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The ADVENT of Joy!

This is the third in our series focusing on the Christian tradition of Advent.  We have been discussing how these principles are Universal in nature, applying to everyone of all religions, or none.

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is an interfaith church.  This is important for us to remember in every lesson we give.  We often quote Bible verses or other religious texts, but these are only to show what has been written before of what we are writing about.  These texts are sacred to many, but we leave it to the individual to decide what is sacred to them.

The same holds true for religious observances of holidays, such as Advent, and even Christmas itself.  This is not to say these may not be times we hold dear, but we are here to make the lessons of every tradition applicable to the healing of all.  This is our sacred mission; none else.

So, in studying Advent, we are focusing on the Universal Principles of Faith, Love, Joy and Peace.  We are discussing these in the Light of the impending realization of the Spirit of God within each of us, ready to be called into action as a Perfect Power acting for Good in our lives.  No matter what else we believe of the term, it is to this Power we refer to as the Christ.  We refer to the Ultimate Source of All Good as God, and we see this as being the only True Power there is; the Power of Life.

In observing Advent we are symbolically preparing our consciousness for the birth or awakening of the awareness of a Power greater than ourselves, acting in our behalf.  The process begins with believing, which comes from a state of receptivity and humility and develops into a practice of steadfast believing in the face of all odds.  Through Faith all things are possible when we add action to this.  Action is what gives ideas physical form.

The same with Love, which is the next principle of Advent that we discussed.  Love is something which we start to see when we start believing in God, or simply in the Good in the Universe, for God IS Love.  Love begins to fill up our heart once we begin acting on Faith.  We don’t have to love to start working on faith, but faith brings about a sense of love, if it is faith in more than just our own egotistical selves.

Love, too, requires action, the same as does faith.  Love is nothing more than an idea unless it is acted in some way upon.  Action is what takes it to the next level of “Real.”  Action is what makes love so much more powerful than just a feeling left inside unexpressed.  I don’t know who to attribute this quite to, but “Love isn’t love until you give it away.

Then comes JOY.  Faith is something which is developed by believing and acting in ways according to a belief system, despite outside appearances.  Love is something which comes out of feeling closer to God, ourselves and others through experiencing the miracles of faith, for God is Love, and we are made in the image and likeness of Love, and we are one with each other as Children of the Universe.  Love is a wonderful feeling which is back up by action which makes it even more wonderful for everybody involved.  And then comes the joy!  Pure joy!  Joy is an automatic reaction to the combination of Faith and Love!  Love is wonderful and Faith says it’s going to stay wonderful forever more!  This is the most Joyous feeling in the whole world!

Joy is deeper than happiness.  Joy is an inner sense of everything is always okay.  This is a feeling which stems from faith.  Joy is the natural expression of gratitude which comes with the realization of faith and true love.  By true love I mean love of God, love of life, love of self, love of nature, love of everyone and everything.  By love I mean realizing that God is expressed in all of life, and therefore all of life is sacred and to be loved.  There is pure Joy in realizing that!!  Faith says all will be well, and Love says yes it already is.  Joy is happiness over the Truth!

To foster Joy in one’s life, foster faith and love.  Focus on gratitude to bring these living principles back to the forefront if they have somehow fallen away.  You will know you are not living from a place of faith and love because you will feel no joy in your life.  When life loses joy, it has become lack-luster because conditions have taken on the illusion of being real, when love has lost it’s power due to lack of belief in the magic of it.  Love is as Powerful as always!  And God has supplied the answers to all of our needs just as much as ever.  The answers to every problem are always at hand!  Act on faith during these times and pull yourself up by the bootstraps, so to speak, and demand to see the good in your life!  It is there.  And then you will feel love for life again, and the result once again will be joy.

The last two lessons I used the term “ADVENT-ure” in the titles because Faith and Love are often adventures…We step out in faith not knowing for sure where it will take us, and we do the same thing again with love.  Joy is not an adventure.  It is the advent we have been waiting for.  It simply happens to us.  The same thing with next week’s discussion of Peace.  Joy and Peace are the results of Faith and Love applied.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come.  The Lord of our being.  The realization of the Power of Love within us.  The realization that anything is possible so long as we’re working for the good of all.  Working.  Putting action to Universal Principles of Faith and Love, which bring about nothing but Goodness and JOY.  Joy to the whole entire world!  This news surely does save us all!  Awaken child within our soul, in the manger fast asleep.  Awaken the power of God within us. Awaken the Power within us of Love which can accomplish all things, through faith, expressed for the good of all!  True love is always for the good of all.  REJOICE and know it is so!

Rejoice knowing that all of your efforts for good will bear fruit.  Now…Go out and do good in the name of Love, having Faith that Good will always prevail and that your efforts will nto go to waste!  Rejoice.  Sing songs of praise!  Sing Hallelujah!  And so it is, Amen.

How does this apply to healing?  In the same way as it applies to everything else!  Have faith that you can be healed.  Know that we were provided ways of healing ourselves perfectly ever since the beginning of time.  It’s a matter of learning.  It’s a matter of letting go of the idea of sickness.  It’s a matter of having FAITH.  Then healing is also an act of LOVE, urging us into right action by calling us to take proper care of ourselves.  When we put action to that, what result in the world could we possibly have but pure JOY that we are being healed NOW!

Next week, as mentioned, we talk about Peace.  I bet you already know what next week’s lesson will be.  Yes.  It will be about the peace that comes from the process I just described.  Peace means all is well.

And Joy means LET’S CELEBRATE!

Here’s a video made for the 4th of July, but it’s about a different kind of independence.  It’s about independence from sickness and the old ways of thinking and acting which bring it about.  Take a look at it now again and REJOICE because we are FREE!

This message is being released on my birthday, December 16th.  Happy Birthday to me!  I was born in 1955 and I’ve experienced so much over the years.  I am full of faith, full of love, full of joy at being able to serve you by sharing these lessons with you.  Happy Birthday to us all in commemoration of the upcoming celebration of the birth of that which is implanted within us all of the Perfect Power of God.  Thank you for this gift to us all.  Jesus exemplified this and showed us that it could be done.  If this is different from how you believe, that’s okay.  We can learn from each other.  At any rate, Faith and Love lead to Joy, and next week we’ll discuss how this all leads up to Peace!  Amen.


Vibraceous, ND

Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

July 23rd, 2014 at 12:59 pm

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