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Learn from the Children…They KNOW

Children are born pure and innocent.  Most people believe that, I think.  That is what I believe.  Babies don’t lie, they don’t steal, they don’t cheat, they don’t do things just to be mean.  Babies scream, yes, but that’s good, because they’re tiny and need our attention sometimes!  

They NEED us.  They need us so they can survive.  Would an abandoned child make it out there in nature alone?  Well, it’s pretty hard for any baby animal to survive without someone when they’re very young…usually their mother, of course, unless something happens to her.

So screaming and crying are quite understandable, and other than that, babies are pretty easy going except when they’re in need.  Easy going, sweet, pleasant little bundles of joy sent directly from God!

I’ve got a new little grandbaby about to be born soon, and she and her parents will be living here for awhile!  I’m so excited!  You’ll have to excuse me if I get a little excited with all of this baby talk!

Here’s a picture of my  first grandchild, Maddox, when he was just tiny.  Is there anyone who could ever argue that a baby is just about the sweetest thing on the whole earth??? It’s such a privilege to have them in our lives!!!

It IS a privilege!  A BIG one!  Being in the presence of a baby is like being in the presence of the Dali Llama, or the Pope, or even the Buddha or Jesus!

At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?   And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,  and
said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as
little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.”  (Matthew 18:1-5)

Children have so much to teach us.  They know what Love really is.  They know what humility is.  They know what it is to just BE.

It is not in the nature of children to lie, cheat, steal, hurt, belittle, or kill another being.  It is not in their nature, and it is not in ours.  These ways of thinking and acting are programmed into little children as their innocence is taken away by the ways of the world.  They learn through example and through figuring out what it takes for them to get the attention of those that they love and to have their basic needs met.  (Remember that love and attention are needs as much as is food.)

We need to become more like little children if we’re to enter the kingdom of heaven, so we are told.  Where is the kingdom of heaven?

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”  (Luke 17:21)

So what is this kingdom which we shall not enter unless we become as little children, innocent and pure?  It is a place of peace and inner harmony within.  It is where love lives.  It is a place of security and trust that all is well.

This is where wellness resides.  This is where God resides.

This is where babies just came from before they were born!  Is this true?  Well, yes!  When they were in teh womb, they knew no fears.  Their food was instantly supplied, the temperature was always correct, they simply floated along and watched their own fingers grow!  Not a worry in the world….until BIRTH.

Then there were bright lights, the cord to mommy was cut, and a lot of other things started happening then!  Everything seemed out of control, except when being held…or fed…or changed…ahhhh!  Those times were such a relief that the world would indeed carry on!  But alas, the first day of insecurity and fear entering into our life is the very first sign we’re alive…

Yes!  Being human and living in this world has its challenges, and there is plenty of reason, I guess, to fear.  Although really there’s nothing to fear, because being disconnected from God is just an illusion, so in the end everything’s really okay…That’s another message for another day.

So how do babies handle their stress?  They seek reassurance that everything’s fine!  They make their needs known, and their needs are then met, and everything in life is once again nice and good.  They learn to adjust over time, with a lot of practice and peek-a-boo games!

Did you ever wonder about a baby’s soft spot on the top of it’s head?  Of course it is there so the skull can pass through the birth canal, but did you ever wonder if there was any other significance to it than that?  We’re learning about things holistic here, so what is the spiritual connection involved?

The soft spot is located on the top of the head, in the same location as the crown chakra.  This is the chakra associated with the pineal gland, which is often called the seat of the soul, or the third eye.  This is where Universal Energy…(the Light of God)…enters into the body and disburses from there.  This is the chakra associated with being able to receive higher spiritual messages.  It is where intuition resides.

In a baby, this area is naturally more open, as the bones have not yet fused.  Babies are more in touch with the limitless world they just left than are we.  Babies are more in touch directly with God.  They have a clear sense of who they are in spirit, and they welcome the opportunity to fulfill their purpose here.  (I bet you wondered why they always look so happy just lying there smiling and blowing spit bubbles!  Ha ha!)

So what do babies eat?  Breast milk!  In nature they eat nothing else for a very long time.  Remember in the beginning there were no food processors or stoves, so if they couldn’t eat it raw, they couldn’t eat it.  The transition to whole foods didn’t happen until they were able to chew whatever they ate!  Bananas and other soft fruits were undoubtedly first.  As for meat, do babies generally try to eat bunnies or give them love?  Eating meat is not natural to them.  Neither is chasing down cows to drink milk from after their mother has weaned them away!

How do they breathe?  They breathe from their belly!  Not little tiny shallow breaths like adults who are always in a hurry and afraid to really slow down, so it seems!  Babies breathe deeply and exhale completely.  It seems we forget how to properly breathe.

Sometimes they have trouble with breathing when there is smoke in the air to go through their tiny nostrils, which become inflamed.

And sometimes they have trouble breathing when they are exposed to chemicals in the air.  Just because products are allowed to be manufactured and just because research doesn’t show babies immediatedly dropping dead by the dozen when something is sprayed into the air, doesn’t mean that it’s doing their body good.   Chemicals are toxic.  Period.  And artificial fragrance is full of chemicals, plus whatever other chemicals there are in the formula involved.  Do all babies a favor, and don’t use anyting near them with artificial chemicals that they can breathe in.  It’s bad enough they are accosted every time they enter a public restroom, it seems, or any kind of commercial store.  The sweet poison smell of the mall is enough to literally make babies sick.  THINK!  Do your research on this topic…please.  Don’t just buy the ideas they’re selling in the grocery mart aisles and on the TV.  The things you spray into the air in a house where there are babies, or humans, or any living creature for that fact, should not be adulterated with poisonous chemicals and sprays.  The accumulative effect can be extreme.  Research shows significant findings regarding the effect of synthetic fragrances and other chemicals on the respiratory system, the endocrine system, and the nervous system.  I know it’s the mainstream I’m talking about, but think about the dollars involved.  They put cheap fragrances in virtually everything, and then they tell us it’s chic.  Well, it’s not.  It’s poison, and it’s poisoning our kids.  Do I sound extreme?  It’s an extreme situation we’re in, when society pushes poison in their ads and their culture and the people are brainwashed by it.  Who in their right mind would intentionally breathe poison in?  No one, but yet we do it every single day, without even knowing.  I’m just trying to make sure people know.  I’m getting offtrack, so if you want to know more, scroll through previous lessons here on Genesis 1.  I wrote specifically about this before with very good links to reference sites.  This message from the expecting grandmother is through now, and we will return to our regularly scheduled message right now!!! 

Babies are special, indeed, and they should be recognized and treated as such.  Watch them closely, and you will learn the secrets to life!

How do they sleep?  Ahhh…naturally at peace.  Their minds are free to relax!  Their bodies don’t have the accumulated aches and pains of years on this earth, as do ours.  When you watch a baby, you can see how we’re naturally meant to be, before we banged ourselves up.  Babies are so shiny and new.  The only reason that instinct to be trusting and loyal gets us in trouble sometimes is because the world isn’t always worthy of such complete loyalty and trust.  Yes, we can certainly learn a lot from the kids.

Babies don’t fight until they get to the age of defining their independence.  That’s when they enter the “terrible twos.”  It’s natural, though, for them to need to go through this phase of life, if they’re to live and survive in this world.  That’s when children learn they are separate from everyone else in the world and has the ability to choose their own course.  The year of the NO is actually the year of the KNOW.  They are learning to know themselves as individuals, separate and apart from everyone else.

Again…learn from them.  Do we have trouble saying NO in our life when we need to say no?  They are learning they have the power to choose.  Don’t forget, that power is still in us all.

Then at 3, the word of the day changes to WHY?  Three year olds want to know why!  Why is the sky blue, why do fish swim, and why everything under the sun!  Children have a natural curiousity, and they want so much to learn!  Their minds are naturally open to information.  Did you know that we learn the most that we learn in our whole life during the first three years?  Perhaps we should be more open-minded, like them!

Notice how full of love children are.  They are loyal to their parents even if their parents don’t deserve their loyalty.  Children are very much like dogs in that way.  Their loyalty is unquestionable.  Call it instinct, but they are responding as they should in a normal world.  Children are very trusting.  That’s what makes them so vulnerable and in need of our protection in the real world of dangerous people out there.  Children are such easy prey.  It’s a shame that it’s so dangerous to live in this unnatural world, but it is.  So, God ;programmed fear into us.  We think it’s a bad thing that we’ve learned fear instead of the constant trust of a baby, but sometimes fear can be good.  Although, if eveyone were fearless and in touch with their faith, then there’d be no “bad guys” to fear!  They’re people afraid in their own ways and not acting their natural selves.

Babies and children are genuine.  They are who they are.  They say what they feel.  They don’t keep anything all bottled up.  Not when they’re young.  Not until they learn it’s not always acceptable to others for them to let their feelings out.  There is soooo much we can learn from kids!

Except we be converted and become as little children, however, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.  So, I’d say the object of life is to become more like children.  Become more like our natural selves before we were corrupted by the ways of the world.  Open our hearts up in trust and love, and open our minds to inspiration and faith.  Eat natural foods, breathe deeply, sleep well, and for crying out loud stop spraying the air with artificial chemicals which interfere with natural functioning of body and brain!  Look around yourself.  Be curious!  Say no when you want to say no, but don’t forget that saying yes is very fun, too!  Say yes to life.  LIVE!  LAUGH like a silly child!  Children laugh simply because it’s fun to laugh, so do it and you’ll find out what heaven is all about!  Children also cry when they need to cry.  Do it!  Let the toxins and the pains out instead of holding them in.  (The word “toxic” means “poison” you know.)  Have fun!  Play!  Make up tall stories and dream!  Color! Create!  Explore the whole world!  There’s nothing more important today.

Yes, there are so many things we can learn from children.  Children are who they were created to be!  They are innocent of bad intention, and they are innocent of any sin.  We are surely in the presence of God when we are in the presence of any child.  Hold them precious in your sight, always; protect them and cherish them true.

I think it’s kind of neat that old people get child like in their later years.  It’s the natural path to heading back home from whence they came.  Heaven.  An inner state of perfect peace.

Have a blessed and FUN week!

Vibraceous, ND


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