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Expect A Miracle!

What is a miracle?  Is it something we can’t explain?  Sometimes.  But as research and science progress, more and more miracles can be explained.  Does that make them any less miraculous if it saves a life?  What about miracles of timing…when you are in the right place at the right time?  Or miracles that involve meeting just the right person?  What about miracles that happen when you accomplish something that you thought you never could?  There are many, many miracles that happen each day in everyone’s lives.  Life itself is a miracle!  God’s ;presence is evident in every breath that we take!

We should expect miracles.  To not expect them means that often we miss them when they occur, and also it impedes them from coming about.  To expect the worst is to manifest the worst.  Negativity is like prayer in reverse!  To expect a miracle is to know that God (good) is active in your life, and in all your affairs.  To expect a miracle means that you carry an inner-knowing (faith) that everything will turn out in the end for the best, even if it looks like it won’t.  It means believing that God is in charge.  The more you believe that things will work out for the best, the more open to miracles you are.

If we hide our eyes from the light, the light is not gone, but just the same, we can’t see.  It’s the same way with this.  If we hide our eyes to the good things available to us in this life, the opportunities are still there for us, but we don’t benefit any from them.

We tend to see what we’re looking for.  If we’re looking for something good, we will find it!  If we’re looking for things to go wrong, then they certainly will in our minds.  (But again…look for the good, it is there!  It has to be there, if we are to believe in a God that is everywhere present and good!)

Manifesting the good in our lives is like giving birth to a child.  First the seed is planted, then it takes root and it grows.  During this time we are expecting a child, and sure enough, the child comes!  Miracles are like that, as well.  The ground must be fertile (our mind), the time must be right, but if nurtured intentionally or unintentionally, either way, the miracle will occur in our lives.

The only thing that keeps  us from our good is our own limited vision and trust that there is good in our life.  NO one can keep us away from our good!  Even if the worst were to happen, the way is still there for us.  These are the ways we should learn if we’re to live long and healthy lives.

Healing is what this church is based on.  Healing the body, spirit and mind…healing the whole life…healing families, healing relationships, healing finances, healing dreams.  We were created in the image and likeness of God.  The problems we have are but an illusion we have manifested in our own minds.  We always have everything that we need.

How to heal.  First and foremost we have to BELIEVE we can heal, or else we won’t take the effort to do what needs done, and also, if we don’t believe then we’re holding the image of sickness in our mind above the image of us as God created us to be.  This is putting another image before the image of God.  Sickness becomes more powerful to us in our minds than God.  We think we can’t be cured because the doctors tell us we can’t.  This is false thinking and this type of a belief system will manifest itself in the end as a self-fulfilling prophecy, of sorts.

So forget what the doctors say and KNOW that you can be well!  Believe that the power to heal is incorporated into every cell of your being and then do what you can to enliven that power.  Make it the most important thing in your life!  In this way, you are turning your health over to the infinite healing power of God.  Believe you can be healed and then take care of your body in accordance with the way it was designed.

You have to use the good sense that God gave you, too.  You wouldn’t expect a car to run very well with sugar in the gas tank, so don’t put sugar in your gas tank, so to speak.  Operate your machine according to design!  You were designed to run well, but not if your body’s abused or not using high quality fuel.

What we’re building at Essentials of Life is a miracle.  The Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is coming into manifestation after more than 40 years of expecting it to come about at just the right time.  It really is like having a baby!  I’ve carried this vision since I was 12.

I made a commitment at 12 years old.  I saw a sign on the church basement wall that read, “With Awareness Comes Responsibility.”  I could write volumes on what those words mean to me, but right now just let me say that I believe it is my responsibility to give to others what has been given to me, namely the awareness of God’s healing gifts, given to all since the beginning of time.  I entered into a holy covenant with God at that time.

So Essentials of Life was born.  My life from that point on was involved with learning the hard and easy ways to enlightenment regarding ways to make use of God’s gifts.  Some very hard, and some very easy, but always, always worthwhile, the ways of enlightenment are!

My life has taken me this way and that, picking up pieces of fabric along the way with which to weave this holistic quilt.  I remember thinking so many times that I was getting off track, only to take a few more steps in faith and see that it was all a beautiful patchwork quilt created by God!  Having this realization occur to me at so many points  in my life is what gave me the encouragement to keep working towards the end goal, even though it looked like I’d never achieve the results.

My example is like the example set by so many.  It’s not a unique story.  It’s the story of everyone’s life who has ever held onto a dream!

I had a dream.  I pursued it even when things didn’t look very promising.  I kept it in my heart even during those times when I got off course.  With God as my co-pilot, and the prayer still alive in my heart, I found the course I was on to be just as useful to fulfilling the dream, if not more.  God makes good of every circumstance we find ourselves in.  That’s what I’ve come to believe, so long as there is gratitude and sincere intent in our heart, grace is granted to us.

This church is built almost entirely on grace.  I’ve screwed up so many times in my life it’s not funny.  Not at all.  So I’m not going to print it all here!  The point is, though, that I didn’t give up the dream, and God had my back because it’s a good dream, a dream to help so many people, and the intent is completely sincere.  That’s how I know it will work.  That’s why it is coming about…because I continued to hold it in prayer and do the best that I was able to do at any particular time.  Notice how this sounds like what I said in regards to when we need healed?  The principles involved are the same.  Hold onto the vision in its pure and perfect form and do the best that you can.  Leave the rest up to God.  God is always on task for our highest good, and the highest good of all others involved.

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is formed as a church in the belief that God is perfect Love.  Love heals all wounds.  God provided for us what we need to be well from the beginning, or else that wouldn’t be very loving to just leave us stuck until however long later when man invented chemical drugs.  That’s a pretty firm belief of our church.  We don’t get into arguments about Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or if it’s a sin to play cards.  (By itself, I’d have to say no, but that’s my opinion…it doesn’t have to be yours.  We’re a freedom of belief kind of church!)

What we are teaching at Essentials of Life are ways in which to make practical use of our gifts.  We are renovating a barn as our meeting space, and we’re going to role up our sleeves and dig into our worship and study.  This is a hands-on kind of a church!

We’re going to make music of all sorts, with singing bowls, a piano, our voices, drum circles…we’re going to make a joyful noise unto the lord of our being, however we envision the power of goodness and love.  We’re going to learn to make medicines, we’re going to make our own healing salves, we’re going to have study groups, exercise groups, recovery groups, creative groups, hiking groups, service groups, teaching groups, and groups to help each other pull out of financial woes using what we are learning here.

Our church is about healing all parts of our lives.  We’ll have groups for elderly people, children and youth, those with any kind of disability or problem are welcome with us.  We don’t care what people wear or what anyone drives, we’re not trying to run a fashion show and we’re not trying to pick any pockets.  Everyone is welcome here!  Healing is what our interest is, and healing begins when we come together in a church filled with loving hearts.  Part of the vision is about healing animals, too, and in so doing, our own healing becomes more complete.

We are a church about learning to live in God’s light…where we are free to be happy…where there is no sense of lack…in this state of mind, we are well.

In this kind of environment, many people can benefit.  It is an environment of teaching each other what works.  It is an environment of teaching people to teach people to teach.  It’s kind of like network marketing, except what we are selling is free!  We’re selling ideas about how to more effectively pray for our health, how to laugh, how to cry, how to release poisons and pains in natural ways.  We’re learning how to properly nourish our bodies, spirits and minds.  We’re sharing our success stories and giving each other support.  This is a place for people who want to accept the responsibility of taking care of their health in a natural way, because the awareness we’re passing on is the awareness of so many healing resources available to each and every one of us now.  Water for instance…do you realize how much water alone will cure?  I mean CURE!  Think about the greatness of all that has been given to us that perhaps we take for granted too much.

I’ve seen many miracles already in the years I’ve been involved in the work and study of holistic healing.  Now it’s time to move forward and see even more.  For years I worked with children, youth groups and families in various settingx.  I worked, too, with individuals in need of counseling or help with their health challenges, looking for natural ways.  I’ve worked with alcoholics and drug addicts extensively, too, and their family members, as well.  I’ve seen many, many miracles over the years.  Some people have overcome disease, some addiction, some hatred, some suicidal tendencies, some have resolved marital conflict and financial ruin.  These are the miracles.

There are those, as well, who have died.  I cannot take credit for one without taking credit for the other, and this is credit that I do not want!

No, the credit goes to God for the miracles, and to God and the individual concerned for the things that don’t look like they turned out so well.  I have been a facilitator for positive change, and that is all that I claim to be!

The point is, though, that I’ve been blessed in having seen many miracles in the work that I do, because the people I’ve been blessed to work with over the years, are generally people asking for help…wanting help…and taking part in their own recovery plans.

They all hoped for a miracle, and the best thing I could do to help any of them was (and always is) to encourage tto hem expect a miracle to happen for them.  You can take the best herbs in the world and if you don’t believe that they’ll help you, more often then not then, they won’t!  Either because they just won’t, or because the person who doesn’t believe something will work often does not really give it a very fair try!  (They don’t work when they’re still in the bottle, you know!)

In other words, if a person doesn’t believe, all too often they don’t even try…and usually they don’t see that they don’t.  I hear it over and over again from people who ask me for help.  They say they’ve tried everything and then proceed to tell me why nothing will work, and then I wonder why they’re even asking when they’ve already made up their minds.  Closed-mindedness to healing is not conducive to healing.  Expect a miracle, even if you don’t think it’s possible for you to get well!  I can’t stress enough that this is where healing begins!!!

If you’re not making progress and you’re wondering why, take a really deep look at your belief system.  Not the belief system that you’ve decided to follow, but the belief system that you actually live.  Take a look at the belief system that’s evident in your speech every time you say certain defeating words, like, “I can’t,” or “I try,” or “there’s nothing more I can do.”  Start to believe that you can, you do, and you are open and receptive to what it will take!  Then do some more in your own behalf and BELIEVE!  Expect a miracle to happen!  It WILL!

If a woman is pregnant, a baby will come, if the timing is right and it’s meant to be, which it usually is.  Giving birth is a miracle, but it’s also a very natural thing.  All  miracles are natural to us.  EXPECT that one is occurring in your life today, and hold onto the dream for dear life!  Ask for guidance in following the path that is best for you.  If you ask, you’ll be made aware, so long as you ask in sincerity and love.  Expect a miracle today and then follow your path.

Essentials of Life wax just in my mind for so long, and now there are seven people on the Board of Directors, seven more on the Advisory Panel, and another three which are serving as the Accountability Board.  On top of that we have readers, visitors, participants, and many friends who take part in what we’re doing in one way or another.  There will soon be so many more when the building is done!

We have a barn which was old and broken down, built in the late 1800’s. I always knew it would some day be used for good, and now it is being transformed!  We’ll have a space soon that is secure and lovely, and can serve the needs of our goals until we outgrow the space it allows, and then it will continue to provide space for some part of our work.  Right now it’s a barn waiting for siding, doors, windows, electric, new walls, water, etc.  It has a new floor, though, and it’s been jacked up!  The concrete’s been poured to give the base to the steps, and now the steps are built, painted and placed outside, leading to where the upstairs door is going to be.  It’s all going according to plan!  What a miracle that is, to see what’s been in my mind coming to pass in the real world!  I knew it would, though, because the purpose is to serve others and so God’s making good use of the space.  I feel blessed to be a part of it all.

(Most of the thanks goes to my husband, Dean, who has been God’s #1 worker in making this all happen for us.  He is a big miracle in my life in so many ways!  And not to get ahead of myself and make announcements that will be announced in a more special way later on, but Dean Evans, who has already committed to joining this ministry, has also now decided to dedicate his work life after retirement to doing healing work full time with us!)

God has carried me through so many things. My part in Essentials of Life is that I was the one blessed to have been given the vision and I am the one who expected it fully to come about through all the hard times over the years.  I didn’t give up and for that I am grateful, because even that was an act of God.  I couldn’t have held on for so long if God hadn’t continually been giving me signs!

This is God’s work, there is no doubt in my mind.  This is a vision of healing…a vision of teaching people to teach people to heal.  This is a vision of healing for free.  Teaching others to pray for free, use herbs from their own yard for free, apply touch healing and sound healing and color healing for free…how to laugh and heal for free…how to cry and be loved…for free…we don’t charge for any of our activities at Essentials of Life, and if we have to, then there is still always a way to participatye if you can’t afford it…for free!  That is our promise because that’s God’s wish for us all, that healing should be available to every single person and animal for free!  This is better than any medical plan.

The power to heal is God’s greatest gift to us all.   Expect a miracle.  It’s our birthright as children of God, created in the perfect image and likeness of the creator of all.  Expect a miracle and then create it together with God in your life today.  Whatever needs to be done for our good and the good of everybody involved in every case can and will occur with a miracle each day, and this occurs all over the world.

The ingredients are a sincere and pure heart, opening ourselves to God’s activity in and through us, coupled with a belief in the vision.  The vision may be one of love, one of health, one of livelihood, one of giving, one of a home, one of so many things…a career…anything for our good or the good of another person, animal or the good of the earth.

Miracles always occur for everyone’s good.  this is the abiding rule, for God is Infinite Good.

Expect a miracle.  See it.  See it clearly in your mind’s eye.  See it in meditation.  See it in prayer.  See it whenever you daydream.  See it clearly in its perfection.  See it happening now, preparing to manifest more fully at exactly the perfect time and in the perfect way, whatever that is, we don’t know…just know that it is happening now, as surely as a pregnant woman is having a child!  Don’t abort it with horrible thoughts and bad actions.  Let the birthing process go full term and your miracle will occur in your life!

Healing is natural to us.  Ask to be guided in God’s healing ways.  If you are reading this message now, perhaps we at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center are part of your healing journey today.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

“Vibraceous, ND”

With our newest little mmiracle, Lilleth Kay, born to Ronny and Martha Leighton at 8/11/12 at 10:56 a.m.

(Born just as I was getting ready to publish this message and also 4 minutes before her own baby shower, a full month before she was expected to come.  God gives us our miracles at just the right time, but not always when we think they will come!)  AMEN!



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