Overcoming Depression

Depression is something which can happen to any of us, and does indeed happen to all of us at some point of time.  The question is how long does it stay and how much is it affecting our lives.  There are tools which can be used to alleviate this state of mind, but they are

17 Aug 2014


There is quite a bit of misunderstanding about what it means to be humble.  Humility has somehow gotten a reputation for meaning shabby, less than, run down, poor or lowly.  It is none of those things.  True humility is seeing the proper relationship between yourself and God, as well as between yourself and the rest

10 Aug 2014

Recognizing God’s Will

Recognizing God’s will is actually the easy part.  Living up to it is a bit more of a challenge for humans.  Let’s talk about recognizing it first. First off, God’s will is always good!  It’s always good for everybody involved.  Everyone.  It is always good because God IS Good!  It is always good for everyone

03 Aug 2014

Mind Over Matter, Spirit Over Mind

When you look at your life, do you like what you see?  You have created it yourself and are constantly in a state of recreating it.  Your experience of life is yours to change.  Yes, some things are out of your control, but only to an extent.  You always can control how you choose to

27 Jul 2014

Today is the Day!

“Today is the day the Lord hath made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  (Psalms 118:24) TODAY…the only day we have, but it is enough.  Tomorrow we will be given another day.  Whether or not it will be on this earth we don’t know.  We don’t even know if we have the full

20 Jul 2014


We look in the mirror and sometimes we don’t like what we see.  Is it our face we don’t like?  Or is it what’s behind our eyes?  Is it what we see when we look deep within? It is important to love who we see in the mirror!  Not a superficial love, although loving how

13 Jul 2014

Get Right Back Up and Keep Going!

We’re back online after a time being offline, due to web hosting issues. This website now doesn’t look quite the same, but in time, we’ll get it looking real nice again, with pictures and all. In the meantime, the important thing is that our archive was saved, and so we might not have the proper

06 Jul 2014

Keep It Simple

It seems people like to complicate things, and this just, well, complicates things!  It doesn’t have to be that complicated to live the life we were created to live.  This is true of body, mind and spirit, all three.  True simplicity is the model for all. Let’s start on the physical realm.  How can I

29 Jun 2014

The Voice of the Father

The Voice of the Father is that still small voice within that is only Good.  It is the voice of Wisdom and Love.  It is the voice that urges us to move forward when all we can think to do is to die.  It is the voice of Life. It is of this Spirit of

15 Jun 2014

Know the Truth

There is the truth, and then again there is the Truth.  The Truth is that we are one with God, and so therefore we are made of pure goodness and love.  The “truth” is that we are living human lives, and there are some things we must face on that score.  First off, we’re not

08 Jun 2014
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