.  It puts a terrible strain on the body and depletes our own enzymes which are finite in nature and needed for our own body to continue on and survive.  So in essence, we are shortening our lives by not making good use of the enzymes God provided in food which is eaten raw.  Energy is needed to live.

Look at a canned green bean, or peach, or pea, or anything else, as compared to fresh.  Is there any comparison at all to be made?  Which do you want to depend on to fortify your body with energy and strength?

Everything living is vibrating and different frequency levels.  Where there is death, there is no frequency level left, except in the parasitic action of the body, such as bacteria and other micro-organisms.  Optimally, food should increase our frequency level.  This can be equated with energy.  Foods of vibrant color are best, for various colors vibrate at various rates, just as sound is also vibrating at different frequencies.  All of these things can be used to enhance our own vibrational level, thereby increasing our energy level or experience of life.

So, foods that are alive with energy to give, vibrant colors all around you, beautiful harmonious music and natural aromas all emit very beneficial frequency waves to help increase our own energy level.  Synthetic fragrances, discord in music, drab lifeless colors and de-vitalized food will drag our energy down and create nothing but problems with health.  We would also do well to bask more in the sun.  Not to the point of a burn or over-exposure, but the sun is obviously a great energy source.

Mental energy is closely aligned with physical energy, because the brain is a physical organ.  It does well to feed our brains food packed with nutrition to help it function its best!  Walnuts, for example, are very good for the brain, as are many, many good raw foods we can eat.

But mentally we tend to get over-tired sometimes through over-thinking our problems.  Give them over to the Energy Source! Give them to God and then let them go.  Do what you can, but don’t strain your brain.  Relax, and the answers will better come.

Mentally, too, it is important to surround ourselves with people who energize us rather than drain us.  If we lack positive companionship, that is something we need to put on the top of our list for putting some energy back into our life!  People who are caught up in negativity and refuse to look at solutions are not the kind of people who can help lift you up.  Limit your exposure to people who constantly are bringing you down.

And don’t forget to watch your own thoughts!  Negative thoughts, negative words, negativity in any way is just that…negative.  Negativity will drain energy.  It’s as simple as that.

We are electro-magnetic in nature.  This goes back to the physical, but it is also connected to the mental realm.  In holistic healing you will start to see that everything is connected!  When there is a condition on one plane, there is a correlate on the other two.  Body, mind and spirit, of course, are the three aspects of being to which I refer.  In reference to electro-magnetism, we might think of ourselves as magnets.  In today’s world of electronics and hardly ever walking barefoot or actually communing with nature, it is likely your polarity might be a little bit off.  That’s where polarity balancing as a healing method comes in.  This will align your energy flow.

When we start getting into things we can’t see, we’re getting into the spiritual realm.  With the idea of God as the Life Force, then let’s talk about this in terms of “getting more God in your life!”  Never quite thought of it that way, but this is really what we are talking about.  God IS Life.  God is Good.  God is Love.  So if we spend more of our time seeking the Goodness in life and expressing this back in return, we energize ourselves, particularly when Love is at the heart of it all.  Love will undeniably increase your energy flow!  Prayer will also increase your energy flow, when realizing your oneness with God, relaxing the body and mind and letting go.

There are many energy techniques in holistic healing practices which can be used.  Polarity therapy as mentioned above is one, as is dietary practices, prayer, color therapy, aromatherapy, sound healing and more.  Acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, chiropractic adjustments, Light Touch, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and even Yoga all act to remove energy blocks.  All illness stems from energy blocks.  When we are tired, something is blocking us, because we are meant to be filled with life.  When we are sick, the same thing.  Life should freely flow through our body, just as good thoughts should flow through our mind and Love through our heart.

Drug medicine is lifeless.  It has no power to restore, rebalance or remove blocks to our life-force.  Life begets life begets life.  Herbs are much more effective because they carry the life-force.  Drugs cannot do this.  Drugs rely on the intelligence of science and they work to force the body into compliance, whereas natural methods rely on the Intelligence of God and work to support the body so it may do what it was Designed in the first place to do.

God is our energy.  All healing comes from God.  God is not man-made, nor should our medicines be if we expect for them to have the power to energize and convey the life-force to us.  Plants vibrate at exactly the proper rates to coincide with the vibrational patterns of everything in us.  That’s why they know where to go in the body to heal.  There is an Intelligence implanted within all of Life which cannot be replicated.  There is not a scientific laboratory in the whole world that can come up with a drug that has the Intelligence of God programmed right into it.

We need to think about some of these things, because the whole world is deficient, it seems.  As a society, we’re not living in accordance with nature and God.  We better start heading back to the Garden where all was created as GOOD!  There was no lack of energy there.  GO OUTSIDE!  Smell the flowers.  Take a walk in the woods.  Give thanks, for God is your strength and your hope.  Plug into your Power Source!

Have a fun-filled energetic week full of wonder and LIFE!

“Vibraceous, ND”


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