Get Right Back Up and Keep Going!

We’re back online after a time being offline, due to web hosting issues. This website now doesn’t look quite the same, but in time, we’ll get it looking real nice again, with pictures and all. In the meantime, the important thing is that our archive was saved, and so we might not have the proper

06 Jul 2014

Keep It Simple

It seems people like to complicate things, and this just, well, complicates things!  It doesn’t have to be that complicated to live the life we were created to live.  This is true of body, mind and spirit, all three.  True simplicity is the model for all. Let’s start on the physical realm.  How can I

29 Jun 2014

The Voice of the Father

The Voice of the Father is that still small voice within that is only Good.  It is the voice of Wisdom and Love.  It is the voice that urges us to move forward when all we can think to do is to die.  It is the voice of Life. It is of this Spirit of

15 Jun 2014

Know the Truth

There is the truth, and then again there is the Truth.  The Truth is that we are one with God, and so therefore we are made of pure goodness and love.  The “truth” is that we are living human lives, and there are some things we must face on that score.  First off, we’re not

08 Jun 2014

Core Values

The Core values we celebrate and hold dear at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center are: Nature Love Harmony Healing Freedom Truth Oneness We relate these to our organizational structure in the following way.  Our model is the product of inspiration, not something thought up but rather something which appeared in the mind during prayer. 

01 Jun 2014

Marching Against Forced Disruption

Yesterday we took part in a peaceful protest against the use of genetically modified organisms in our food supply.  This is one of the most important issues, if not the most important, faced in our country today, but it’s amazing how many people are just not aware of what’s going on.  I would think there

25 May 2014

Learning the Sanctity of Life in the Sacred Garden

We’re planting a garden together here at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center.  We see it as being holy and sacred land, as is all land.  Allow me to share with you a little of what makes this p First off, all land is holy.  All land is holy because it is of God.  God

18 May 2014

Ancient Wisdom in the Modern Day

The tendency is to always think we know more than we used to, but sometimes that’s not the case.  Think of the Dark Ages, for instance, when almost all knowledge was lost!  Lost arts and information has been rediscovered and reconstructed, plus of course new things have been learned, but there is still much that

11 May 2014

Turn Chronic Illness into Chronic Health!

There is an epidemic of chronic illness in our society today.  Why?  Increased stress, sure, but no more than when we had to protect our family from saber-toothed tigers.  There has always been stress.  What there hasn’t been has been the exposure to toxic chemicals that we see today.  We are exposed to poisons at

04 May 2014

365 Days of Love

We just celebrated one year of joining together in our Little Church in the Barn!  We used to meet other places, like our founding minster’s home, the library, the park, a rented building down in the town square and other places.  It’s so nice now that we have a permanent place we can meet! It

27 Apr 2014
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