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Letting Go of That Which Does Not Serve the Highest Good

Letting Go of That Which Does Not Serve the Highest Good.  Long title!  But look at each word in that title a moment.  Letting – not forcing.  It’s natural!  Go – movement in a direction farther away from.  (Hmmm…is it natural to let go?  It is!  Okay…now the rest of the statement…let’s GO!)

What are we letting go of?  That Which Does Not Serve the Highest Good.  Plenty of things serve us.  Sickness, for that matter, serves.  We are here to talk about natural health, though, and that is a very high expression of Good (God – God IS the Highest Good).

Notice I said THE Highest Good.  I could have said MY Highest Good, as oftentimes this statement is made.  That is fine.  And THE Highest Good always is MY Highest Good, too, but using the word THE reminds me it’s for everyone and not only me.  If what’s good for me is not good for somebody else, then it’s not really the highest expression of good.  So therefore, I changed the word as a gauge.

If we just set our willingness, then we don’t have to gauge so much what is and what isn’t good, because we will intuitively know.  The prayer that goes with the title statement is an expression of willingness to change.  Pray, too, to be made aware, and then be still and go within.  You will know then what is right and wrong.  The answers lie deep inside you already right now.  What is a prayer?  A prayer is an appeal to and recognition of the Power for Good which runs through all of Life, and is working for Good within us.  The power of prayer lies in aligning our thoughts with this Power, and then aligning our physical acts.  (Spirit, Mind, Body in harmony.  This is the basis of healing prayer.)

Letting go of that which does not serve our hihest good.  Letting go is natural?  What about letting go of a bad habit?  That doesn’t feel natural when you may be going through emotional or physical withdrawals!  But it is.  Withdrawal is natural.  Accept it.  Sometimes letting go hurts.  Hurts, maybe, but never damages you, and so it is okay.  Hurting serves a purpose sometimes.  It reminds us not to do it again!

Letting go is easier when we have something to replace that which we let go of.  Nature abhors a vacuum and we will naturally fill the void up something, so we would do better to consciously choose something good and not another bad habit of ours.  How often have we seen someone quit smoking, for instance, only to take up overeating to try and stop.  Instead, try something like drinking water or engaging in another positive activity whenever the urge to smoke comes up.

Something else to consider when dealing with any kind of addiction is that oftentimes there is a physical need which must be addressed on the p;hysical plane.  Spiritual efforts at recovery are paramount, and thinking obviously has to be changed and behavior, as well.  But there is something more in many addictions, and that is the actual addiction to a chemical which is either present in the addictive substance or produced by our very own brains.  This is fodder for a different topic, but just know that this may be a factor in what you are working towards giving up.  Tobacco cessation, for instance, has been assisted for ages with an herb called lobelia, because it provides the body with what it is actually craving from nicotine.

Sugar is an interesting story and one which perhaps better illustrates what I am trying to say.  Sugar cravings can be oftentimes helped by the addition of the mineral chromium.  So I asked myself what is a natural food source of chromium, because I believe food/herb sources of minerals are always better than mineral pills.  The answer I found?  SUGAR!  Yes!  Sugar BEFORE it’s refined!

That’s why the body craves sugar!  It misses the chromium!  That’s why using a chromium supplement will help ease sugar cravings!  Of course!  The body gets the sugar molecule and likes it but misses the chromium so it wants more.  The body needs chromium and will keep looking for it when presented with what should be a natural source.  The body reacts naturally.  Natural health is what’s natural to us, and when something’s not natural, it gets a bit confusing for our body which really can’t reason that it’s cheaper, tastier or more convenient to eat unnatural things.

Chocolate cravings – magnesium.  Or RAW CHOCOLATE!  It’s GOOOOOOOD!  You use the raw cacao instead of cocoa powder, which is roasted.  Cooking changes food.  It’s the change from the natural state which throws the body off every time.  In the case of cacao, it is the highest source of antioxidants around!  If the sugar used to sweeten it is also raw, as in raw agave which is what I prefer most, and the fat used is from a good source and used raw, as in extra-virgin coconut oil, then the raw chocolate which is produced (I use only those three ingredients in mine!) will be DELICIOUS and so NUTRITIOUS that you can eat it for breakfast and give it to the kids!  It will not give that sick feeling and it will not cause the weight gain as will the chocolate which is usually consumed.

Most chocolate has roasted cocoa, oils which have been heated (and ruined!), oftentimes milk (many negatives there) and of course refined sugar, so back to the chromium needs.  Raw cacao is one of the absolute highest sources of magnesium known.  Do your body a favor and eat some raw chocolate if chocolate is what your body craves.  Give it the real natural thing and the cravings will cease.  You’ll also find it’s the best tasting chocolate around!

I mentioned fats.  The body NEEDS fat.  But it needs the good healthy fat which comes from eating foods in their natural state.  That’s why extra-virgin is the best way.  That means no processing, other than that which can be accomplished by mechanical and not chemical means, with no heating higher than the temperature reached by the sun.  This is the same standard in all raw foods preparation, for the same reason as this.  Cooking changes the food.  In the case of fat, it ruins it by not only robbing it of the nutrients, but making it very hard to digest.  It just clogs up the system, instead of being put to good use.

As I said, fats are needed.  We need them for the brain, the nervous system, the joints.  We need them for the nourishment they provide and the lubrication.  We need cholesterol, too.  So when the body sees a fat molecule entering in, it goes for it!  But when it does not get the essential fatty acids and everything else that it needs from the fat, it will continue looking for more.  It goes to the next potato chip, the next french fry, or the next plate of buttered noodles just trying to find what it needs.  To do something so simple as taking a flax seed capsule three times a day is a big help towards ending fat cravings as these.  Just give the body what it is that it needs and the cravings will cease.  Letting go is easier when filling the void.

I’ve strayed a bit from my point but the point is that the body craves for a reason, as does the mind.  Feed the mind positive thoughts if you wish to rid it of negative thoughts!

Relationships which do not serve…let them go.  Don’t sit around lonely, though.  Surround yourself with good friends who bring out the best in you!  Fill the void to help ease the pain of releasing a relationship which does not bring out your best.  Sometimes it hurts, but in the end it’s better for both parties this way.  This includes all relationships…love interests, friends, even bosses if it’s making your life miserable.  Life is meant to be enjoyed!  Don’t be afraid to let go and move into a more positive and supportive atmosphere for your happiness and well-being.  It’s important that you be happy and well!

So if to release and let go of that which does not serve your highest good is the prayer in your heart, then look at all areas of your life and be honest about what it is that does not serve you in the way you desire.

All areas.

Consider sickness.  Yes, you can let it go!  Sickness serves us, or we wouldn’t be sick, but there comes a time to let go when it doesn’t serve our highest good.

I know this sounds shocking to some and it may be a hard concept to grasp, but I assure you, that sickness can be released when we realize that it does not serve our highest good.  If I’m repeating myself it’s because I realize how difficult these words may come.  Please continue to read.

Sickness does serve our good, at times.  We must respect the body’s intelligence enough to know that it is telling us something when it gets sick, and also that it is taking intelligent efforts to regain balance and strength.  For example, a fever is purposeful in that it kills the pathogens which could do more harm for us.  The fever is not the problem, but rather the cure.  Same thing with colds, cholesterol issues, and similar conditions the body is faced with at times.   In healing, we need to look to the initial cause, not the symptoms.  The symptoms are not the problem, but rather an indication that a problem exists.  Unfortunately in modern medicine, the symptoms are what’s most often addressed, leaving the cause to wreak havoc in some other way.

So, again, go within and ask yourself what is it that does not serve you.  Is it really the fever or is it what the fever is trying to kill.  Assist the body in doing what it’s naturally attempting to do.  When I was young my parents used to just let me sweat it out, and I did.  If I got too hot to the point of concern, then they put me in the tub or wiped me with a washcloth.  There are herbs, too, which can help naturally.  There are plenty of cures in nature.  If we were in touch with nature, we’d naturally recognize what cravings for herbs we have, but anymore it seems we do not.  This is another topic for sure!  Actually there are several lessons in the future to come from this, another being ways to recognize our inner knowledge of what to do.  The instincts are still implanted within us to know.

Back to topic, and switching streams just a bit, I’d like to ask you again to consider sickness in recognizing what it is that does not serve the highest good in your life.  Sickness serves many needs, or we as a society would not cling to it nearly as much as we do.  Try this experiment to illustrate this point.  Try to get someone who is currently ill to even say the words in jest to you that they are healthy and well.  They have a hard time with that, feeling the need to tell you how sick they are.  It is true!

However, telling the body it’s well is not a lie, for in fact it is within the body’s design to be well.  Claiming this reality in our speech vernacular activates the inner awareness of our true nature and calls the body to heal!  It also lifts our spirits (to the Truth of our being!) and it puts us in a frame of mind which is receptive to Good.

Let go of the urge to tell others how sick you are.  And stop telling that lie to yourself!  YOU are not sick!  You may FEEL sick, or your body may be out of balance, or you may have been exposed to toxins and your body is attempting to rid itself of these, but YOU, yourself, are not sick.  YOU are created in the Perfect image of God, or of Good, and you must rely on this Perfect Design instead of identifying yourself with the feeling of sickness.  Feelings are only a part of who you are.  That is your mental state.  Neither are you your physical body, alone.  You are Spirit in essence.  You are Spirit living in a human body.  YOU are not sick, even when your body may be.  But don’t say you OR your body IS sick, say it is healing instead and invoke the healing response!  In this case, let go of words which do not serve your highest good.  Words go around and around in your head and filter on down to the subconscious level, and the body then carries out the commands.  Speak words of Truth and Health!

Let go of the need for pity, sympathy, or getting out of responsibilities.  Let go of the need to lie to yourself about these sorts of things.  Sometimes it’s easy when we crave love to try and get it through sickness.  Please don’t leave angry with me for saying such things, but sometimes there’s an eensy bit of truth in these words.  That’s not to say that the sickness is not real, it is to say that there may be emotional ties to staying ill.  Love is one of those motivating factors sometimes.  Love is a basic need, and if it can’t be obtained in other ways, sometimes sympathy feels like the next best thing.  Kind of like potato chips seem like they satisfy, but the end result is not the same thing at all.

Chronic illness or disability can be tough to let go of, because they are so entrenched.  Please don’t take offense.  I have a disability myself.  I may be my whole life trying to let go of it, because it is so deeple entrenched. But a miracle to God is as easy for big things as small.  It’s my own level of belief and current ability at issue, not the fact that it can be done.  ANYTHING can be healed.  It’s ALWAYS our level of belief and willingness to let go on all levels which is the issue at hand.  We doubt, we cling, and we flounder around in our efforts to heal.  It’s not because God…or nature…or our very Design which does not know how to heal.  It’s that we’re not tuned into the awareness and willing to change.  Again,, go within for awareness and pray to be willing, and then start taking a real honest open minded look at the condition and ask yourself what can be naturally done.  You may have to work at it though.  Willingness is key.  As we become more willing to do the hard stuff it gets easier.  That’s the great paradox of letting go!

Breathe.  In, out, again.  Slowly.  There are many emotional ties to illness and pain.  Pain is an expression of something that not only hurts physically, but emotionally and spiritually, too.  Be gentle with your healing.  Gentleness is the natural way.  Heal slowly, gently and lovingly.  Be patient and let go of the idea you can’t heal.  Healing is natural.  Focus your attention on that instead of the symptoms.  Let go of all thoughts of limitation and lack.  Open your mind to the Truth, and then the solutions will come.

In healing, the solutions are always at hand.  They are always simple.  Natural solutions abound!  Let go of the idea that you must have insurance, doctors, medical intervention…you only need God.  God provided many natural ways we can heal in our environment and also in love.  This is not to say that there is not good in medical doctors, because sometimes that’s all that we know at the time and someone’s life may be at risk.  But there are better ways.  Natural ways.  Let go of the need to rely on that which is artificial.  Artificial is an imitation.  Natural is the real thing.

Sometimes the lesson is in accepting the condition and loving life anyway and still being kind to ourselves and others.  Sometimes it’s hard to be nice.  Focus on love and love becomes easier.  Love yourself, others and God, and express by being nice…to yourself, others and God.  Practice.  Sometimes it’s especially hard to be nice to oneself.  Do it if you want to get well.  Your condition may change for the better or it may not, but you’ll feel much better in the long run inside.

But just because a situation or condition does not change does not mean that it can’t.  There may even be disfigurements or distortions.  These CAN be healed, too.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, though, if there is no noticeable change.  We can also walk on water, as demonstrated in the Biblical story of Peter, but it takes a Master to be able to walk on the water without giving into fear and falling in!  


“Now in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went to them, walking on the sea.And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, “It is a ghost!” And they cried out for fear.But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.”And Peter answered Him and said, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.”So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, “Lord, save me!” And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.” (Matthew 14:25-31)

Think of the water as being symbolic for our emotions.  There are a LOT of deep emotions into which we can fall, not the least of which is our doubt.  Don’t get discouraged by this.  Sometimes there is good purpose to the challenge at hand.  Bless it, don’t curse it.  It’s easier to float when we don’t struggle.  If we struggle, we drown.  The same can be said of fighting that which we don’t like in our life.  Resist not evil is good advice.  Letting go of that which does not serve the highest good, not resisting and applying force.  Allow Positivity to be the force for Good.  (This is God.)

There is good in any condition or situation we find ourselves in.  (There’s not a spot where God is not!)  But sometimes it may be disguised in a way which appears to be negative.  And yes, it may have negative aspects, but again, good is in everything.  So if we have a disability, for instance, look for the good to be had in that.

Using myself as an example for this, I have had many, many problems and hardships over the years because I have a history of multiple brain injuries.  My initial prognosis was death, with the only hope being that of remaining in a coma, or at the very best, awake but unable to function at all.  Obviously, in this case, medical science was happily wrong!

But the challenges I’ve faced as a result of these injuries have made me so much more sensitive to the needs of others.  They have also motivated me to keep looking for solutions that work.  I have found many ways to cope with the pain that’s involved, and ways to reduce it’s effect.  I’ve found ways of nourishing my body and brain, and ways to live a good and full life without drugs.  I can share this.  That’s good!  Plus if I were able to work in a conventional setting, I’d most likely have done so without realizing that I would be sacrificing my purpose in life, which is to bring forth the vision of Essentials of Life.

My point here is to give thanks for whatever condition you find yourself in.  Even if it looks bad, it is good.  Let go of the need to label the condition or situation you’re in.  And remember…it is a condition or situation, not the essence of you.  Remind yourself of that when you find yourself identifying with the condition or situation too much.  Notice your use of the words, “I am.”  What you are going through is just what you’re going through.  We all have our challenges in life.  Give thanks for whatever it is that you are to gain, and then be willing to let go of that which does not serve your highest good.

Letting go does not mean forcing out.  Letting go is natural if you let go of the fear and surrender to love. Always let go with love, for God is Love.  Love will overcome all.

So let go of that which no longer serves.  Fill the void with that which does.  It’s not enough to stop eating junk.  You must replace it with good healthy food!  FOOD!  Not junk anymore, but real food.  Don’t just stop smoking, but start breathing!  BREATHE in good healthy clean air!  Don’t just stop thinking and speaking in a negative manner, but set your mind and your voice to bringing forth beautiful and encouraging words!  Let go of the negative and let Goodness in!  Surround yourself with others whom you feel good to be with, and surround yourself with what4ever else makes you feel naturally good.  Good books!  Good food!  Good music!  Good movies!  Make the effort to change your habits by filling your life up with positive things!  Let go of that which no longer serves the Good of all.

Let  go of ideas of lack.  Let go of self-pity.  Let go of the need to be right..  Let go of the need to complain.  Let go of excess.  Let go of greed.  Let go of gossip.  Let go of gluttony.  Let go of shame.  Let go of fear.  Let go of self-hatred.  Let go of self-doubt.  Let go of resentments.  Let go of rigidity.  Let go of hurting others.  Let go of dependence upon material things.  Let go of sickness.  Let go of illusions of separation between you and others and God.  Let go of racism, classism, sexism, speciesism. Let go of selfishness. Let go of anything that keeps you from being the best that you are.

There are many things which may not be serving your highest good.  That’s for each one of us to figure out; I can’t do that for you.  Is it alcohol?  Drugs?  Relationships?  Diet?  Look to how your actions and choices affect yourself AND others…ALL others…The Highest Good is good for ALL.  Think and pray on these things, and then fill your life with Good and naturally let go of the rest.  Even a fever will fall away on its own once it’s purpose is filled.  Fill your life with what you want, and you will find you don’t need nor do you crave that which no longer serves!  Letting go is much easier that way.  In fact, it’s a natural thing.  Let.  Not force, but just let.  Let it all go and let God.  Let the Goodness flow into your life and direct your every step.

Let yourself be who you were created to be.  You were created to be perfect and whole, and in control of your life.  You were not created to live a life of suffering and lack.  We were all created to live wholly and to freely enjoy the goodness of life as we do our part in helping others to live wholly and freely as well.  Love, peace, joy, harmony, wellness…these are our natural states. Let yourself be who you were created to be.  Resolve to let go of that which does not serve the highest good, and pray for the wisdom to know what that is.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things that I xan,

And the wisdom to know the difference.”

And so it is! Amen.

“Vibraceous, ND”



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/ A fantastic bgsopolt, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on that. And he in fact purchased me breakfast because I found it for him. smile… So let me rephrase that: Thnx for the treat! But yeah Thanks for taking the time to talk about this, I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more details? It is extremely helpful for me. Two thumb up for this blog!


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